The first edition of the FICTION Awards were held last night in Constanta. Interview with author Doina Rusti, President of the Romanian Association of Creators of Fiction

The Romanian Imagination Society presented, last night, in Constanta, the FICTION Awards for three artistic categories – Best Creative Visual Artist Award, Most Creative Writer and Artistic Personality of the Year Award. Doina Rusti, president of the association, spoke live on Radio Constanta about the event, in an interview with Mihaela Andrey.

The jury included Doina Rusti, writer, Adriana Irimescu, actress, and Andre Poncia, film producer. Today we have the honor and pleasure to speak with Doina Ruști, a wonderful writer, but also a character, as I say, a witch, who enchants you in every dialogue. Hello, Ms. Doina Ruşti, Thank you for being here on Radio Constanta!

Hello and good luck! I’m really excited about this show, so I can say…

You haven’t heard anything, it’s just getting started! Nothing is exaggerated! Let’s start with last night’s event. How was the weather – did you like it, did you feel good, tell me a little about the event and then we move on to the details, to the winners …

We had planned the event on the beach, that’s why we came to the sea, and of course, we wanted to do something funky – sit on the sand in Turkish and talk novels, but it rained so we turned to “Jean Constantin”, very cool room! It really freaked me out, I wasn’t expecting such a modern room anywhere in the country. The award ceremony was held there, with so few people, I can say, how many of us came from the beach, compared to this huge hall. Of course, we enjoyed meeting writers and artists, especially artists from Constanta. We met Iulia Pană, and we also met actress Aida Economu who came on vacation. We also came from Bucharest – Radu Aldulescu, Adriana Irimescu, writer Liviu G.

An intimate atmosphere … It does not matter, after all, the room is full, the important thing is the filling and communication between the participants.

Yes, contact, we were very well received! Ms. Laura Straw, who runs Jean Constantin, met this entire complex, which is amazing too. I also saw a beautiful exhibition at the entrance to the Konstantin Hall, and at the end there was a relaxed atmosphere. We loved how the awards were last night, even if you weren’t at the beach.

Nothing… In the end, it is important that you come to Constanta for us.

We will be back again!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you! Most Creative Visual Artist – Where did the distinction go to this category?

Bogdan Varkai received this award. I think it was his year, because he also got a Gobo Award for Best Actor. He played a very nice role, in my opinion, in “Anonymous”, a semi-detective psychological thriller, where he played a psychopath in an absolutely amazing way. I’ve never seen a Romanian movie made in this way – a character film, and I believe his character will remain in the public consciousness for a long time and we were pleased to award him the award for Most Creative Visual ArtistWe said, because we’ve included all the arts that reconcile the image, that emphasize representation, and of course we’re talking here about photographers, directors, directors, and actors, but also about visual artists, in the classic sense of the word.

I was thinking now, when you were talking, that art affects our model in terms of consuming another art, we live in the age of hybrid art, we live in a mixture, everything happens at the border, look, look at a picture, maybe you learn how to look at a movie differently . Or vice versa?

yes. This is exactly what our association is based on, on hybrid art, we have brought together artists bearing in mind that there is no longer such a categorical division of people who want to express their feelings. The idea of ​​art and creativity, especially imagination and creativity, has expanded a lot.

Let’s move with The most creative writer. I have told a lot here, in my entries, in podcasts about the candidates, about what literature has presented as a recent innovation. Who is the winner here, who do you think is the most creative jury writer?

This is Liviu J. Stan, a writer who has just turned 35, so he’s at the beginning of his career, but he’s already got three very good novels, “Salamander”, from last year, for being his fourth novel and an empirical expert – and for this reason I gave him the prize, he tests all kinds of techniques and visions, and somehow combines, with enviable lightness – an image, an idea, an emotion and all this acquires in his novel a very powerful message that brings out the artist’s feelings. They are 4 characters corresponding to the 4 seasons and they all speak of the same state of mind, which is the general state of the world today, of the need to even appear, through malice, through violent actions, through aggression. But he says these things so delightfully that his narrationsalamanders”He rather takes you with his idea of ​​the world burning in the midst of fire, just like a salamander, like the king of fire, a salamander.

