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What are the main differences between two apartment complexes? price / m2and location and means of comfortMost of us answer. What would you say if, in addition to all this, was added something that could not be paid for in cash, something that could no longer be redeemed, something priceless? time! Free time that you can spend with your loved ones or engage in various relaxing activities.

A solution for a healthier life

Some time ago, the concept of a residential complex appeared in Romania, representing an ingenious solution for people to coexist in harmony. Such a neighborhood is where people with common ideas and aspirations come together and form a thriving community.

People who carefully choose the apartment complex in which they will live, can access a lot of facilities, right inside the complex. Precisely because they have all these benefits, they can spend more time with their neighbors, and thus experience, new lifestyle A sense of belonging to the community.

It is also founded on the concept of a unified community Greenfield BăneasaIt is a well-known real estate project Impact developer and contractorAnd the Developer who first introduced in Romania the concept of “apartment complex”. Unlike 99% of the residential neighborhoods that have been built so far in Romania, Greenfield Băneasa pays special attention to everything that means a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, among the principles they adopt is the idea of ​​a “green” community. This concept promotes a lifestyle close to nature, with plenty of outdoor sports and leisure activities, as well as environmental protection activities.

Why move to Greenfield Baneasa?

One answer, in short, would be: because you have everything at hand, in a dream environment. In more detail, the utilities look like this:

Outdoor sports and fitness areas

In Greenfield Băneasa you have spaces designed specifically to encourage exercise. In addition to outdoor sports such as cycling, jogging or walking in the park, the Wellness Club of Greenfield has a dedicated fitness area for residents, where they can train when the weather is unfavorable.

Children’s facilities

What could little ones want more than a playground designed just for them? to give. They also want playmates with whom they can share everything that is meant for them. In addition, they will benefit from a state kindergarten and school, right in the neighbourhood, which is a great advantage for them and their parents who want Apartment in Sector 1, BucharestNear the kindergarten or school.

Meanwhile, a short walk through the Băneasa Forest can turn into a real botanical lesson for the little ones.

Shopping, dining and entertainment areas

Oftentimes, we waste a lot of time in traffic when we go shopping.

Choosing an apartment complex in which all facilities are available near the house is a great benefit from this point of view, “transforming” lost time through leisure traffic, which residents can spend whenever they want.

So, because in inside the assembly Greenfield Pineas benefit from it Multiple facilitiessuch as Strip Mall, Public School and Kindergarten, Wellness Club, the passing time will be greatly reduced.

Medical office and dental office

Knowing that just taking a few steps to the doctor’s office means a lot because you will feel safer with your loved ones. In fact, as mentioned earlier, you will not waste time trying to reach a consultation. The same goes for appointments at the dentist, as we often leave the house too early to arrive on time.


When you want to go on vacation, it is important not to take the road from home to the airport forever, but to get to your destination in time.

Located near Henri Coanda Airport, Greenfield Baneasa is the ideal choice for those who want to have a good time. Apartment in Bucharest But for those who travel a lot and want to reduce wasted time on the way to the airport.

your personal time

All the benefits so far have been for family and friends, but what about your weekly pampering? Well, an appointment in beauty salons may be the right choice. Or maybe a SPA session for total body harmony? You chose. The idea of ​​spending an evening on the terrace, enjoying your favorite drink and listening to good music, while the forest keeps you company, doesn’t sound bad either.

Greenfield Băneasa might be the apartment complex you are looking for

If what you want is an apartment complex consisting of a unified community, emphasizing the quality of the environment and where you have all the facilities just 5 minutes from the house, then the Greenfield Băneasa group is for you.

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