CSM Bucharest-Ferencvaros, Live Video, 17:00, Digi Sport 2. Cristina Nigo: “The hardest start to the season in her career”

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And so the Tigers got their revenge after the defeat in Budapest in the last seconds and achieved an important success to stay in the top six in the group.

It was a balanced start, but the Bucharest team broke up before the break when they were leading 16-11.

Unlike other matches, Adi Vasily’s team kept pace and did not give the Hungarians a chance.

Davidson defended in the first half and Grubicic defended well in the second. Cristina Nyago scored 9 goals, on loan from Omorigi and Ramosovic, 4 each.

After this match, CSM Bucharest moved up to fourth place in Group A, with 8 points from as many matches. Ferencvaros fell from first and second place, tied in points with first place for Rostov-Don, both with 12 points each.

The Champions League is taking a breather until January, leaving room for the Women’s World Handball Championship, which is broadcast live on Digi Sport.

CSM Bucharest-Ferencvaros 27-21

60 minute update: Important victory for CSM Bucharest! Dembele sets the final score, 27-21.

54th minute update: 5 minutes before the end, Omoregie scored 26-20. Grubisic plays excellently in SCM goal.

44th minute update: CSM maintains a difference of 5 points after another beautiful goal scored by Alexandra Dendeligan with a score of 22-17.

32 minute update: Adi Vasili’s team remains in charge even at the start of the second half after Carmen Martin’s 18-12 goal.

30 minute update: CSM Bucharest 16-11 leads in the first half after an excellent half-time finish. Davidson managed several important performances, Neagu and Ramusovic each scored 4 goals.

20th minute update: CSM leads 9-8 after a counterattack by Cristina Nijo.

Minute 9 update: A very well-balanced match with few goals. And the table stumbled 1-1 for 5 minutes after the goals of Ramosovic and Malistin.

Cristina Nego scored 4-3.

Minute 1 update: The game started.

The leader of the first group of the Champions League, Ferencvaros, came to Romania on horseback and will face a shaky team that has lost in three games recently by just one goal difference! Last time in Budapest Result 30-31in front of a discount on Saturday.

In the last match at home in the Champions League, our team lost Brest, degree 29-30.

CSM Bucharest-Ferencvaros, Live Video 17:00 Digi Sport 2

I think it’s a bit unfortunate what happened at the beginning of this season and hopefully the wheel will turn in our favor at some point. I think it’s the hardest start to the season of my career in every respectCSM Bucharest Team Leader, Cristina Nego, said:

We want revenge on Ferencvaros because in the previous match I think I was very close to a tie. A point for us could have been a victory. We can’t change that result, we want to play a good game and win.

There are three matches we lost at the max in this groupChristina also said.

We build our experience and try to become stronger, even by facing such experiences. We have to learn from past matches and hopefully we will have clarity tomorrow and maybe a little chance on our part.Coach Adi Vasili, in turn, stated

CSM-Ferencvaros, 17:00, Live Video Digi Sport 2. Adi Vasili, coach of CSM, is sure that the team’s results would have been different with the spectators in the stands.

It’s a big drawback that we don’t have spectators in the stands. We watch TV and all the stadiums and all the halls in Europe are crowded. And we have an empty room, and that can in no way be in our favour.

However, we hope to have the fans with us by 2022. If the spectators return next week, as we have heard, we will invite them to the national team training sessions, because the Champions League ends this weekend.Happy Adrian Vasily.

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