Interview with Eugene Kuzma, Director of Gloria. Sport in Bistrita within 100 years and its new horizons

2022 marks the centenary of the founding of Gloria Bistrita Football Club in 1922, a nostalgic moment for many Bistrita residents regarding this sporting phenomenon. Although the name “Gloria” is associated specifically with football, the revived club, CS Gloria 2018 Bistrița-Năsăud, brings together, under its umbrella, many other sports, and it is a natural approach, because the presence of Bistria athletes on the podiums from Among many important competitions, Bistrica brought special fame. On our 2022 anniversary, we are one step away from the opening of the multi-purpose sports complex at Unirea, a mega-structure in which we hope the sport of Bistrita will gain a new scope. Eugene Kuzma, director of “The Gloria Family”, tells us, in an interview, what is the atmosphere in the club, what are the plans and expectations. He took over the management of the club in 2019, when he brought together a handball team and two athletes under the name “Gloria”. Now, the club houses hundreds of legitimate kids who play handball, soccer and volleyball, and athletes who constantly bring in medals in various branches of sports.

It’s been 100 years since Gloria Gym was founded. How do you feel when you are in charge of a club with history, performance and expectations?

2022 marks 100 years of Bistrita football’s existence, and 100 years of “glory”. We want, in a way, to celebrate this moment with these Centenary events. How do I feel? Must see how the club feels. He is honored to be able to continue the tradition of football in Bistrita and not only football, but also other sports. I think it is a responsibility and at the same time an honor to be one of those responsible for organizing the centenary.

It was also a complicated period, especially in handball, two seasons that didn’t go as well as they should, tough decisions that you had to make. How did you deal with them?

I took over the club in 2019, and at that time I had a handball team and two athletes. This was the club’s sporting heritage. The strategy was to develop the club, meaning that we want to develop on several levels and for the children to be able to play sports or any of the sports for which they are dedicated or have skills. Yes, that sounds pretty crap to me, BT seems not to me either. Perhaps, at the level of the first handball team, the performance did not rise to the expected level or to the level of the imposed goals, but this means that the players were not rewarded as such. But I would say that on other levels we were able to achieve and get what we wanted, even in the context of the pandemic. We have increased the handball section for children and juniors, we have more than 300 girls who play handball with an organized system, and we have competitions at the junior level, which are doing great. Last year, we took over our 3rd Division Football League team, with the goal of being a constant presence, with access to the 2nd League. At the Children’s and Junior Center, we jump 300 legitimate children and protocols with schools. From the age of 14 we will acquire players with performance prospects and register them in the tournament at the appropriate age group. In the other sections, we’re slowly moving along the line of development. We are on the line of belonging to many divisions of specialized associations.

Speaking of “cutting the body”, the decision to “cut” the salaries of handball players was quite controversial. Do you regret it, or do you think it was the right decision?

I think it was the time when we had to make a decision, a decision that would benefit the sport, benefit the competition. It was just a moratorium on payments, and it wasn’t an abusive action, but rather an action in the context of the bylaws. Then the performance returned to the level we wanted.

Do you think that performance in sports is largely dependent on financial reward or training conditions? Many people remember the days when they exercised in more difficult conditions and the comparisons between the results …

I say it’s a combination of factors, and I think performance depends on many things. Yes, training conditions, training conditions, the financial part are factors that determine performance. But they are not the only factors. In the current context, in a context where we are among the top three leagues in Europe and the world, when talking about women’s handball, you have to keep up with the other teams. Every year we tried to get to the players who would give us that performance, but at the same time, other teams also benefited. It was a very tough competition and it is a tough competition. I had three notes in the HFA committee, that means 9 points, and if those three notes that I won in a different place and I won with 9 points, I would have had today if we played in the European Cups. So the difference is very small in a very intense season, with 9 points we could be in the European Cups.

The Gloria Club is considered a “family”, I think you spend a lot of time with the athletes, you know them. What do you think motivates them to achieve results?

I even had a year where I went on every trip with the team, by bus. I followed their training schedule to find out exactly what was going on. Yes, that’s our goal and that’s why we call it “The Gloria Family”, we want to be a family, and that’s what we want and that’s what we’re trying. I have noticed that a very large simulation has been created around the handball phenomenon and this simulation is due to the fact that we have high value players. Between 7 and 11 players are part of the national teams of the countries to which they belong, this means that we give an example to those who want to play handball. And I think the motivation to play handball is the motivation that everyone should try to be better, to get the best results. And we do this through the Gloria family, we try to get as high as possible and we thank the supporters who support and support us even in situations where the results have not been as expected.

Will there be more handball team moves for the players?

Yes, 10 players signed with other teams will be leaving. The process is long, meaning that transfers start somewhere in January and end at the start of the tournament. So far we have finished contracts with ten players who either did not want to be part of our family or did not meet the requirements of the coach, but at the same time we have already signed contracts with eight players who complete the group. We want a high-performance team like this, to perform and go up there, which I would say is very important. Meanwhile, it is very important to be a good role model for girls who are starting to play handball. This is our goal, we are supported by the community and we want to give something back to the community, this opportunity for kids to exercise.

Is there another sport that lags behind at the Gloria Club besides handball?

Football is catching up and we are really ‘threatened’… Soccer players will soon outnumber handball players. Volleyball is coming, and we’re going to see a very good rise and we’re thinking about expansion, we’re thinking about women’s soccer and you know very well that we’re going to be recruited into the Women’s National Football League and the girls are. Very ambitious and I think they will be there at a high level; Boxing brings us satisfaction and let’s not forget the taekwondo practitioners who come, on a regular basis, and wherever they participate, with medals. We are very grateful for what coach Marius Mothy and the children who practice Taekwondo have done and we are proud of them. There are no competitions where they were not in the first places. She dominates the sport and is very good and we are very proud of her.

Following the opening of the new Polyvalent Hall in the Federation. What can we expect, does sport in Bistrita take on a new dimension?

I say without error: the sports complex in Unirea is the largest investment in sports of all times, in the province of Bistrita Nosod. If anyone can oppose me, we can have a good discussion. Why do I say that? Since it is a multifunctional complex, it is an elegant complex equipped with everything that means the latest equipment and facilities. It is not just the hall itself that is considered an achievement. We have a hotel with 30 rooms, 60 seats, where athletes can be accommodated; Not only the athletes, but also the athletes from other teams, the restaurant, the breakfast area and the sports facilities are the most important. We have healing spaces, spaces suitable for sports competitions. We have a fitness room, training ground inside the complex and outdoor courts suitable for basketball, tennis, handball and mini football. It is a multi-purpose sports complex, on which it will be possible to hold competitions for many sports, and last but not least, we want to organize fairs, exhibitions, seminars and everything that is suitable for such a site.

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