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Between June 14 and 18, Radio Romania organized the 10th edition of the Grand Prix Nova International Festival of Radio Theatre, dedicated to innovation in the creation of radio theatre.

The press conference and the official opening of the festival will take place on Tuesday 14 June, at 12:00, in the lobby of the Small Hall of the Bucharest National Theatre.

Auditions for the productions from the competition will take place from 14-17 June, starting at 9:00, in the small hall of the Bucharest National Theater, where professionals and radio theater lovers alike are expected. Each day, the auditions will be followed by discussions with their representatives, which will be broadcast live on the Facebook page of the Grand Prix Nova Romania. The official language of the festival is English, and the exams are open to all who are interested in the phenomenon of vocal presentation. Free admission.

The festival’s final selection, in the three competition categories – Drama, Short Form and Binaural Drama, proposes that 33 of the best films from around the world be heard in the small hall of the Bucharest National Theatre.

The Awards Ceremony will take place on Saturday, June 18, at 13:00, at the Tapestry Tapestry, Ion Karametro Ballroom at TNB.

The festival returns to the face-to-face meeting of the participants, but also reaches anywhere in the world in virtual space, on the platforms and

The competition. For ten years, Grand Prix Nova has gained notoriety in the world of audio entertainment, making it accessible to all those interested in the phenomenon. The innovation-oriented theme (artistic, interpretive, conceptual, etc.) in the field of radio theater is a sign of originality among European festivals and not only, Grand Prix Nova is one of the rare cultural contexts in which the experience is not only invited to be revealed, But it is also awarded internationally.

On this anniversary, 33 radio theatrical productions from 15 countries were shortlisted to compete for the Grand Prix Nova Grand Prix, in one of the competition’s three sections: Drama (maximum 60 minutes), Short Models (maximum 10 minutes) and Ears. Drama (the section was successfully opened in 2018, for audio drama producers and listeners who were captivated by the experience of listening in headphones).

Moreover, fans of radio theater will be able to listen, for the duration of the festival, on the website, of the radio productions in competition, accompanied by their English transcripts (in pdf format).

Jury. The jury wording changes this year, but it maintains the tradition of international juries. The jury made up of competition-qualified production representatives is orchestrated by two outside guests, the undisputed industry personalities. The principle of the collective jury gives more decision-making power to the actors who participate in the recording of each eligible production in the competition. In this way, we respond to the trend of collective participation in the decision of festival winners, which is promoted by other major international festivals. At the same time, we count on increasing jurors’ contribution to theoretical debate and professional communication.

The jury coordinators are two personalities from the radio environment, two award-winning artists of the German-speaking European space. Rito Ott is a well-known and experienced director, playwright and radio theater producer for Swiss Radio and Television and a member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The jury’s second coordinator is Austrian playwright Andreas Jungfirth, author of several radio scripts repeatedly produced by Austrian and German broadcasters, with an impressive festival track record.

National Broadcasting Theater Awards. Radio Romania annually presents concessions to the most important acting performances of the previous year’s National Radio Theater season: Best Actress, Best Actor and Radio Debut. The TNR Awards will be handed out during the Nova 2022 Grand Prix Gala, on Saturday 18th June, at 13:00, at the Tapestry Foyer at the Bucharest National Theatre. The celebration will be broadcast live on the Facebook page of the Nova Romania Grand Prix (gpnromania).

Workshops. The Nova Grand Prix is ​​a way to network and share creative ideas. Therefore, the workshops, which have become a tradition, in the form of informal meetings, in English, held by the coordinators of the jury, are designed around the topic of the hour in the field of audio drama. After two years of disruption caused by the restrictive conditions imposed by the festival’s online format, we are resuming this year’s workshops, which will be held by the invited jury coordinators.

At the festival’s opening on Tuesday 14 June at 12:30 pm, Reto Out Conference will present 20 Years of Radio Festivals, summarizing his two decades of experience, as a participant in international gender festivals. In the framework of the ten-year anniversary of the Grand Prix Nova.

On the last day of the festival, Saturday 18 June, at 10:00, Adreas Jungwirth proposes a theme of social and political relevance, directly inspired by the theme of his play Langholzfeld, produced by the National Radio Theater in 2021 in Romanian. His conference, titled New Home, deals with the effects of the naturalization of waves of immigrants and the transformations that society is undergoing, a hot topic in Europe today. The discussions at the end of each workshop stimulate a fertile and inspiring dialogue for all participants.

In the Anniversary Edition, Grand Prix Nova 2022 once again becomes a meeting point for creators in the field of radio theater and a host of sound creations with the most diverse identities. The festival program can be found on the event website: or on the Facebook page: gpnromania.

partners. For the presence of the Jury Coordinators for this edition of Grand Prix Nova, we have supported our partners, the Swiss Embassy in Romania through the Swiss Sponsors Fund Romania and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Bucharest. The Bucharest National Theater is our generous partner in hosting the auditions in the small auditorium space and the opening ceremony at the Tapestry Foer at the Ion Karametro Auditorium.


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