The Madrigal Choir performed in Zagreb on June 14, 2222

On June 9, at the invitation of the Romanian Embassy in Croatia, the National Chamber Choir “Madrigal – Marine Konstantin”, led by César Verlan, presented the extraordinary performance “European Renaissance Music” in Vatroslav Lisinski, the largest concert hall in the country, which was received with enthusiasm and some warmth Nearly 2,000 spectators. In the end, the Madrigal choir was greeted for minutes on the open stage, being called on stage for 3 repetitions.

This event is dedicated to the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Romania’s accession to the European Union and the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Romania and the Republic of Croatia and was held with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and the Romanian Cultural Office. Institute and Romanian Embassy in Croatia.

“At the end of the concert I can say with emotion that the Madrigal Choir has indeed proven its unique value here in Zagreb. The Croatian audience, a very cultured and demanding audience, for minutes paid tribute to the wonderful Romanian artists. The Madrigal He wrote the history and opened a new page on the friendship between Romania and Croatia, Given my experience with the Madrigal Choir over the past few decades and the very intimate relationship I had with the person who created the Madrigal, Mr. Marine Constantin, I am pleased to see that, years later, the band is today, at the same time, at the highest levels.” And that those who continue Madrigal are real magicians, both the director Emil Panteleimon and the two captains Anna Angoriano and César Ferlan ”- said His Excellency Mr. Constantin Mikhail Gregory, Ambassador of Romania to the Republic of Croatia.

As the President of the Romanian Cultural Institute, Mr. Livio Geckman, conveyed:

“Promoting authentic Romanian cultural values ​​is one of the priorities of the Romanian Cultural Institute. (…) Recognized and valued internationally, as a symbol of musical life, with nearly 60 years of activity in cultural diplomacy, the Madrigal Choir highlights the values ​​and culture of Europe with this project. Dedicated to a Europe born again, strong in unity but also precious in its diversity, the biggest winner at this moment is none other than the audience, and I congratulate everyone who has been involved in this far-reaching project!”

The event was attended by countless ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic media in Zagreb, as well as representatives of Croatian political, economic, academic and cultural life, as well as the Romanian community in Croatia, such as Zeljko Reiner and Furio Radin, the two Vice-Presidents of the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia. Gary Capelli and Domagoj Haidjokovic, Chairs of the Foreign Policy and European Affairs Committees of the Croatian Parliament, Neven Belicaric, Adviser to the President of the Republic of Croatia Andrea Mitlko Zgombic, Ministers of Foreign Affairs Zdravko Jakub, Ivan Vidic, Davor Milic and Vice President for Science and Arts, Damir Boras, President of Zagreb University, Dragutin Kamen Stepan Roglic, Honorary Consul of Romania in Rijeka and Split, Alina Dobriscu, President of the Association of Romanians in Croatia.

“This is my first time attending a madrigal choir event – it was a huge success and I’m very happy with what I saw and heard today. These paintings have been shown on stage, Botticelli, Bosch and other masters and it was great, because the Renaissance is a great European movement and it’s about culture Music, painting and performance covered it all. We are together in Europe, France and Romania and I am pleased to be present at a prominent European event,” His Excellency Mr. Gaël VEYSSIERE, Ambassador of France to the Republic of Croatia.

“It was a wonderful evening and I am still under the strong impression of the wonderful voices of the Madrigal choir, which we all enjoyed today. I think no one could have imagined a more beautiful gift to celebrate the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Romania and Romania-Croatia as well as to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Romania’s accession to the union European, such a wonderful party ”- Mr. Zeljko Reiner, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia

The entire event impressed the audience with Madrigal’s incomparable voice and two Renaissance fashion chains, as well as the spectacle backed by lavish lighting design, backed up by iconic video images of every act performed on stage. The first part of the program “European Renaissance Music” organized by conductor César Verlan included compositions from the musical Renaissance period, and in the second part, Madrigal presented an impressive collection of choral works by contemporary musicians.

“I can say that tonight I was lucky enough to attend the Madrigal Choir concert. In fact, I was doubly lucky to be in public once and then to see my entire work performed. The whole concert was very, very good and no wonder, because Madrigal has such a high professional reputation And the audience appreciated it very much – you heard the minutes of applause, they did not stop. The conductor of the choir was impeccable, a real professional conductor. It was amazing! – said the composer Branko Stark, professor at the Split Academy of Music, president of the Croatian Association of Conductors.

“European Renaissance Music” directed by Émile Pantelémon, music direction by conductor César Verlan, lighting design coordinated by Aline Popa, video mapping by Doreen Popovici and concert sound by Gabriel Cherlet.

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