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After 30 years of working as a puppeteer at the Arad Puppet Theater, Elena Georginescu Ziegler took her heart in her teeth and did something very necessary, widowing the place where she worked for many years: highlighting the history of the valuable institution, remembering all the memorable events, the people who gave it and what They still give her life. In the book, in addition to her research work, the artist left a part of her soul, laying all the cherished memories that she had accumulated throughout her career.

The launch of the book “Cultural Theatrical Incursions from Parts of Arad”. Reflections and Reminiscences: Arad Puppet Theater “was held in the courtyard of the AD Xenopol County Library in Arad, on Thursday noon, in the presence of library representatives, colleagues, friends and acquaintances, as well as director of the classical theater” Ioan Slavicy “in Arad Bogdan Kostya (to whom the puppets are now followed) and Deputy Governor Doro Senacci. (The former director of the library, who is carrying out a real campaign to encourage the publication of as many of Arad’s studies and their symbolic elements as possible.) The latter took every word, addressing words of praise and thanks to Mrs. Ziegler for the precise documents she provided for the drafting of the letter.

“It is a time of celebration when the artist shares a part of his activity. I congratulate her on her documentary work and that she was able to capture all the important moments in the theater and that she evoked everything that puppet theater members mean. The institution is a part of everyone’s life, we all started from there to shape our theatrical taste”, Thank you also to those who continue the legacy of the puppet theater (especially the Dorobano and Adela Moldovan couple), said Bogdan Kostya, a theater that he confirmed is alive, and presents 5 shows per week.

Before the author addresses the audience, there is a musical moment, Naomi Zentesi – art student Sabine Drogoy – performs classical vocals.

Elena Georginsko Ziegler spoke very enthusiastically, thanked everyone for her presence, and preferred to start her speech with a poem about which she said perfectly reflects the actor’s everyday work: “Butterfly and Mole” by Marcel Fraslow.

“I am glad that I was able to explain all the work of the actor Sisyphus which begins in the morning and often ends the next morning, without being able to set the time, without being able to say that we work 8 hours … There is no 8 hours for the actor, but there is Work and work and work and when he may have more relaxation. Besides, my heart is in the book. Thank you for sharing, I am honored and pleased. Your presence is unexpected. I would like to thank everyone for something. What I would like to point out is that this book came at a time So hard in my life, God gave me the good hand of God, I had the strength to hold his hand and lift him from the abyss I was in. It was to fall and fall. I reached the port. Through work, he gave me people around me who helped me. The first and first time, it was the first help which I will not be able to thank enough, from the county library, Mrs. Lucia Pibari. She was the first to help me. Then followed by Mihaela Blaga, Ioana, Gabi and everyone else. Mr. Senacci also extends his infinite thanks for the way he leads the team. Especially for my soul this garden This is an oasis of joy. In the middle of the dusty city, this breath of fresh air. As we breathe culturally, we enrich our souls with everything that is offered in this part of the library, where life and culture are.”Elena Jorginescu Ziegler said.

What does puppet theater mean to Arad?

Arad is one of the few cities in the country that still has such a theater. Founded in 1951, the first show to be shown on its stage was “The Enchanted Galos”. At one time, the Arad puppet theater was the only one of its kind in the country and one of five in Europe! Instead of knowing how to highlight the values ​​we have, we turn our backs on them. In 2011, the Marionette was dissolved as an independent institution and since then only a sub-structure of the classical theater “Ioan Slavicy” has remained, and the building in which it works, on Episcopiei Street … Moreover, we have a very great value International Festival “Euromarionete” Which for many years has brought teams from many parts of the world. However, it has also been neglected, with less and less budget allocated and importance to the municipality, and its future uncertain.

“It must be remembered that the puppet theater is not a marginal place, but occupies a central position, next to the dramatic and philharmonic theater of the city …”And the Mrs. Ziegler said as she signed a book signing.

Arad County Library will make a digital copy of the book available for free on the institution’s official website, bibliotecaarad.ro

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