Soon, in the neighboring country, the number of tourists, including Romanians, will exceed the number of Bulgarian tourists


“We expect 6 million tourists this summer,” said Bulgarian Tourism Minister Hristo Prodanov. Most of them will come from Poland, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Great Britain, Serbia, Czech Republic and Israel. “We also expect a large influx of Bulgarian tourists, many of whom prefer the Bulgarian Black Sea coast,” the Bulgarian official added.

Will it be a lot or is it a little?! One thing is for sure: Bulgaria will soon see more tourists than the locals. How did he do this?

Lots of work and effort and a desire to always make things better. There is a lot to improve, but we also have some lessons to learn from it.

The first lesson is called:

Promotional campaign in media publications all over Europe

Bulgaria is currently being promoted in 25 European countries, with videos already being broadcast on the largest TV and digital platforms in those markets. We are talking about all neighboring countries of Bulgaria (Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia), but also priority countries such as Germany, Poland, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Israel, Hungary, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic. The minister added that the goal is to promote the summer 2022 season, and the allocated budget is approximately 2.5 million euros, on preferential terms negotiated by the Ministry of Tourism.

Let’s move on to Lesson 2.

Documentary information trips invited by journalists, bloggers and influencers from neighboring countries and priority

In these information trails, the Ministry of Tourism of Sofia invites media professionals and creators of digital content to discover the Bulgarian coast with all its meaning: landscapes, sea, sand, natural attractions, monasteries, castles, resorts, hotels, golf courses, water parks, restaurants, wine cellars … The visiting schedule is busy, but time is allotted Also to go to the infinity pools, massage in spa centers, wine tasting. Hotel owners happily await their guests with a welcome drink, sightseeing tours and delicious food. In addition to having fun with them, they know that their job as digital creators is to delight them and share a check-in, photo or video with the audience. Everything goes instantly on social media to hundreds of thousands of people in the countries they belong to.

All the time, there is a guest who speaks their native language with them, telling them about history, culture, gastronomy, curiosity about Bulgaria and answering any questions.

Then the media comes home, and dozens of well-documented and illustrated texts go to hundreds of thousands of people who say, “Wow! What great places! I want a holiday in Bulgaria too.”

And we move on to the lesson no. 3

Participation in international tourism fairs

With real tripods, not pictures hanging on black curtains.

I don’t remember any of the major international tourism trade fairs, reading articles in the Bulgarian press, such as “Our country will participate in the international tourism fair x, in the Y period in the country / city Z with a platform xx square meters, where the Ministry of Tourism, industrial associations, municipalities and accommodation units will exhibit. Participation in the exhibition aims not only to promote Bulgaria as a destination for different types of tourism throughout the year, but also to establish contacts with foreign tour operators to include Bulgaria in their programs for the next season or to enrich them, and with potential investors in the field.”

And if you imagine that with this B2B lesson our course is over, you are wrong!

Lesson 4

Shouldn’t foreign diplomats in Bulgaria also know the country in which they work on diplomatic missions? Yes, of course!

Both the Minister of Tourism and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sofia know this. That is why, during the just-ended weekend, 30 representatives of Bulgarian diplomatic missions were invited to visit the Bulgarian coast and visit various events and presentations.

And where could it be better than golden sand? This living legend, the symbol of tourism throughout Europe. Not yesterday nor today. But for 65 years, how much this year has turned into the famous resort.

This was also the reason why the Bulgarian Tourism Minister was on the Golden Sands this weekend, also announcing the number of tourists who will come to sea in Bulgaria this summer.

There are more than 3,300 hotels of all categories waiting for them, located in dozens of resorts, resorts and golf courses located on the 378-kilometer coast, 209 beaches, 19 of which this year were awarded the Blue Flag, 5 islands and elevations reach in southern Bulgaria and 600 meters.

And here we come to the end, but stay close, here’s the next lesson on sustainability in tourism brought up by another legend in Bulgaria: the Albena resort.

Let’s be healthy, and let those responsible for us better perform their duties!

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