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Rector Radu Sorin urges high school graduates to choose Petrochani University with confidence

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by Corneliu BRAN

With the date of the admission hearing at Petročani University fast approaching, on Thursday 16 June I spoke with University President Radu Sorin about the matter.

Registrations for the summer admissions session have already started on the online platform

It is, like every summer, a very important summer admissions session for university life at Dealul Institutului state higher education institution, followed of course by an admissions session in the fall (somewhere at the end of the summer).

“During this period, the summer semester exams for the academic year 2021-2022 will be completed. After that, we will have three weeks of training, but also a week of exams remaining so that students can finish their year well and then get their due leave. Then it starts Admission is as it happens in the summer.In the admissions session, we are waiting for not only high school graduates who have received the bac this year, but also graduates of other promotions, who may have had their bac, but did not yet have it or did not have time to continue their education. One or the other.We have opened an online admission platform and it is already working and practically all those holding a bac and wanting to take Petrochani University courses can register online.Those who have questions or concerns can come to the university and here we have teachers and students who guide and support them in entering Admission data Actual admission depends on the file submitted and will take place in July By the end of July we will publish the admission results, but we will also publish the confirmations made after the results are displayed. Post-baccalaureate In August, the fall admissions session will follow at our university, where there will again be online or face-to-face registrations for those who have doubts,” said the university professor. Dr. Eng. Radu Sorin, President of UP University.

Two new majors for the academic year starting in the fall

Regarding the study offer proposed by Petročani University for the upcoming academic year, which will start in October, Rector Radu Sorin has sent us the following:

“As an offer, we bring the same specialties we had this academic year, which will soon end, in addition to two new specializations, namely accreditation. Here I refer to the field of accredited psychiatry as I said which is the previous section for teacher training and a new specialization, which is the result of our cooperation within the European Union of Universities EURECA PRO.This new major that I’m talking about is the Master’s Degree in Responsible Consumption and Production in English, our Master’s students do part of the courses in Romania and another part, at least one semester, in another country in the European Union, which has 80% approaches similar to ours.”

Speaking of work

Of the places after the summer and fall admission courses, the Dean of the University of Petročani emphasized the following:

“We hope that this occupancy rate will be as high as possible. Last year, after the summer session, we had more than 55% of seats occupied, and in the fall we were able to fill all budgeted seats and a large part of the paid seats. In the Masters, where There are fewer places, and the demand is very high, we almost double the number of budgeted places with the number of paid places.This year in this admissions session we have a total of 610 budget places for bachelor’s degrees, in all disciplines, 225 budget places for masters , and 10 for Ph.D.

The university president’s arguments in favor of Petrochani University?

The president of the university also told us about his arguments for urging the student to take the courses of the University of Petročani.

„When you become a student at the University of Petročani, you will become a student at one of the ten universities in Romania that are part of the European University Consortium, with specialized teachers, well trained and experienced in working with students. When you become a student in Petrochani, you have some of the avant-garde disciplines that are in demand in the labor market and therefore have great opportunities for employment right after graduation. And last but not least, when you become a student at University of Petrochani, you have a generous campus, with bedrooms with two places for those who want this kind of accommodation, with bathroom and shower and all the necessary amenities in it, a campus that has everything inside: a house for students, a modern library , a sports base with everything you need for team sports or individually, canteen. Professor Radu Sorin concluded that we have everything we need in our university, at the same level, at least, as in any other university in Romania or in Europe. ”

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