Confession of His Eminence Iwan Seljan in Bayoush: From the servant in Banat to the Metropolitan of Banat

Son of Chara Biloy, after the conference held in 2018, Archimandrite Timiشوارoara Archimandrite Timiشوارoara, after the conference, returned to Biwi. In order to receive the title of Honorary Citizen, an initiative was launched during the term of Mayor Petro-Cloi Melinda and handed over by the current Mayor Gabriel Popa.

The former director of the Beiu branch of the National Bank, Mr. Ioan Degu, was an important contributor, as was the case four years ago, but also to the most important cultural and spiritual events of Beiuș. There were moments of passion in the hall, in the chair, and the passion in his voice and in his eyes did not diminish even for the celebrant. Bishop Banat mentions a difficult period in his life, and the confession was shocking.

“I’m sorry I didn’t remember where my father was a servant in Banat. I would have gone there with piety and dignity. I was also a maid in Banat, I have not come home in years and I confess to you that my father did not know me, I somehow lost touch … He was in the country. When I entered theology, in Sibiu, my mother first came and visited me, she didn’t think I entered. And then, in January, when they cut something in the yard, my mother told my father and brought me some of the things I had prepared. I was waiting for my father in Train station he had to come by train at five in the morning I waited until all the people got off the train on the platform and didn’t see my father I was hoping for the next train I stayed on the platform until 7 in the morning At about seven I entered the waiting room and didn’t see my father …and at one point I was very, very close to the aisle. He asked me, “Dear, are you?” He took off his hat from his forehead and kissed my father…we were servants in girls…then we became bishop of girls. From servant to city… That is why I was received today in the school of Nicolae Popoviciu, I say it here too, and I said that too, It is good to take care of your children, and to have To have bread, to have clothes, and to have necessities. But dear parents, take care of the minds of your children! May the grace of God sanctify their minds that the fire of sin is great in the world, and we perish as a nation if we had nothing holy by the grace of the Holy Spirit of God. Unfortunately, the winds of ruin blow across the Carpathians. Those in the West are surprised because they know that we are Orthodox Christians who are close to the church, and in Romania there are more abortions than in Western countries, said the Peuyi high church girl.

Bishop Ioan Silian, Metropolitan of Banat, was born on November 16, 1951, in Petrani, the fourth child of his parents Ioan and Elka. He attended primary school in his native village of Pietrani, and attended secondary school in Pocola. He graduated from “Constantin Brâncuşi” High School in Oradea, class of 1971 and the College of Structures and Automation in Bucharest, class of 1976.
In 1980 he entered Lainici Monastery in Gorj County as a resident.

In 1986 he graduated from the Theological Seminary in Craiova, and in 1990 from the Theological Seminary for a university degree in Sibiu. On August 6, 1990, hieromonk was ordained in the Lynesi monastery, and on August 15, 1990, hieromonk was ordained in the Tismana monastery. His Eminence Ivan Silian became famous in early 1999 when he brokered the “Peace of Kozia”, that is, the agreement between the miners of Myron Kuzma and the government of Radu Vasili, which ended mining in January 1999. A good man of good deeds manifests through love, help and sharing Christian love”, as The local councilor, Emile Popa, noticed the man who was in the difficult moment of the epidemic.
Choosing from the very beginning to follow the scientific line, he wanted to solve this problem from a scientific point of view. He was the first hierarchical chief to invite the physician, Professor Virgil Mosta, to the cathedral.

The land of Beiuș, hearth of the soul, the centerpiece of the world of His Eminence Ioan Selejan

“For His Holiness Iwan Iwan, Chara Beiu is the hearth of the soul and the centerpiece of the world. His memories of the Thursday fair in Beiu are vivid, the day he was drafted here into the army. He is a seasoned expert on the history and culture of these places, for many who have studied in schools over here.

The scope of his ecclesiastical personality, the sacrifice demonstrated in his missionary, cultural and charitable pastoral work, the exemplary devotion with which he promotes the identity values ​​of our nation’s culture and civilization, and the joy with which Sharra Biwi embraces. His active and direct participation in the interest of the Beiuș municipality and the people of Beiuș exceptionally are only several arguments for his proclamation as an honorary citizen of Beiuș, as indicated in the decision of the Beiu Municipal Council. Each time he was invited, he was present at Beiuș. The unforgettable conference held on November 19, 2018 remains a reference and proof of association with Ţara Beiușului

Last year, on the 70th anniversary, a volume of homage to “Hierarchy and Philanthropy. His Eminence Bishop Ioan Silian, at the age of seven” at the Diocese Center in Timisoara.

The inaugural speech was signed by His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel, which included many summons, articles and scientific studies, in addition to congratulating the work done by the bishop over time.
The missionary, spiritual, charitable and patriotic activities of Metropolitan Iwan are reproduced in this volume by testimonies, memories and words of gratitude belonging to many cultures, such as academics, past and present dignitaries of the Roman state, teachers, writers, historians, researchers, poets, representatives of cultural institutions, priests from the country and abroad, deportees Former Bergan, combatants of the December 1989 revolution, Romanian theologians.

In his speech, it was the former mayor Pietro Melende-Caloy, who launched this unforgettable initiative researcher Ioan Dego, who, in turn, is the holder of the highest honor that can be awarded by local authorities. As Rapporteur on the matter, Mayor Mlendea-Căluș said: “For me, and I consider it to you, and to any citizen of Beiu, it is a special thing to have the honor to be proclaimed an honorary citizen.”

Here are the arguments of Mr. Ioan Digo, publicly given by the history teacher Dan Espace: “For the province of Peuy, it is a matter of pride that her offspring, born in Petrani, became Metropolitan of Banat. Thus his name enters into a famous exhibition of figures of Roman orthodoxy, together with Ioan Ignati Pap, born in Pocioveliște, in 1848, became bishop of Arad during the great union and Miron Romanol, who saw the light of day in Mizic, in 1828, worthy of Șagona’s successor, Metropolitan of Transylvania. Your statement of reasons is quite useful. It is not necessary to repeat the observations registered there, especially since His Eminence John Albanat is known by those who have been fulfilled during two decades of patronage as Bishop of Kovasna and Harghita, between 1994-2014, and before that, as head of the Roman settlements of Jerusalem and Jordan.Six years ago, he was Bishop of Banat, and proved to be the same actual man And a firm orthodox faith, a man of church and country. For his holiness, the land of Beiuș is the heart of the soul. I was able to listen to him in November 2018, here in Beiuș, as he spoke warmly about his parents’ home and parents, about the church in the village, about with Thursday in Beiuș, and about the characters who made these places is famous. For all this, to confer the title of honorary citizen of the city of his presence would be an honorable gesture, from the nobility, to the local administration, to show that he knows how to value values. “:” His Eminence – Proof by force, for example, that the theological, pastoral, social and cultural activity is the yardstick that measures the capacity of the nation and its intellectual strength, and he is called to support civil and administrative … His Eminence Iwan Silian, contributed to the construction, restoration and painting of dozens of churches and monasteries, and the foundation of Dozens of social and medical institutions, but at the same time an ambassador of the highest rank to promote Romania abroad, proving over the years the Romanian moral values ​​- Christian, cultural – scientific.” This title awarded by IPS Ioan Selejan is part of an initiative that honors the city and its inhabitants, through which they have, in the past two years, become honorary citizens of Beiu Ioan-Aurel Pop, President of the Romanian Academy, Ioan Bolován, former Vice-Chancellor of Bab-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, corresponding member of the highest Romanian scholarly forum and president of the International Commission for Historical Demography, as well as Baritone Stefan Ignat, interim general director of the Bucharest National Opera.

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