Dismissed for mismanagement of the center. Gaby Szabo for Newsweek: Neagu gets €250,000. It’s a fetish

“I have taken the decision to change the management of the Bucharest Municipal Sports Club. The Director General of the Supreme Council of Media, Gabriela Szabo, will be seconded to run the Dalís Center, and he will be replaced by one of the deputy directors.

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Before making this decision, I discussed with the members of the SCM Board of Directors in Bucharest, and the conclusion was clear – change is necessary.

The current management has missed competitive goals, set the departure of people of value, the management is poor (hasty decisions without consulting, but also delaying other decisions, inability to coordinate internal relations, conflicting approaches to dealing with the heads of sports departments) ”, indicated Little Dan on your personal Facebook account.

“At the same time, following the signals from inside, I will send Control Corps to check the activity of the SCM in Bucharest.

The mayor made it clear that I highly appreciate the sporting performance of Gabriela Szabo, but the decision she made is related to her activity at the helm of CSM Bucharest.”

On 1 May 2022, Newsweek Romania wrote that local authorities are paying players from CSM Bucharest some of the highest salaries in European women’s handball.

Important. CSM Bucharest finished the tournament in second place after Rapid Bucharest.

As the authorities explain Cristina Nygo’s salary of 250,000 euros a year: she is a fetish, a symbol

Cristina Nygo spoke about her salary, saying only “I know this discussion exists, it’s about my salary. It annoyed me at first. It was a very stressful affair. My job is not necessarily the source of the club’s money.”

How is SCM Bucharest organized

„Bucharest Municipal Sports Club is a public institution, of local interest to the municipality of Bucharest, financed from its own revenue and subsidies granted by the local budget of the Bucharest municipality…

CSM Bucharest follows and promotes 14 sports, with priority given to 10 sports included in the Olympic Games program: athletics, basketball, kayaking, rowing, rowing, handball, judo, swimming, rugby, tennis and volleyball”, according to a joint answer: Bucharest City Council and Bucharest SCM.

33% increase in budget

SCM Bucharest’s budget for 2021 was more than 40 million lei (paid payments), of which 1.3 million lei is its own revenue, 2.6 million lei represents sponsorships, and 37.5 million represents the subsidy granted by the Mayor’s Office.

As a percentage, the mayor’s office supports SCM activity in Bucharest, with 92%, public funds, according to the figures it obtained Newsweek Romania.

In 2020, Bucharest City Hall offered support of 27 million lei, and the total budget amounted to 30 million lei (payments made). 33% smaller.

Half of CSM Bucharest’s budget or more goes to the handball team.

“The CSM Bucharest handball team costs somewhere, with salaries and competitions, in total, 17-18 million lei (no per season),” said Nikkor Dan. Details here

The budget of the Syrian Center for Statistics for this year has not been approved

Through Bucharest City Hall, Newsweek Romania He requested a series of clarifications regarding the public financing of SCM in Bucharest.

Newsweek Romania: How do you explain the investment, from the Capital City Hall budget, with a salary of a quarter of a million euros per year for Cristina Nygo, given that handball teams from more financially strong cities cannot pay such salaries in women’s handball?

SCM Bucharest: Cristina Nygo has been ranked the best handball player in the world four times (2010, 2015, 2016, 2018), equivalent to the Golden Ball in international football. Christina EShe is a symbol of Romanian handball and sport and a good idol for future generations From behind and who wants to reach its performance level.

Besides her, CSMB gained even greater fame, thanks to which we were able to promote the capital every time, as well as Romania, at the international level.

In order to perform at a high level, as we want every year, we must invest and remain in the elite, CSM Bucharest is the only handball team in Romania that won the Champions League in 2016, and any year of the year, no matter what problems it faced, it is He fights in this European competition, as well as in the National League competition.

Newsweek Romania details: Compared to the teams of other Romanian clubs, CSM Bucharest did well in Europe. The CSM Bucharest brand attracts much less sponsorship money from controversial soccer teams such as the FCSB. Bad management is also possible.

CSM Bucharest won the UEFA Champions League in the 2015-2016 season. He later got into the semi-finals, and in the last editions did not reach the fourth final.

