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It is well known that society searches in difficult times for forms of resistance, pillars upon which to overcome difficult times, and for progress. It has often been proven that “resistance through culture” is not just a phrase, it is such a pillar. In the culture of any person there are figures of exemplary value. For us Romanians, Eminescu is a model: as a patriot, as an analyst, as an analyst of the time in which he lived, as a servant of truth, as a brilliant poet who succeeded in the brilliance of the Romanian literary language. We remember, unfortunately, very rarely that we live in the country of Eminescu and appreciate it so little, we do not re-read it, and some deny and attack it. But at least in January, when he was born and in June, when he passed into eternity, we remember that Eminescu represents Romanian culture.

Dornenii does not forget Eminescu, either because the steps of the young poet passed through here, or because in the commune garden a bust of him, donated by Mr. Ion Irimescu, watches the present and the distances. As usual, on June 15, lovers of poetry and Emenescu took part in an event organized by the Town Hall, through the House of Culture “Platon Bardo”, the Association of Writers and Artists of the town of Dornellor, and the “Arboroassa” branch of the Cultural Association. “Pro Bessarabia and Bucovina”, Municipal Library “GT Kirileanu”, Vatra Dornei branch of SCLRB, under “The Truth and Immortality of Mihai Eminescu”, with the first part held in the House of Culture and the second in the Municipal Garden . At the opening of the event in the White Hall, honored with an exhibition containing illustrations of Eminescu’s works, organized by the host institution, the Director of the House of Culture, Violetta Codorian, spoke about the “Eminescu News”, appealing to the press and discussing issues that hold true to this day: political life , the gap between rich and poor, the lack of a country project, Romania’s position in the geopolitical region we are in (which has brought us and made us into a state of dependence on the strong. states). The second part of the Third Epistle is also suggestive, as the speaker has read some excerpts from it. Professor Jenica Romanić chose for discussion the topic “Cosmic Elements in the Creation of Emenescu”, recalling that the poet is considered the last of the Romantic greats, a late Romantic, who paved the way for new literary currents (in poetry), but he was also an exceptional journalist, satirical and at times satirical. The speaker also referred to the Eminescu Theatre, about which little is known and uses examples from poetry, to illustrate how Eminescu relates to elements such as the moon, sun, stars, sky, sea, etc. The cosmic pendulum is illustrated by poems such as “The Morning Star”, “The First Letter”, etc. Personally, I referred to the possible text of Principe’s edition “Poems” by Mihai Eminescu, published in December 1883, formatted by Tito Maurescu, a topic covered in a massive (806 pages) monograph of the famous medical scholar Nicolae Georgescu, entitled “Mihail Eminescu. Poetry. Critical Edition, Preliminary Study, Linguistic Commentaries and Possible Text of the Principes Edition by N. Maiorescu-11, Texts Published in Literary Conversations, Editions of Ioan Scurtu, G. Ibrăileanu, G. Ibrăileanu, C. Botez, G. “Romania Juno” in Vienna 1883, to get to the form written by Mihai Emenscu and to prove that the selection of texts from the princeps edition was made by the poet.The editors’ failure to follow punctuation and original words led to other meanings of the texts.64 texts of the princeps edition were analyzed and 12 additions, with examples, were included in Other classes give study exceptional value.

The theoretical interventions were followed by poetry recitals and a musical performance. Students Antonia Mazer, Antonia Urso, Timeea Dobrincu, Ecaterina Vasiluț, Anna Maria Stephenel, Ioana Boday and Maria Flego from cls. IV A from Gymnasium School No. 1 Vatra Dornei, under the guidance of Professor Oana Pintescu, recitation from the poetry of Eminescu, students Valentina Chiruță, Simona Ianovici, Daria Mujdei, Denisa Mujdei and Armina Lutaniuc of 7th grade AB, from the same school, under the guidance of Professor Alina Vasilo, said verses about Emenescu dating famous poets. GROIA Ungorian and Lorient Angourian, the undersigned, recite from her verse dedicated to the poet, and Aldona Petrash provided the poem “Serezer Emenisian” by Clement Antonovich. The event participants heard the songs “Barbu Lăutaru” and “Doin” also sung by Eminescu, in the extraordinary interpretation of the poet Lucia Olaru Nenati. At the headquarters of the Foundation, the Municipal Library organized a book fair entitled “Mihai Emenscu – Star of Romanian Culture” and a small exhibition in the House of Culture. At the bust of the garden, flowers of homage were laid and candles lit for the rest of the poet who has been watching us since forever.

Professor Paraschiva Abutnăriței

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