The Ministry of Sports announced the money that sports federations will receive in 2022 – who lost and who will get more

The Ministry of Sports has developed proposals for funding amounts for national sports federations for the year 2022. To contribute to achieving the goals of each sports program for the public benefit, the Ministry of Sports announces.

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“I believe the Evaluation Committee has for the first time been able to budget based on results as the main criterion. The Gold League is a new concept, specifically designed for this purpose, to support and encourage working associations that have potential for the future.

The main changes can be seen in the hierarchy of the top ten sports, both individual and team. Significant increases in funding can also be observed, from 25% minimum, to 50% or more, in the case of some consortia.

I think we should respect performance and encourage those who produce results, and funding proposals have been based on these goals.” Edward NovakSports Minister.

The proposals for funding amounts for sports federations for 2022 have been prepared in accordance with the Order of the Minister of Sports No. No. 44 dated January 25, 2022 regarding the amendment of Annex No. 2 on the Minister of Sports Medal no. 994/2021, published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part One, No. 79 bis on January 26, 2022.

The total amount from the budget of the Ministry of Sports for 2022, approved by the State Budget Law under Title 59.20 – the sums allocated for financing sports programs implemented by sports structures under special law – national sports federations (budget appropriations), is 127,116 thousand lei. This amount is distributed to the following programs:

  • Sports performance promotion program
  • Sports base maintenance and operation program
  • Sports program for all
  • The program rediscovers the sheep

The basis for determining the amount of funding for each sports federation was a series of funding criteria aimed at evaluating the value of sports performance on the applicants’ ability to contribute to the achievement of the goals of each general sports program.

Thus, for the “Promotion of Sports Performance” program, according to the funding criteria, the national sports federations were evaluated and prioritized taking into account the Golden League, respectively those priority national sports federations and the National Paralympic Committee.

They are coordinators of individual sports with great tradition and notoriety in Romania, with high image influence, they are affiliated with the international sports federations participating in the last three editions of the Olympic/Paralympic Games and have at least one event included in their upcoming programme. edition. But also the possibility and continuity of the successful representation of Romania at the Olympic/Paralympic Games.

They have also shown exceptional results in their last three editions and in the European and World Championships, as well as impressive results in the fight against doping.

In finance, specific indicators have been applied, including:

Importance and scope competitions in which the National Sports Federation may participate, depending on international affiliations or recognitions;

athletic performancerespectively, the level of achievement of performance goals, compared to the estimated performance goals in 2021;

International representationrespectively, the level of representation of Romania’s image at the international level;

National lot compositionwhich should consist of athletes who have a chance to qualify for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028;

Sports Promotionrespectively, the level of sports promotion in the media, social networks, etc., and the presence of a strategy for the promotion of sports, respectively, for valuable athletes from the sports elite;

Infrastructurerespectively, the maintenance of the material bases in the use of the unions and the level of expenditures related to the maintenance of the material base;

People with special needs Financing the sub-program for people with disabilities to practice physical and sports activities, as well as ensuring access to a specific sports infrastructure, appointing a person within the federation to deal with the category of athletes with disabilities, setting up an internal competitive calendar, organizing a national championship, and training a person in order to obtain the competencies of the classifier national/international.

After analyzing the results of the 2021 Sports Games, in the Olympic trials, the federations with the best results in official international competitions (Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships) are:

Romanian Rowing Federation with a total of 34 medals, the Romanian Judo Federation with 14 medals, the Romanian Table Tennis Federation with 9 medals, the Romanian Wrestling Federation and the Romanian Swimming Federation and Modern Pentathlon, with 6 medals each, the Romanian Fencing Federation, the Romanian Cycling Federation, and the Romanian Boxing Federation, with 3 medals each, Romanian Pop and Slade Federation, with 4 medals, Romanian Canoe Kayak Federation, with two medals, Romanian Athletics Federation with one medal.

Also, analyzing the ratio between the allocated budget and the number of medals obtained, the hierarchy of the above-mentioned federations, from the point of view of efficiency in budgetary spending, in relation to the level of performance achieved, respectively to the number of medals,:

Romanian Rowing Federation, Romanian Judo Federation, Romanian Table Tennis Federation, Romanian Cycling Federation, Romanian Boxing Federation, Romanian Wrestling Federation, Romanian Wrestling Federation, Romanian Fencing Federation, Romanian Kayak Federation, Romanian Athletics Federation.

After analyzing and evaluating the eligible funding requests, the authority prepared an analysis and evaluation report, in which it proposed the amounts to be allocated to the national sports federations, which would be submitted to the Minister of Sports for approval.

Based on the analysis and evaluation report approved by the Minister of Sports, each national sports federation is notified of the amount approved for financing its sports programmes, after which the national sports federations can submit a financing contract for its conclusion. .

Below are funding proposals for the Golden League and Athletics Leagues.

In the second quarter, the Excellence Program will be launched, through a separate selection session, based on projects submitted by national sports federations, to inform

Golden League, budget proposals

1 France rowing 14.55 million lei / 11 million lei in 2021

2 Judo France 7.75 million / 5.2

3 FR Table Tennis 6.775 Million / 6.047.27

4 FR Wrestling 6.775 Million / 6.012.200

5 FR Swimming and Modern Pentathlon 5.8 Million / 3.35

6 FR Fencing 5.85 Million / 5.9

7 FR Bob and Sleigh 4.85 Million / 2.9

8 French fund 4.85 million / 3

9 FR Athletics 4.85 Million / 8

10 FR Gymnastics 4.85 Million / 7.5

11 FR Cycling 3.88 Million / 3.35

12 FR Kayak Canoe 3.88 million / 3,565

A total of 74.66 million / 65.824 million in 2021.

Sports, proposed budget

1 French basketball 7 million lei / 4.727 million lei in 2021

2 FR Handball 5.8 Million / 5.55

3 FR Rugby 5.8 million / 8,373

4 FR Volleyball 4.375 Million / 5.177

5 Polo riyals 3.9 million / 2475

6 FR Ice Hockey 2.9 million / 2.03.03

A total of 29.775 million / 28.332 million in 2021

The National Paralympic Committee’s funding offer is 1,700,000 lei.

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