At the moment, CSM Bucharest is 3rd in the flower league. Details here

Bucharest does not have a multipurpose hall, but it does offer the highest salaries in European women’s handball.

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Newsweek Romania: What is the salary list offered to the players of the CSM Bucharest handball team.

SCM Bucharest: The CSM Center in Bucharest supports the performance of 195 nodes of sports activity and 1,600 children within the Children and Young Persons Centre. The club’s budget is divided into budget sections, and sports activity accounts for the largest share.

Newsweek Romania details: The answer evades the question. The sports press wrote that in 2019, three other players earned more than 10,000 euros per month. Details here

Since then, wages seem to have gone up.

Other professional players (world champions and Olympics) chose to continue in Romania precisely because CSM offers record salaries. Details here

Newsweek Romania: Why would the PMB fund CSM Bucharest with millions of euros in circumstances where the mayor’s office does not have funds for large investments, Bucharest does not have a multi-purpose hall, and CSM Bucharest has not performed at the European level in recent years?

SCM Bucharest: The purpose of the Bucharest Municipal Sports Club is to organize and manage sports activities, giving priority to children and youth, through the development of performance activity, as well as by selecting, preparing and participating in local and international competitions.

CSMB wants to increase the new great athletes of “tomorrow”, the new world champions, European champions and Olympics, and at the same time, to take advantage and increase the potential of Romanian sport, in the major competitions.

Newsweek details: Half of the budget (in 2019 and 2020) went only to the handball division, which, as shown below, underperformed than some of the nine majors supported by the mayor’s office.

The mayor’s subsidy is not going to promote sports for young people, but to pay the salaries of professional players.

Swede Per Johansson trained CSM Bucharest in 2016. When asked why he chose to go to Romania, Johansson said, “I’ve never had such a salary in my career.” The Swedish press was outraged by the salaries in Bucharest. Details here

The Romanian national team has performed very poorly in major international competitions. Sweden’s women’s handball team finished fourth in the Tokyo Olympics.

Controversy in the press and handball

The former great player and coach of the Romanian national team, Radu Fuenia, challenged the salaries offered in Romania: “It is not who asks, it is who gives. With my knowledge of the handball world, I consider the salary to be exaggerated, but my opinion is the least important. Since it is public money, it is exaggerated. In it a bit. Romania pays the highest salaries in the world for handball.”

The discussion about the handball team’s salary with public money should be placed in the context in which Mayor Nikkor Dan is asking for sacrifices from residents: to accept the lack of heat because there is no money to replace pipes, to withstand traffic and pollution due to a lack of investment money.

“In 2022, they will be half the real revenue of Bucharest City Hall for 2021, which will make it impossible for Bucharest City Council to provide public services within its powers. No institution can operate with half a budget…. One solution is for the state to help Bucharest and all other regions that have Central heating systems, so that the state can bear part of this amount,” said Nikkor Dan.

Balance Sheet CMS Bucharest in 2021

In 2021, despite the SARS-CoV2 epidemic and the always uncertain situation, we kept moving forward, brushing our teeth and attending training every day, be it physical or online. CSM Bucharest has achieved many notable performances, both between the Children’s and Junior Center, and among the senior/senior teams.

With regards to CCJ, we are pleased to have, from year to year, an increasing number of children registered with the club, which currently has over 1,600 members, in all the sports we have.

The most important performances were: winning the women’s national handball team championship, 3 national titles at the junior handball team level and 5 medals (silver and bronze). the national title in women’s volleyball, in an unbeaten season and the title of vice-champion in men’s volleyball; 6 medals in the national championships of under-18 athletics (1 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze), 12 medals won by the children’s and junior team in the national chess championship, national swimming titles – David Mihai and Vlad Prikop, national title in javelin – Alexandru Novak, And the list goes on. At the same time, CSM Bucharest was awarded “Best Volleyball Club of 2021” from the relevant federations.

• “Best Athletics Club for 2018, 2019”, “Best Handball Club for 2021”.

Performance analysis was performed by Bucharest SCM representatives for Newsweek Romania.

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