The national team suffers, FRF celebrates. What is President Rozvan Borliano’s goal for 2122

Thursday, June 9, 2022 at 8:37 am

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The Romanian Football Federation celebrated the centenary of the first match of the Romanian national team with an exhibition of historical black and white photos that opened Wednesday, during a ceremony held at the Football House.

About 50 guests, including the Minister of Sports, Eduard Novak, the president of the Pro Football League, Gino Iorgulescu, the president of FCSB, Valerio Argusillo or former footballer Miodrag Pelodessi, were able to see pictures from the league matches. The first actor in its history.

The Minister of Sports, Eduard Novak, announced during the event that the national football team has shown the whole world in 100 years the value and talent of the Romanian people.

“Although I am not interested in football, I lived with this sport in my youth, and in fact, it conveys a lot of emotions. I think the 100 years since the first match of the national football team have been a very good 100 years in which we showed the world how important we are, After the first 100 years, we can draw the line, draw some conclusions so that the next 100 years will be much better, and today we have all the knowledge, technology and passion. It is developing, even if the national team is going through a difficult period these days, but I am confident in this sport and in its leadership,” he said. Some good years will follow.”

Novak noted that the national team and its players need more support more than ever after the defeats to Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina at the start of the new League of Nations edition: “The boys in the national team need more support at the moment. I know that most of the time You only know your friends in difficult situations, and then you see who stands by you and who walks away, so I think the players now need the most support. Well done, I hope the national team has another 100 years of success.”

The minister hopes that in the future he will find solutions for football to receive funding from the state budget. “From the moment I took office, I felt a split between the Ministry of Sports and Football. I did not understand why. I have said many times that football should be supported by the state too, because it belongs” Until now, Edward Novak added, we have not found solutions to provide financial support in the form that It should be. But the most important is the message that football is part of Romanian sport, and this family should be together.”

In turn, the president of the French Football Federation, Rosevan Burliano, stated that he wants the national team to outperform the performance it achieved since its first match until today in the next 100 years.

“Romania’s participation in 12 final tournaments in the first hundred years of its existence forces us to launch this challenge to the generations that will come after us. Specifically to surpass the performance of these hundred years, and in the year 2122 to make sure that Romanian football follows an upward trend and has one hundred years of the national team in the context of Completely different “.

“Today is 100 years since the first match, and since then there have been about 700 big matches. We look back with respect, but also with love for all this development in Romanian football. But at the same time, we assume, that we want to build a pyramid of performance, and at the top We find the national team that we celebrate today, the main objective of our work.

But with the exception of the first representative of Romania, we must not forget that we have 18 national groups. There are a total of 19 reps that we have to manage every year. These teams are a symbol of our country, they are a legacy that we leave to future generations. We wish our grandchildren to be interested in the 19 national teams and their journey to high performance for the pride and happiness of all Romanians,” said Borliano, who presented the guests Mihai, the best young player in the Village Cup, appointed by the FRF as the bearer of the message for future generations for the team.

The Romanian Football Federation celebrates the centenary of the Romanian national team, which played its first match with Yugoslavia on June 8, 1922, in Belgrade, which the “Three Colors” team won 2-1 in front of 5000 spectators. The ceremony was organized at that time on the occasion of the marriage of Princess Mariwara (daughter of Queen Mary and King Ferdinand) to Alexander I, King of Yugoslavia.

Francis Ronai and Uriel Goga scored a goal for Romania, while Yugoslavia Joslav Sefer scored a goal. The team that coach Teofil Morario used in the first match in the history of the Romanian national team is as follows: Adalbert Ritter – Alois Szilagy, Elmer Hirsch – Dizo Jacobi, Nikolai Honigsberg, Francis Zimmermann – Uriel Goga (team captain), Carol Fritsch, Paul Schiller, Francis Ronai, ion ur.

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