European engraving exhibitions, book launches and concerts at the Brukenthal Museum on the occasion of FITS – Sibiu 100

Sibiu International Theater Festival is fast approaching. The big event includes all of Sibiu’s cultural institutions, so the National Brukenthal Museum will also host exhibitions of European engraving and Roman art, book launches and concerts.

Fits 2022

And this year, we had discussions with director Konstantin Chirac and the national theater team “Radu Stanca” about the realization of an exhibition program within FITS. This year, at the Brukenthal National Museum, we have the premiere of Goya and Dali’s exhibition, graphic and lithographic works, including the famous Sleep of Reason Gives Monsters. It’s a project that George Serban and I started last year, on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Romania and Spain. The exhibition will open with a Spanish guitar concert given by Raul Goo. At the same time, we have two exhibitions of contemporary art by Yash artists Felix Aften and Drago Petraco. I mention here that this year’s poster design for the festival was designed by Drago Pătrașcu and can be seen in the gallery and then we will have a musical evening and launch of the catalog “Journey into the world of Meiji prints”. So, also this year, the National Museum “Brökenthal” invites visitors, spectators and guests of the Sibiu International Theater Festival to cross the threshold of the museum institution! the museum.

Goya inscriptions

The exhibition “Goya and Dali, Curse of War, c. George Șerban” will be inaugurated on the first day of FITS, respectively on June 24, at 12:00, at the philatelic office. This is done in partnership with the Spanish Embassy in Romania.
According to the organizers, Goya’s inscriptions aroused the interest of experts, as well as of those who saw them for the first time, both in terms of artistic value and artistic qualities, but also in the conveyed moral message, the most famous of which is “The sleep of the mind gives birth to beasts.”
“Goya shows us through his work that art must rise against human errors and vices. Besides Goya’s engravings on Tauromaquia themes, the disasters of war and the passions, Dali’s works inspired by the works of Goya, belonging to the collector George Serban, will also be on display. Salvador Dali admired the work of His compatriot, so he decided to interpret the famous Caprices series, and subject each work to specific artistic elements of Dali.Goya’s work, perhaps as in his days, has long fascinated generations.The illustrated customs and cruelty appear everywhere, together with the misuse of certain social blankets, evoking feelings powerful for the visitor,” explains the curator, Dr. Alexandro Chito.
The exhibition “Dragoș Pătrașcu, Athanor” will open at the Museum of Contemporary Art, on the same day, at 3 pm.
The artist from Iași, Dragoș Pătrașcu, comes to Sibiu with an exceptional exhibition of paintings, drawings and installations. During the fair, you can also enjoy the work of “The Sun of Innocence”, this year’s poster for the Sibiu International Theater Festival.

Signed paintings by Felix Avten

Regarding the exhibition “Felix Make Me Us and They. A Look at the World of Animals”, hosted by the Cartographic Office of the National Museum “Brukenthal”, starting June 27, from 3 pm.
Thus, the artist Felix Aften returned to Sibiu through an exhibition of paintings. On display at the Art Collections Museum in Bucharest last fall, the artist’s work from Iaşi invites the visiting public to reflect and reconsider our attitude towards the world and our colleagues. The artist makes it clear that his exhibition is not an environmental statement, but only suggests a dialogue. “My exhibition is not an environmental statement, and my work does not seek to mask logos with colour. Like any creator, I only come up with a proposal for dialogue, visually acknowledging a part of the story, which is in fact a very personal and inevitably subjective part. Beyond that is a whole world, full of personal stories of all kinds. Therefore, through this exhibition, I do nothing but suggest a place to meet my story with the stories of the people who visit it”, says Felix Aften.

At FITS, in the world of Meiji prints

The Brukenthal National Museum will host, among other things, the release of the album “A Journey into the World of Meiji Prentice”. It is scheduled to be held on Saturday, June 25 at 5 pm, and will be held in partnership with the Embassy of Japan in Romania.
Opened on the occasion of Japan’s Emperor’s Day, the exhibition and print album presents the premiere in the Roman and Eastern European cultural field by creating an exhibition with Japanese prints from the Meiji period that completely covers the historical theme, Emperor, Theatre, Beijing-ga and Landscape. Compared to the few exhibitions made so far with Meiji period prints, focusing only on one subject, for example Bijin-ga or a single artist, the exhibition and album from George Serban’s collection is a complete foray into the world of Meiji period prints Japan. With the help of these In print, one can follow Japan’s transition from tradition to modernity, especially visible in clothing, clothing, buildings, public buildings, the realization of the Constitution, etc. “explained MNB representatives.

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