Games, from play to business. Esports will also have its own master’s degree, in Yash, next year: a professional athlete can earn tens of thousands of dollars


There comes a time when he’s playing… he’s not really playing anymore. The video game industry has grown so much in recent years that there is a real “job market” in this area and, by implication, there is a huge need for game professionals. On a professional level, a good player can earn tens of thousands of dollars in a single day, just from the donations that their followers receive. From next year, E-sportul will also have its own master’s degree in Iaşi.

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Sounds like a game, but it’s a full time job, earning over $10,000 a day. It all starts with a computer. Sebastian Uruaga received his first one in 27 years. “It all started with a passion, but I am able to compete in the same way and it gave me the satisfaction of being better than others and that made me play. I played 10 seasons at the highest level in a shooter and at that time in a row, the tournament prize pool was a maximum of 1000 euros. Today, the total prize pool The tournament amounts to 30 million euros, advertiser Sebastian Uruagaformer player.

Globally, the gaming and esports industry amounts to nearly €200 billion. In the major tournaments, prizes worth more than 1.5 million euros are on hand. Currently in Romania there are at least 600 video game companies, with more than 6000 employees. We are among the top ten in Europe, but this field is not yet regulated. “In Romania we have a very good internet speed compared to other countries, we also have many players and the communities have also developed a lot. Romanians are really good at games, they are really good. There is no support, no. That’s the problem, that’s why we don’t have the support and the legal framework “, advertiser Sebastian Uruagaformer player.

The event organized by the municipality costs 10 million euros, but the revenue is estimated at more than 40 million

Especially since most of the money comes from live broadcasts. It is difficult to make donations and sponsorship in the absence of a legal framework. “Besides, there are a lot of gaming houses where you can actually take a house and live in it together, they have a manager, they have a sponsor, they have everything that means utilities, food, lodging, transportation, absolutely everything, and they can just focus on the game “.announced Sebastian Uruaga, former player. Sergiu Bura developed a similar project in Satu Mare, and the results were not long in coming. Last year, the youngsters he coaches won the titles of Israel’s Vice-Champions at Counter-Strike, at the World Games Championships. A small step, in Romania that still does not fully understand the phenomenon of games.

And because computer games are a more and more serious task, there is also a need for specialists with the right documents. Countries like Switzerland and many Asian countries already have internationally recognized and accredited e-sports curricula. From the fall, we will have one at our place, at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iași. “e The program will be conducted in English. We have professors in business, law, psychology, computer science, physical education and sports.”Professor said. Dr. Teodora Roman, Dean of FEEA, UAIC Iași. The first center in Romania will be developed next year in Iai, with the hosting of the World Esports Championships.

“We think it is an event that will draw the public’s attention in Romania to what is already there, but is not visible, it is a sport that has covered the whole planet,” advertiser Mihai ChiricaMayor of Yash. “We estimate that we will have 1,200 licensed professional players who will go through the qualification and pre-qualification sessions and another 10-15,000 people, fans, relatives of players who come to visit Yash, from all over the world. We are talking about players from the Asian market, the Arabian Peninsula, the United States America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and practically all of the world will have representatives here, in Iasi, in 2023. We are not talking about simple tournaments, because these tournaments leave something behind, a legacy”announced Christian NestorOrganizer. A lot of money and inheritance. The event organized by the municipality costs at least 10 million euros, but the revenue is estimated at more than 40 million euros.

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