End of SoNoRo Conac’s Anniversary Tour, “La Grande Belleza”, 10th Edition

The 10th edition of the SoNoRo Conac tour “La Grande Bellezza” ends at the end of June with three concerts in some of the most beautiful palaces and palaces in Romania: Tuesday, June 28, 17:00, In the Music Hall of the Peles Palace in SenyaAnd the Wednesday, June 29 19:00, At Michaelscu Palace, from CălineștiPotochan District And on Thursday June 3019:00, In the Palace of Culture in Iai.

The concert program includes works by Camille Saint-Saën, Clara and Robert Schumann, performed by musicians Alyssa Margulis (violin), Rizvan Popovici (Viola), Rizvan Soma (cello) And the Christian Mehrt (piano).

Entry to the concerts is free, subject to reservation.

The completed works were composed in the same period as the emblematic heritage buildings in which the concerts will take place – the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries – a moment marked by the perfection of the fine arts. Thus, the music will highlight the decoration of the concert halls and carry the audience for a few hours in it Belle Époque. The first concert will be held at the Music Hall of Peles Palace, based on the cultural interests of Queen Elizabeth. The hall was decorated with furniture received as a gift from the Maharaja of Karortala and housed the most important musicians of the time. In the era of Regina Maria, the Music Hall will be the place where Jorge Enescu will often perform or find inspiration for his studies.

“We are closing the anniversary edition of SoNoRo Conac X great beauty“With a regal, which will be manifested not only by the repertoire chosen for these concerts or the mastery of the artists, but also by the grandeur of every space in which we will perform. We invite the audience to vacation this year’s last Konak concert, in the footsteps of Queen Maria of Romania, in the music hall of her castle , then in the room it occupied in Palazzo Micliscu, to end our journey in the Palace of Culture in Iai, which was inaugurated by King Ferdinand and Queen Maria in 1925. Thus we complete an emotional journey intended to point out those places where Roman culture was born or flourished under the auspices of those who made The work of cultural care is important to them. Lives. Among them were crowned chiefs and people of culture, as well as industrialists or merchants who knew that a country without strong education and investment in art and culture is a country without a backbone. We are grateful to them and feel compelled to carry on their legacy, which we have embarked upon In doing since the first SoNoRo Conac concert. With the support of the public and our partners, we will continue for another 10 years from now, because there are so many beautiful places in our country to be rediscovered and through music.”Announces Rizvan Popoviciinitiator and tournament director of SoNoRo Conac.

The second concert of the final part of the tour will be held in Michaelscu Palace of Călineștiowned by the Miclescu family, mentioned by Dimitri Kantemir as an ancient Moldovan family, corroborated by documents from the fifteenth century.

In 1991, Radu Micliscu, the last descendant of the family, returned to Romania, and in 1996 he took back ownership of his family’s heritage and reconstructed his childhood mansion. The palace was restored with the support of the architect Șerba Sturdza, nephew of Radu Miclescu, and has 11 rooms on the ground floor, 14 rooms on the upper floor, a reception hall in the central building and two other rooms.

The interiors of the building were recreated with furniture of the 18th and 19th centuries representing many styles and cultures: Biedermeier, Napoleon III, Louis Philippe or the style of the Russian Empire. Inside there is also an apartment for the queen, and in the right wing of the building there is also an apartment where Queen Maria of Romania lived when she was a guest at the palace. The original library contained about 16,000 volumes, of which 100 were volumes.

The date for the final concert of the tournament has been set at Palace of Culture in IasiDesigned in the spirit of the collective palaces of Western Europe. It is a mixture of many architectural styles – neo-gothic, romantic, neo-baroque – and strongly distinguished the architecture of the ancient capital of Moldova. With 298 rooms and 19 years dedicated to its construction (1906-1925), the Palace of Culture was originally the Palace of Justice and Administration in Iai. Built according to the plans of the architect ID Berindey, it was distinguished by its impressive dimensions: the central tower of the building, reaching 55 meters in height, made the palace considered at that time the tallest building in the city.

The Voivodes Hall, with the monogram of Queen Mary, is the most beautiful and largest room in the palace, as it is visibly decorated by the other halls. The official inauguration of the palace took place on October 11, 1925, in the presence of the royal family, King Ferdinand and Queen Maria. In 1955 the Old Palace of Justice became a Palace of Culture, hosting some of the most important cultural institutions in the country, and today it has come together under the name of the National Museum complex “Moldova” Iai which includes four national museums: the Museum of History of Moldova, the “Ștefan Procopiu” Museum of Science and Technology Ethnographic Museum of Moldova, Art Museum and Center for Research and Preservation of Cultural Heritage.

SoNoRo Conac is a project initiated by the Sonoro Association, with the support of the main partner BRD – Groupe Société Générale, in order to mediate in favorable contexts to save important monuments of the Roman heritage and to draw the attention of the public and the remarkable authorities whose Roman values ​​have been forgotten.

Started in 2013, the tournament SoNoRo Conac From the beginning, by associating music with many of Romania’s emblematic architectural works, it has set out to suggest the need for respect, attention and support for Romania’s extraordinary cultural heritage and resources. SoNoRo Conac started from the idea of ​​returning the original space of chamber music, of an intimate nature, to a cultural dialogue and active listening by a small audience. This project aims to raise public awareness about the many rehabilitated heritage buildings – impressive, magnificent and elegant buildings that need to be reintroduced into the cultural circuit. In its nine editions, the SoNoRo Conac Tour has put on the emotional map of our country more than 100 heritage buildings, some of which are completely unknown to the Romanian public, but have also drawn the attention of the international public to some of the most beautiful architectural icons here.

Tour provided by: BRD – Société Générale . Collection
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main partner: Ministry of Culture
Partner for a better tomorrow: MedLife Medical System
Shepherds: Elie, Casa Boyma
Partners: Cărturești, Humanitas Libraries, Calea Victoriei Foundation, Golden Tulip Ana Dome, Hochmeister Restaurant
hosts: Sibiu State Orchestra, Sibiu County Council, Targu Morey State Orchestra, Oradea State Philharmonic, Arad Municipal Culture Center, Ouro State Orchestra, Arad City Council, Timi County Council, Timiشوارoara National Museum of Art, Jorge Enescu Philharmonic, Aurelian Cassirdoyano Valcia Provincial Museum, Mircea Dinescu Poetry Foundation, Cetate Cultural Port, George Stephănescu Composer Memorial House, AREFU Association, Maria Filotti Brăila Theater, Peles National Museum, Miclescu – Călinești Mansion, “Moldova” National Museum Complex Ia
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