“I will come, 90% of the time. But only as a sponsor!”

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Eunoy Ngwich, The former financier of dynamo, explained under what circumstances he would return, as sponsor, in the unknown future, to Red and White, after the construction of the new stadium. And in an interview with Gazeta fans, the former owner of the group shouted at the former Dynamo players.

– Mr. Negoi, did you think Dynamo was going down?
Football club like life, good times, bad times. The important thing is to survive. How, by the way, Dynamo could also go bankrupt. The clubs are difficult to manage and they have a deficit. If you calculate the balance of the last 5 years in each club, you will see that they are all minus. They grabbed another year, two years, plus, maybe. But otherwise, minus. Football involves a lot of investment and expense.


A crucial week for the dynamo »”dogs” need a huge amount of money to survive

– However, Dynamo has a history, some offers, it’s a brand, how did you get here?
– When I took over Dynamo, I probably expected it to go bankrupt, if not bankrupt! I hope nothing worse happens. There is room for better in life, but also for worse.

Ionuț Negoi: “Those who talk and don’t I consider parrots!”

Are you tempted to invest in Dynamo in any amount?
“Under no circumstances is my scout!” It was an experience, I took it that way, and I go my way, where I know how, and I think it was worth it. It will be important for Dynamo to find an investor or group of investors. Many thought it was simple, in my time they defied the management and the financier.

I think they realized, especially the fans when they grabbed the story, that it’s not an easy task and it’s like an iceberg. Plus there’s mud very deep in Romania, and I don’t see anything good going on. We also see the results of clubs and the national team, on the mud you can not build something healthy. And nobody wants to clean up. It’s really suitable for some who don’t put the money.

– What will you convey to those who challenge you while you are the owner of the dynamo between 2013-2020?
To get involved! Otherwise, they appear on TV in vain and they are smart! I consider parrots talking and not talking! I want to see the facts, we are tired of words, let’s prove it. At least I took the bull by the horns, I suppose some things, history is written as it is written. Others just point the finger and don’t get involved.

Are you referring to football specialists or former Dynamo captains and players?
– Congratulations to the former dynamo fans who took it upon themselves and made, at least try something. But I mean the always smart people you call, “Come on, come on, take a look!” “Aaa, no, I can’t…”.

The former Dynamo players had the opportunity and still have, some have the money and some think they have the money. Share, take charge! For better or for worse, fans should be congratulated, as they take part.

Eunoy Ngwich: “When I told them to take the dynamo, they ran away like partridges”

What do the Dynamo players you meet again tell you?
At the time, most of them thanked me for not letting Dynamo die and for keeping the club alive. I didn’t ask relevant questions at the time, but it was the best balance in matches with Steaua or FCSB, what was it. The derby matches fueled the mood.

Yes, I have had problems with those affected by the benefactors, the so-called dynamo players. I’ve never been a dynamo player that works wonders. But I did not stand in the way of happiness and progress. After I leave, everyone asks me if I will return, why I left, and that people are sorry …

– There are supporters who accuse you strongly and tell you that the Dynamo disaster started from you. How do you answer them?
Everyone is free to say whatever they want, especially online, there are opinions and opinions. I wanted to give the club to the Dynamo people, but when I told them to come and fetch, they stuck their heads in the sand. People who ran away like partridges.

Ionuț Negoi announced that he would return the money to Dinamo:

Negoi: “Security guards know those who are suspicious, those who are old school”

– Were you surprised or shocked that U Cluj failed to dam?
– not at all. It was obvious that those who wanted to climb were more determined than some worthless. The chances were expected to be at most 50 percent.

Players blamed Oren and then fans blamed the players. Who took a dynamo in sports to a “B”?
Shared blame. It is our sport to blame and hold the other responsible! We see them on TV, “Sir, it’s because of me” when it’s a victory, “It’s because of him” when there’s a failure.

– Some players have been blamed for not defending their fortunes properly at Al Sadd. You thought it was doubtful
“I have no idea and I’m not interested.” Now I look at things from the outside, relieved, I don’t know the underside. Maybe the security guards know them, those who are old school!

It is good for me to watch football from outside, I love it, I play it. I was sick when I saw what the pillars of this phenomenon are
– Ionot Nygweck

Ionoy Ngwic: “I will not return to Dynamo for any money”

– If you get a large amount of money, do you agree to go back and return to Dynamo for investment?
“without money!” It’s not worth the stress, it’s not worth wasting time, not acknowledging people, and it’s not worth staying in the mud.

– Would you give the club to Pablo Cortacero and the Spanish administration? Looking at what happened next.
– I can’t give it twice, I gave it once and that was it! It looks good with Țălnar and Contra.

– Do you like that there are Dynamo fans regretting you, tickling your pride?
“Honestly, no, I didn’t want anyone to regret it or praise me.” I hope the dynamo is over, all is not lost. In Rapid, people are found investing, so it can be solved in Dinamo as well. We need a new stadium ASAP, not this mess.

2017It is the year that Dynamo finished the tournament in third place and won the League Cup, the best performance sponsored by Ionoy Ngwic

I lost a few years of my life in the dynamo, but I did it on purpose, I think. At one time I was trapped, now the actions with a romanian, erdean, people can participate, things are cool, all are conditions of performance. Skilled still has to agree and find solutions
– Ionot Nygweck

Negoi regrets: “I’d better just stay a sponsor at Dinamo.”

Will Dynamo give up or return to the first degree after a year in “B”?
Dynamo will be reinvented. Through supporters, in any way, they will support the club. And across the field. If it will sometime. From the fourth or second league, Dynamo will still be alive.

– Will you come to the Dynamo matches again? Just be a spectator.
“I will be safe in the new stadium.” Of course, as a sponsor, I would be 90 percent. But no more as a sponsor! It would have been better if I had stayed like this from the start.

Does it benefit you for good or harm? dynamo?
Good only as a life experience. Otherwise, that’s it.

Dynamo drama? There are many so-called Dynamo players who are harming the club. But there is a lot with the soul, I mean supporters, who do well
– Ionot Nygweck

Outside the country, I can’t match any team other than Dynamo. On the outside, he has been a loyal supporter of Real Madrid for many years. And I’ve loved PSG in recent years, especially since I’ve lived in Paris for a while
– Ionot Nygweck

Rozvan Zovaliano’s video: “The difficult situation in Dynamo could be ground zero”

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