So let’s not fear the empirical literature at least. You know this term is usually a little intimidating and depressing

You’re thinking about something you don’t understand that it’s not! Here we have four stories that finally make up one epic journey which sounded great to me. Four characters share the same story, and they are connected in a very subtle way which is an alluring story. Liviu J. Stan is a journalist by origin and has a clear lightness of expression. He has a connected style and this style of saying things in a nutshell, leaving in depth the meanings that matter. And of course, all those who were nominated had such tendencies, to go beyond the narrow confines of literature, to enter the visual arts, for cinema, and all of them were nominated from the chapters by the members of the Society of Fiction Creators, by the members 8 Reasons Why. Liviu J Stan also had many supporters in the newsroom. When I left for Constanta, Kristina Bogdan, the magazine’s director, told me: “Don’t forget that I support Liviu G. Stan!” He had a lot of supporters especially in the university environment.

prize Artistic Person of the Year went to

I really don’t have to say, because I think everyone knew they were going to get the prize! It’s about Horațiu Mălăele who really believes that, in the past year, he is the artist who has brought the most. The most important things, of course. It’s about the movie. I really liked “Luca”, a basic film, with a picture, with neo-baroque inclinations, with an idea, with imagination and, of course, with substance. It’s a movie that talks about fate, but also about history, just as much. He’s staged I don’t know how many plays, he’s an actor, we know him as an actor, he released two books last year, I think. He also paints, and has held exhibitions of drawings and painting. I wonder if he doesn’t want to start dancing. I haven’t seen him yet. He is the complete artist, who manifests himself in many areas of art, and he spoke with Andre Poncia, who had already chosen the Person of the Year, he was in charge this year and he said to me: “We simply knew it at the time. Everyone is great, but this guy is the complete artist, the total artist.” This is so. Last year, when there was a pandemic and it was very difficult to survive, Horațiu Mălăele was into all the arts.

I found out that you want to introduce the “Eight Reasons” magazine into the distribution network. I want to ask you what qualities must a cultural magazine have today in order to be a viable product, and we can take money out of our pockets for it? We read it online, we browse, but I think we’ve changed a lot since the internet, since this revolution in hybrid art. So what does a magazine give the press, what should it look like, and what’s really new in 8 Reasons Why?

We tried to give it a slightly more bohemian look, it’s a newsprint magazine, a bit outdated, but has very modern photos. There is a discrepancy between the images, paper quality, and overall appearance. It has a lot of photos, a lot of photography – in color and black and white, and the cover is always made by Cătălin D. The Faculty of Arts which has a full archive of photos from all over the world, where they were and shots most of the time, are all interesting accounts. That’s why we love the way he surprises scientist Caitlin D. Konstantin. The cover is always signed by him and I think this adds some value to the magazine. We try to make very short, varied scripts, mini interviews, fun stuff and focus on fun rather than education. It’s a cultural magazine, published every week and we have a page with writer’s acknowledgment and poster, and another with book offerings – Books of the Week, Latest News.

Finally, I will tell you something. Did I say I overstated? I did not exaggerate! I will tell you again – that Scheherazade had your voice, your eyes, your smile, and especially your spell, the spell of your character. Doina Ruști, I want to know if you also read in civilian clothes, so to speak, and without making choices, without making judgments, and without coordinating groups. In short – the 3 most important authors you cannot live without …

I recently read Antonio Scorati – “son of the century”, a novel that fascinated me, a novel that recently won a striga award, has been translated, I think for two or three weeks and I’ve read it. This is the last book, and I really wanted to talk about it. But among the old novels, of course, I could not live without Celine – without “death by credit”, more precisely, my favorite, and without Faulkner novels.

Thank you very much. We are waiting for you, especially with your books, very cool in bookstores!

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