The false doctorate remains a historical monument

Another broad one, like a millstone for the development of our country. Constitutional Court of Romania, Through the sages and physicians who composed it, he determined that a doctorate, whether stolen, if it produces effects remains a doctorate. It means good and fit!

The sages, mostly physicians and non-operators of the Roman Constitutional Court, pondered for a long time, persistently scratching their Ph.D.s, their own culture and interests, and decided something with disastrous consequences for Roman culture, education and science. Civilization. They decided that a doctorate in sciences obtained on the basis of a stolen doctoral thesis could not be revoked unless it entered the civil department and did not produce effects. The following is a press release from the Center for Civil Rights regarding the decision in writing:

“He admitted the unconstitutionality exception and found that the provisions of Article 170, paragraph (1), letter B) of the National Education Law No. 1/2011 are constitutional in that it refers to the withdrawal of the doctor’s certificate from the civil department and did not result in legal effects. (CCR press release)

PhD and panoramic photos

Good luck dad! Wrong, with stolen content, wrinkled, lazy, as an intellectual umbrella for a grandson, if he falls by the minister and accordingly, the man gets the money and the jobs remain the same. Stolen but valid work. That is, intellectual theft that helps the thief to climb into an important position and take some extra money. And to have more or less influence when making decisions in his field.

Law 170 on Education states that the title of doctor can be withdrawn, but the CCR rotates it as in Ploiești and declares that withdrawal can only take place before it produces legal effects. I mean, in a very short time. From defending the thesis to signing the diploma and displaying it in the human resources office by the fraudster service. CCR doesn’t say fake is a good thing. He says theft is theft if caught between an exam being taken at doctoral school and a promotion of the same salary or first salary as the fraudster. The specs are very smart. It does not capture the thief forever, but it saves him and makes his capture almost impossible. why? So far, in our country, only one journalist has dealt with intellectual fraud. It didn’t work anyway.

Well done Emilia Serkan!

Neither enemies, nor specialists, nor journalists have time to discover and prove doctoral fraud. Getting access to a doctoral thesis is so difficult that until an interested person reads it, the con artist gets the money, becomes a professor or a minister and prepares for a pension.

The work is usually Roman. He doesn’t endorse the theft in theory, but he keeps it dedicated to all the cases so far for the simple reason that it has had legal implications. That is, they became valid PhD theses, even if they were copied, stolen, or just plain stupid. I enrich my knowledge like a piece of bullshit!

Educated Romania stays with “doctors” at its head

This RCC Resolution, devised by Doctors of Science with unexplored work (some of which is no contribution to something), resolves thousands of thefts and intellectual bits that were accidentally committed from 1980 until today, but especially after 1990. It was a time when it soared Doctorate degrees above Romania are like locusts. Only the quits didn’t hunt one by one. With them, most of the Romanian elite became fake and harmful to the future of the country and the state of society. These two PhDs are part of the causes of the current disaster. Academics from the interwar period, who were arrested by the Communists, sent to prisons and buried alive, would have been thrown into the grave had they seen that the first waves of free people came with a veritable herd of counterfeiters and uneducated crooks.

Now, the “Symptomatic Doctors” are the specialists in our country’s patalama. With them it was given tangible strength for the intellectual production of shit and in doing so it reinforced the walls of a society that vibrates and continues to produce the living.

Article 170 of the law states the following:

(1) In the event of non-compliance with quality standards or professional ethics, the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports, on the basis of external evaluation reports, prepared, as appropriate, by CNATDCU, CNCS, the University and Administration Ethics Council or by the National Ethics Council for Scientific Research, Technological Development and Innovation, He may take the following measures, alternatively or simultaneously:

a) withdraw the quality of the doctoral supervisor;

b) Physician degree withdrawal.

c) Withdrawing the accreditation of the doctoral school, which means withdrawing the right of the doctoral school to organize an admission competition for a new selection

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