They don’t want to go to high school because they work directly in the country or go to work abroad

“Mathematics and physics are very complex subjects for high school technology students.”

They promoted but are not interested. Some people think they can’t stand it. Others do not need it, they are waiting for a job abroad or just want to get a job. They don’t need college and then they don’t care about high school eithersays the engineer Gabriel Mufti, Director of the Technological High School of Târgu Fromos. Only half of the graduates chose to take the baccalaureate exam.

I think a diploma is enough. What I get is qualified. All qualifications should be defined differently. The technician is somewhat generic and the trades they are qualified in are somewhat generic. For example, a mechanical technician for maintenance and repairs. Do you realize! of maintenance and repair? It is a general mechanic. Unusual general. Maintenance and repairs for a specific type of machine, machine tool and the vehicle” completes the engineer, Gabriel Mafty, Director of the Technological High School from Târgu Fromos who believes that there is a need for a baccalaureate differentiated by fields: “Technological branch. I teach Roman Baccalaureate, Mathematics, and III Physics, Chemistry or Biology. For high school students, mathematics and physics are very complex subjects. Perhaps we need more technological baccalaureate in technological disciplines

Educational expert: “If we are talking about a new model for the baccalaureate, it must be presented to a new generation”

What is the registration status for BAC 2022 in Yash? ” At the Iasi district level, we have 5077 students enrolled. 4,643 from the current generation and 434 from previous generations. If we only refer to students in day education this year, the enrollment rate is 85.5%. Among the previous generations, 528 were registered last year, and 434 this year A spokesperson for the Iasi District School Inspectorate, Prof. Antonina Pleuro.

A quick look at examination centers and secondary schools shows the contrast in urban and rural areas or between study areas. National college 136 students in the exam, high school from Vladini had 16 graduates. Others got lost along the way.

14 were registered for the baccalaureate exam. The Taliban went abroad and did not join. We tried to talk to parents who had traveled abroad but could not convince them to take the test. The pandemic has affected us greatly. I had remedial classes. and online The director of the Technological High School in Vladini explained, Liliana Branzan Whoever wanted to specify, sighs, that “rThe school counselor’s notes showed the fit appeared. Home comfort. The fact that they were at home and not in school made them miss „.

educational expert Mirabella Amarandi He says educational paths should be more flexible. “I think we should talk more and more about the need to make education and training methods more flexible for young people. And for those who attend educational and training courses. What we call lifelong learning. The decision must be made after discussions with specialists but also after an in-depth analysis of the baccalaureate model that we want to implement at the national level. Let’s not forget that France has a new type of baccalaureate but it has been debated for two years. If we are talking about a new model for the baccalaureate, it must be presented with a new generation. Not at all during studies of a particular generation because you do not change the rules during the game‘ said education expert Mirabella Amaranda.

I don’t want to say what discipline is causing problems for high school students. With a differentiated baccalaureate, the results will be different. “

“aWe have 43 students enrolled in the exam, compared to last year when we were 30. We have two classes of twelfth grade graduates, specializing in veterinary technician and technician in economic activities. There are those who did not pass and will register in BAC after passing the health examsThe director of the agricultural secondary school in Miroslava reckons. Mihai Kantemir Supports the differentiated baccalaureate with courses: We are 57 high schools that are coordinated by the Department of Agriculture. We all agree. I don’t want to say what discipline is causing problems for high school students. I think if we walked a little bit in the differentiated baccalaureate, the results would be different. Many may pass the baccalaureate exam, enroll in specialized colleges, and entry to the labor market will be very different.

Only graduates of technological sectors with a specialization turn to work abroad, while Romanian companies turn to workers from outside the European Union.

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