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I premeditated this article about a girl, a girl from Arad, who meets all the conditions for the use of the adjective “extraordinary”. I wrote today because it’s the last day of school, and the following words are meant to serve as a prize to the prize winner. This Friday in June is the happiest day of the year for many Romanian children, as, for many generations now, it is the day the big holiday begins.

Her name is Mara Meriano, and Mihila (didn’t finish it), she is 16 years old, she is a student at the National College “Moise Nikoaru” and excels at many things. The reason I contacted her is because she won the National Competition of Chinese Language and Culture.

Exactly, in Chinese, at a time we see and hear daily the secrets of the Romanian language, our mother tongue, of many of our compatriots. Mara is proficient in Chinese, a language that most of us find the most difficult language in the world.

The competition was called “Chinese Bridge”, and held in Constanta, it was a competition for Chinese language and culture for high school students, National Stage (Chinese Bridge Competition for high school students). It was the fifteenth edition and consisted of three tests: speech and questions from Chinese culture and grammar, but also a number that each participant had to support.

I had a slight communication problem since the beginning of the conversation with Mara. “I didn’t get first place,” she said, as we understood it. I asked him, “But what place have you taken?” The quick answer was, “The Grand Prize.” Yes, that sounds pretty crap to me, BT seems not to me either.

We became curious about how Mara learned Chinese, and her response seemed so innocent that she even smiled at us. I’m learning “.

However, Mara’s association with Chinese is not accidental. Her father, Vitya Merino, a former officer in the institutions of the Ministry of the Interior, has a very interesting history of the Chinese language and the Chinese people. “He was the first Roman to be accepted into the Zhao Lin Monastery in China. He stayed there for a few years, during which time he also graduated from the Chinese Military Academy,” Mara tells us.

And because we got curious and how to learn Chinese if you live in Arad, Mara confirmed that she managed to do it with the support of her father, but not only. In Arad you can study in the classes of the Confucius Institute, with the help of Mara and her mentorship by several Chinese teachers from this institute.

But after impressing us with her talent for Chinese, we were very surprised by what this young woman from Arad does outside of class. At 16, while many of us don’t find time for anything, this young woman is taking driving lessons, skydiving, but also…. scuba diver. Furthermore, she followed in her father’s footsteps at the Zhao Lin Temple in China in 2017 and 2019, where she trained in sword fighting! “At first it was very difficult for me because the training was 8 or even 10 hours. Then the time started to pass very quickly because we did what I loved,” Mara told us.

And in “Diving,” Mara told us, “i.e. scuba diving as it is also known,” she continued, she arrived because she had seen the Lara Croft movie… “I wanted to be like her, to do everything to show me that I could,” says this adult girl from The 16-year-old for whom the phrase ‘I can’t’ was not invented.

For the classic question “What do you want to do when you grow up?” Mara, I’m starting to have little doubts. “I’ve always said I wanted to study medicine, but ever since I started flying, I’ve seen myself as an airplane pilot,” says Mara, who is currently flying a lightweight plane.

It’s a life story for many who complain they can’t. It’s a guide for any of us, regardless of age, where you put the passion, where you put in the effort, where you train, where you learn, there are really high chances of success. And Mara is a hero in this regard.

Congratulations, Mara Mihaela Merino!

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