Students from Cibinium College in Sibiu, on internship in Greece – Ziarul Mesagerul de Sibiu

Students and teachers from Cibinium College in Sibiu participated in the Mobility in Greece project in April.

The project is entitled “Practical Training for Internships for Veterinary Students Abroad – An Additional Chance to Compete in the European Labor Market!” Organized by Cibinium Technical College for Student and Teacher Education.

Thus, between 3 and 15 April 2022, a group of 21 students and 5 teachers from Cibinium Technical College in Greece set up: 14 students of professional qualification tourism technician and hotel worker and 7 students of professional qualification hairdresser.

Before the students and teachers trip, a mobility setting was visited in the presence of 3 teachers from Cibinium Technical College: Ciubotaru Mona – Director, Balteș Aurelia – Head of Curriculum Department “Technologies” and Mărgineanu Alexandra – Specialized Teacher.

The main objectives of the project are to train skills in tourism, hospitality and hairdressing at the European level. Also, within the project, the students developed their language skills for international trading, but also enriched their general culture through cultural activities and visits.

Also, during the training period, the students were supervised and mentored by two Greek instructors and three mentors, respectively 2 observers from Cibinium Technical College.

Mobility activities for teachers are done in the form of Job shadowing – direct observation at work In order to learn new practices and gather new ideas through observation and interaction with colleagues, experts or other practitioners during their daily work in the host organization.

As for the professional qualifications of Tourism Technician and Hotel Operator, the training was conducted at the AKTI MUSSON Hotel in Paralia Katerinii, and the students of the professional qualified hairdresser at the beauty salon “Yiannos” in Katerini, Greece.

The company that organized the mobility is EURO EDUCATION SERVICES PC, represented by Luiza Dimitriou, whom Cibinium College representatives would like to thank.

The principal of the school as well as the initiator of this project, Professor Ciubotaru Mona, is of the opinion that students have come home better to meet the demands of the European labor market, making this learning commute a realistic opportunity for any student going to school. At the same time, the students of Cibinium Technical College had the opportunity to learn about new places, customs and traditions of the Greek people, thus enriching their culture.

“The purpose of these courses is to provide students with a viable alternative to practical training. At the same time, the goal is to increase the quality of vocational training, in view of increased employment opportunities, but also for better employability.” The project aims, in addition to developing general technical skills (such as teamwork, disinfecting workplaces, complying with labor rules and protecting the environment) and increasing students’ self-confidence.

In addition to all this, the beauty of the places visited, the possibility for students to enrich themselves culturally and linguistically, was certainly intertwined with an unforgettable experience, which consisted of discovering friendly and welcoming people, places full of history and legends but also an opportunity to grow culturally and professionally,” explained the school principal. .

The project objectives are:

Promote the European dimension of teaching and learning through:

  • Promote the values ​​of inclusivity, diversity, tolerance and democratic participation;
  • promoting knowledge of the common European heritage and diversity;
  • Support the development of professional networks.
  • Raising the quality of teaching and learning in school education through:
  • support the professional development of teachers;
  • encourage the use of new technologies and innovative teaching methods;
  • Improving language learning and linguistic diversity in schools
  • Support the exchange and transfer of good practices in teaching and school development

Contribute to the creation of the European Education Area through:

  • Strengthen the school’s capacity to engage in cross-border exchange and cooperation and implement high-quality mobility projects;
  • Turning learning mobility into a realistic possibility for any student in the school;
  • Enhance learning outcomes for students and staff during periods of travel abroad.

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