Timisoara, the cultural capital of political pride. The Fritz-Nika war endangers the law

President Allen Neka said Wednesday that the mayor’s office wants to hide its own impotence and lack of accomplishment.

“The Fritz administration, not only in the cultural sphere, puts the people of Timisoara on a diet that is very rich in propaganda and very poor in achievements. I have discussed with the mayor to refrain from taking this subject in negative terms because it is not in the interest of the city, but I see that he cannot refrain from vote,” said Timic County Council leader, Allen Neka.

Resentment of the county management leader

He also specified that if CJT has one amount or another, it is also used for Timisoara.

“The impression that people from the USSR want to spread is that if they do not, it will not be in Timisoara. I indicated that all projects covered by the decree will not be completed until January 1, 2023, and then emergency measures must be taken. We have proposed the creation of a temporary cultural infrastructure, which can be used for events on a large scale, to enable the implementation of this project, which I hope we can be very proud of in the coming year.

Text of the Ministry of Culture’s response to certain amounts. That’s right, bigger for the county council. As for investments, CJT received 44.7 million lei, and the mayor’s office received 33.89 million lei, which is only because the mayor’s office was stubborn to keep only the targets it had initially included in the appendix and which had an implementation phase, on average, in between. Zero and five percent and some of them are already deserted. We have only proposed items that are achievable either until January 1, 2023 or until the moment of the proposed calendar,” said Allen Nika.

The CJT Chairman also said that although the foundation contributes 25% to the project, it receives only 10% of the investment.

“We just knew it at the time. Any reasonable person who wants this project to succeed can’t help but notice the lack of performance. I think the mayor’s office is jealous of CJT because we provide our services, they just talk and complain and through all the actions they have done they want to get CJT out From the Capital of Culture project We have 17 project proposals and actions and we did not want any of them to be included in the attached program Giving book (No – application file).

In the assembly headed by the mayor, there are two more employees, and the rest have resigned. Focusing on high-quality projects and achievable high-quality infrastructure, the Fritz-Lațcău tandem wants to share funds with their entourage, as they did in the Enterprise Center. (…) Does City Hall have the ability to spend the money that will come from the ministry? We believe that no, so do those who have seen how projects are selected in the Project Center,” said the district administration commander.

The mayor and administration of the USSR, lacking competence in the cultural capital project?

“Mayor Fritz and the administration of the USSR do not lack money, but they lack the competence to make Timisoara a successful European cultural capital. The USSR entourage is thirsty and desperate for funding, having covered the remaining gaps for support in the 2020 campaign. I chose the burning tactic. Earth as if it’s their last chance now.And this is their last chance because Timisoara will get rid of this user epidemic in 2024.

Timișoara no longer needs uncertainty, Timișoara needs competence and action. I met Prime Minister Fritz, but he never blamed me. Every time Senator uses without school. I sent him a notice today proving that this isn’t the first time. To retract what was said, or else we’ll see each other in court. The thief shouted at the thieves, and the DNA comes to the mayor’s office, and not to the JPA, ”said Nika.

He was also of the opinion that if Timisoara City Council was stubborn to go ahead with the same projects, he would lose 90% of the money.

“If I wrote a book about how to go from hero to zero, Fritz would be the main hero,” said Allen Nika.

CJT plans for the project

According to him, CJT wants to get funds from the Ministry of Culture for Hangair – a temporary structure that can accommodate 17,000 people in the Cioca Aerodrome, to be purchased and installed in a few days, worth 11 million lei. According to Nica, the Hangair can move to another place, it is not only a huge hall, but also contains dressing rooms for artists, and events can be held regardless of the weather.

CJT also needs 11.5 million lei for the video surveillance and anti-burglary system of the Art Museum, as well as 5.3 million lei for the design and implementation of the multifunctional auditorium facilities in Bastion.

Also, for the exhibition hall of the Timmic County Center for Culture and Arts, the Ministry is requested for 1.2 million.

Other funds are requested for the stages and stands in the cities of Timich in order to organize traveling events in the county.

Regarding the rehabilitation of the district library building in Piata Libertății, one of the objectives listed in the bid book (request file) Nica says a feasibility study has been prepared, and the technical project will be received this month.

“I have striven to restart this implementation structure, to separate things very clearly, what the CJT does and what Timișoara City Hall does. Nika said I am troubled by the lack of action or the inability to act, because I don’t consider it bad intent (no — Mayor Fritz)” .

Nika, a potential candidate for Timisoara City Council?

When asked if she would be a candidate for membership in Timioara City Hall, Nica replied that she does not rule out the possibility, but is now focusing on CJT, and at Timișoara City Hall, PNL will select the candidate with the best chances.

The liberal also specified that if the cultural capital project fails, he assumes so.

“Doing something against my spiritual city is a crime like no other, and unfortunately not known to those who were not born here. The topic of cultural capital should not be divided. We cannot give money to investments and not spend it. I hope the project will be approved as soon as possible,” Nika added. at a government meeting and to be implemented.”

In Timișoara’s bid book submitted in 2016 for the title of European Capital of Culture for 2021, which was postponed due to the pandemic for 2023, CJT took on the following objectives: restoration of Huniade Castle, rehabilitation of Banat Village Museum, Banat Museum of Science and Technology and rehabilitation of the Bega Canal outside Timisoara.

Mayor Dominic Fritz replied

In response, representatives of the municipality conveyed that 90% of the cultural infrastructure goals assumed by the Timisoara City Council through the application file in 2016 were either completed or under implementation with a deadline this year or next.

He added, “The biggest steps have been taken in the past year and a half from the local budget. Cinema Victoria is ready, three more cinemas will be completed in the next 12 months. The total value of the works is approximately 190 million lei. On the cultural program side, through Project center, this year Timișoara City Hall has allocated a record budget of 22.5 million lei to fund nearly 120 culture, sports and community projects, four times that of the CJT project.The city council has pledged to fund all projects in the application file, except for the few that receive funding from Provincial Council.

At the same time, we cannot fail to note that among the four goals of infrastructure and cultural tourism that Timi County Council assumes in the candidacy file that Timiشوارoara won this title, nothing has even been started, let alone achieved, the most telling. An example in this regard is the rehabilitation of the Hunyad Castle,” say representatives of the Timisoara City Council.

Project Timisoara – European Capital of Culture, a vehicle for political struggle?

“If others decide to use the Timisoara project – European Capital of Culture, their choice is a historic project in their desperate political struggle. I don’t know who would win politically from such an approach, but I know for sure that Timisoara loses. I focus on delivering what Timisoara has pledged: investments Ambitious in cultural infrastructure, cinemas reopening as cultural centers, and a good cultural program that reaches all of Timisoara and attracts visitors from all over Europe.

The aim of this title is to transform the image of Romania in the world, with Timisoara and its culture. I will not play the game of some local politicians for whom the stake seems only a personal game,” declared, on Wednesday, the mayor of Timisoara, Dominic Fritz.

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