School gym no. 5 Piatra Neamt / Great results in the Olympiad and school competitions

The school year 2021/2022 ended with good results for the students of Gymnasium School No. 5 Piatra sleeps. A common thing in the development of recent years in the second largest school in the county seat municipality. The Olympics and school competitions were how the best prepared were judged. For students already excited about the national assessment, the Olympics were a good opportunity to learn early and test their abilities.

Olympiads and competition winners

Karina Kojokaru

National Debt Olympics – Special Prize – Karina Kojokaru8th grade, prepared by Professor Gabriella Gridinaro. “I feel close to this discipline, I also participated in the fifth grade, but the epidemic did not last. The director directed me to prepare for the Olympics. For me, religion is very important, and in everyday life I feel how useful it is to pray.Karina – a student with an average of 9.93, is also a runner-up in the district stage of the National Olympiad of Romanian Culture and Spirituality who wants to become a pediatrician.


– National Olympiad for Romanian Culture and Spirituality – Third Prize – Alicia Fitogelloseventh grade, prepared by Romanian language teacher Claudia Mirella Pedorario and religion teacher Gabriela Grendinaro. “It’s a competition that combines language, Roman literature, and religion. One of the topics was how close love helps us grow spiritually, and my argument was that by loving people, we reach divinity. There were two essays, and I got 97 points out of 100. I also went to an Olympiad. The national debt, as it took third place in the boycott stage” –Details of Alicia, who has another year to choose which high school to attend, but is very determined to become a doctor.

Renata Antonia Pricopi

– National Biology Competition “George Emile Balade” – 3rd Prize, National Math Olympiad, District Stage – Male – Renata Antonia PraikopiEighth grade, prepared by Professor Oana Brîndușa Leșovschi and Professor Petru Bârsan, respectively. “I have been passionate about mathematics since I was a child, and go to third grade competitions because of my mother. She is not a teacher, but she has always helped me understand mathematics. Biology is my second passion. And yes, I want to become a neurosurgeon, because I think it is a less common way to help people in extreme situations. — says Renata, the kid with an average age of 10, who also trained at the Regional Center of Excellence.

Ingrid Maria Tophane

– National Olympiad in Romanian – Sign (6th place 91 points), Romanian Olympiad of Culture and Spirituality – Special Prize (91 points) – Ingrid Maria Tophane8th grade, prepared by Romanian language and literature teacher Oana Medellina Meronello. Ingrid managed to score 100 points in the county stage of the National Romanian Language Olympiad – the premiere in the last several years for Neamt County. “For me, the result in the county was a surprise, because I was announced in a hurry, the Olympics were announced late, this year, I did not have long to prepare, but it was worth it. 100 points! As for the National Olympics of culture and Roman spirituality, what can I say…I am a Catholic!I believe I was given the special prize for writing with my soul and not my mind.I love to write,it was a rigorous creativity,we had to combine cultural values ​​with our personal experiences,with religious experiences and texts that I provided on a particular subject Or make use of a specific quote. There were also oral exams, which seemed magical to me, I really like to talk. I want to become a director, I’ve been acting since I was six, and when I talk about something I really like – Romanian has been my great love – I’m not emotional anymore. – Ingrid reveals, who was accepted first, with a score of 9.90, for the Modern Languages ​​Aptitude Test at the National College “Calistrat Hoga”.

not less, Amalia Ciopano and Ironim Mihai Damien Lato They got cues in the boycott stage of the English Language Olympiad.

Euro Contest – National Qualifiers for “The Knights”

“The Knights” is the name of the team he formed Ilinka Simonescu, Ingrid Miko, Ioana Sabo and Matti Golano, all fellows in class VIA, who have qualified for the National Euro Quiz competition organized by the European Commission through representation in Romania in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. It is the only team of schools in Piatra Neam to qualify for the national stage, with 46 correct answers to the 50 questions and one of the five in Neamt County to have entered the final stage. The final competition took place online, on June 3, when the “Knights” got 45 points.

The person who drew them to this competition—which includes general culture, knowledge of geography, concepts of the European Union, knowledge of history, art, gastronomy, Romanian, and modern language—is social education teacher Daniela Liliana Bustan.

“One of the questions, for example, was how many miles of railways are there in the European Union, which is not an easy question, but it helps separate the difference.” Reveals Professor Daniela Bustan.


“Another question that got us into trouble was the one about the national currency, we wrote a rune, but we needed a lion”Mate explains, is passionate about history and a karate practitioner.

“The test is a setback that puts extra pressure on him. It was a fun experience, I benefited from my knowledge of geography, because I also took part in the Tira Olympiad – Little Geography, where I got 79 points in the boycott stage”Ingrid says.

“I have enjoyed studying the capitals of the world and how the European Union is organized.” – says Ilinca, a girl who takes riding lessons, paints, and studies about semi-precious stones and their health effects.

“It is a quiz that stimulates you on knowledge, as well as your areas of interest and other aspects of everyday life. I love history, I prepared for this class with Mate. On the other hand, in gastronomy, we all studied”- Iwana says, laughing, eager to ride. (Jim Urdach)

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