It will be a big challenge

Ten kids between the ages of 10 and 14 will have a lifelong adventure worth remembering. Together with Tibi Ușeriu, they’ll cross unpaved trails of the Călimani Mountains, which we’ll be able to discover in the fall when the movie airs on Netflix. It’s the third cinematic experience for the winner of one of the toughest competitions in the world: the Arctic Ultra Marathon.

“Two years ago, I gave the rights to a Hollywood movie production to the book 27 steps. This movie is 80% fiction and the remaining 20% ​​from the book, but my contribution is that I gave the rights and that’s it. For the past two years we’ve been shooting a documentary with a Canadian team, which follows me wherever I go, in competitions, in Via Transilvanica, and in the next three years, this movie will also appear about me. “Here I can say that I’m playing,” said Teppi Oreiro.

The third cinematic experience is now coming. In July, Tibi will begin a real adventure in the Călimani mountains with 10 children, chosen from among more than 350 people who participated in the casting. There are children from different backgrounds, some very intelligent, some athletes and some children living in foster care, most of whom surely have never been in the woods.

“We will start from the educational forest of Piatra Fântânele, and after that we will continue our adventure with the ten children through the Călimani Mountains National Park. It is the idea of ​​director Radu Muntean who wants a kind of Survivor. The children will learn from me how to survive in the tent forest, they will carry their own food, water and clothes and will not We use roads and paths at all. We will enter the forest, where no human foot has reached. I will take care of them, learn to walk in the forest, make a safe fire, and use their equipment. It will definitely be a big challenge for me too. After the shooting is ready there will be four months,” Tibi said. Other than editing and as far as I know the movie will appear on Netflix for the first time.”

survivor It is a quiz show, in which a group of people are secluded in different wild places and compete with each other for money and other prizes. The show uses gradual elimination, in each episode the contestants vote to disqualify one of them, until at the end there is only one contestant who wins the “Lone Survivor” title and the cash prize. This show format was created in 1992 by Charlie Parsons and was first used in Sweden in the 1997 show “Expedition Robinson”.

First post in 6633 Arctic Ultra

In 2016, out of 12 participants and with a time of 173 hours 44 minutes, Tibi Ușeriu finished the first toughest marathon (in terms of distance covered – 566 km – and temperatures), 6633 Arctic Ultrawho called him life raceAll the way to the end of 566 km in the Arctic Circle. It covered 566 kilometers in severe frost and temperatures as low as -52 degrees and arrived 12 hours before the deadline. Only 7 competitors crossed the finish line. In the beginning there were three Romanians: Tiberio Oreu, Andre Roro, and Vlad Tonas.

second post in 6633 Arctic Ultra

In 2017, out of 18 participants and with a time of 158 hours 25 minutes, he once again won the world’s toughest marathon in the Arctic Circle, passing the first after 173 hours 40 minutes, for the second year running the finish line in Tuktoyaktuk, Canada Where the “6633 Arctic Ultra” ice marathon ended.

The third post in 6633 Arctic Ultra

In 2018, among 25 participants and at a time of 172 hours and 50 minutes, Tibi Ușeriu managed to win for the third time in a row from the most entries, the Ultramarathon 6633 Arctic Ultra, which is considered among the most difficult in the world, given that it takes place in Arctic Circle region. In the annual edition, the 10th edition of the competition, only 6 competitors finished and had 216 hours to cover the 618 kilometer route. At first there were four Romanians: Tepe Oreu, Levente Bulgar, Avram Iancu and Florentina Jufsya. The other three Romanians withdrew the competition in the first 24 hours due to weather conditions and injury. The race started on March 8, 2018, and Tibi was able to finish it after 7 days and about 5 hours.

Yukon Arctic Ultra – 2020

In 2020, Tibi Ușeriu achieved another exceptional performance. Only he and a Swiss man managed to complete the Yukon Arctic Ultra competition, which he called the Infernal Circuit Race.

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