Two entrepreneurs from Timisoara earn 1 million euros through three fitness centers. “What connected us from the beginning was sports”

Kuzmin Urban (left) studied mechanics at college, in Timisoara, while Rizvan Irimescu (Doctor) graduated from the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

Together, Răzvan Irimescu and Cosmin Şorban made their debut in the local fitness market in 2011. With an investment budget of €600,000 and a team of around 12 people, the two entrepreneurs opened the first Smartfit fitness center in Timiشوارoara. Last year, the turnover they created reached 1 million euros, and the brand also recently entered the Shopping City Timişoara Mall, which was opened by NEPI South Africans at the end of March.

“The beginning of the Smartfit story has a spontaneous decision behind it, because in December 2011 we weren’t very aware of the value of our investment, we just knew what we wanted the project to look like. The first studio (Fitness Center – Editor) was initially 1,000 square meters, and soon What we decided to expand by another 500 square metres. Smartfit is located in three places in the city, and it is a brand of Timisoara for the people of Timisoara,” Cosmin Şorban told ZF.

The fitness center of Shopping City Timişoara has an area of ​​2,100 square meters, where Smartfit offers fitness, aerobics, cycling and health services. Smartft Studio 3, as the center is called, is the first step that entrepreneurs take in a commercial space in Timisoara, thus entering into a category World Class, the pioneer of the fitness market in Romania, was already present with a center, inside Iulius Mall (entrepreneur Iulian Dascălu ). However, Smartfit’s first studio is located on a world-class coastline, located on Citadel Boulevard in Timişoara, near Iulius Mall.

The two entrepreneurs set out from Timisoara in connection with their passion for sports, and more specifically, for motocross, without the educational “history” directing them specifically to the field of fitness. Răzvan Irimescu graduated from the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, and Cosmin Şorban studied mechanics in college, also at Timişoara.

“What connected us from the beginning was sports. We both practice motocross and it seems that the successes of the competitions we participated in also influenced the business we started together. I had experience opening and running a chain of gyms in the city, and Kusmin, coming from a different field, sought To invest in a business that directly addresses people and promotes a healthy lifestyle.”, explained Răzvan Irimescu.

Currently, Smartfit’s turnover is 4.7 million lei (more than 1 million euros) registered in 2015, given that in the previous year it had a turnover of about 2 million lei and a team of 60 people (employees and collaborators).

The two entrepreneurs claim that the expansion of the Smartfit brand does not stop at all in three fitness centers in Timisoara, they already have some other new areas on the list to open other gyms in their “home”. Cosmin Surban says the reason is the dynamics of the Timisoara fitness market, but also the growing interest of Romanians in sports activities. However, the creators of Smartfit are preparing to attack another big city and are also considering entering the Bucharest market, which they currently view as the “Great Challenge”.

“Until this year we are planning to expand into another big city and we have several proposals to open spaces in the capital. We are interested in the western region, but we are also interested in Bucharest”, specified Răzvan Irimescu. He did not give details of the city in which Smart Fit would expand.

Over time, the two entrepreneurs have received several proposals to exit Smartfit, but for now they say they are focused on developing the brand they created.

“We have invested a lot of soul into Smartfit, it is part of us, but ultimately it is a business. Therefore, we can also look at this aspect of the outlet. We will make a decision, if necessary, depending on the offers we have received,” added Iremescu.

Currently, the largest fitness center for entrepreneurs in Timisoara is Smartfit 2, which has an area of ​​​​3,000 square meters, located near the industrial zone of Timisoara.

Răzvan Irimescu and Cosmin Şorban are also currently working on projects that go “hand in hand” with the fitness business they established over four years ago. The two own a fitness and exercise education project – the Smartfit Academy – and the National Ultimate Smartfit Challenge Championship, which was first launched in 2014 for members of the Smartfit network and can now be attended by other athletes from Romania and other countries.

Smart Fit operated in a market for fitness centers that amounted to 143 million lei in 2014, eight times more than in 2008, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Finance.

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