David Popovici is on his way to a new performance. Tonight begins the semi-finals of the 100m freestyle

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At just 17 years old, David Popovici became the first major swimming world champion in Romania’s history. In addition, the Romanian athlete became the leader of the world sports elite, in the sport he conquers these days, in Budapest.

Neither Michael Phelps, nor Jan Thorpe, nor Paul Biedermann, nor Peter van den Hoogenband or Yannick Agniel could become the best at 17 years 9 months, as Roman did.

“We’re normal people who do great things. I like to believe it,” David said after Monday’s race, where he managed to beat even Olympic champion in the event, Britain’s Tom Dean.

“I thought of all of you. Thank you!” Are the closing words of the world champion in Budapest.

Dan Negro spoke about David Popovici’s performance.

In a Facebook post, Dan Negru spoke about David Popovici’s performance:

No Romanian television broadcast live the performance of David Popovici, the Romanian who broke the world record in swimming.

Romanian televisions never helped Romanian sports, they only speculated on the performance of some athletes in order to increase the profits of their audience. Football, the sport that generates money, is the only thing that matters to Romanian TV.

Simona Halep became interesting to TV only after she confirmed it!

No one has supported it until then!

EBU says 23 countries are currently broadcasting the World Swimming Championships on national television.

From Austria to Cyprus, from RAI to BBC.

Romania is not among them!

TVR has bought the rights to the World Cup, as Romania will not arrive soon!

Although David Popovici was among the nominees, swimming as a sport doesn’t make a profit on TV!

Now that he’s the World Champion, you’ll see David Popovici on all the TV sets that have ignored him until today!

These are us…”, Dan Negro wrote on Facebook. (see more here)

David Popovici, 17, has a life story built on race, engagement, and sacrifice.

The worldwide swimming sensation entered the spotlight after his blast at the European Junior Championships in Rome, where he racked up amazing times in the 100m freestyle.

After his impressive performance, he managed to qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which took place last year, where he continued to surprise.

Then the Romanian athlete finished first below the podium in the 200-meter freestyle, although he was only 16 years and 10 months old and was fighting on equal terms with the athletes with solid experience behind them.

There are many curiosities born from his performance, in the context of unfunded Roman sport that has been left to clinical death by governments and chiefs of sporting bodies that have been in power in recent decades.

Moreover, it is somewhat surprising that the new world champion in the 200-meter freestyle race started the sport, more or less, by chance.

Diagnosed at the age of four, the recommendation to go to the pool and love at first sight between David and the sport he had dominated since his teens made Romania the number one swimming world champion, whether deserved or not.

In “Lea Manolio”, Popovici started with Bogdan Straw and Bogdan Manya, then made it into the history books with coach Adrian Rodolescu.

“She was the model fit for the sport, tall for her age, with long limbs, lots of energy and a small belly. But that quickly vanished. From the start I loved challenges, competition. In Tokyo, Rădulescu recalls that the trainings, the competitions, the relays, everything is perfectly connected.”

But David Popovici has other memories of his childhood:

“My mom still laughs with my friends because I ate from the ground, brought crickets around the house, threw out and ate trash, climbed all day among the trees, played with sticks and stones. It was interesting,” he said in an interview with Stewa TV.

Popovici met important national podiums before he even reached high school, at just ten years old.

“Then he broke the first national record, although he did not have the best technique, but the foundation was the mentality. He had a goal in mind and got there. We started from here,” Rădulescu explains.

Four years later, at the National Cadet Championships: “He took a medal in all 15 events, from 50m to 1500m, all versions of the competition. 12 gold, silver, and two bronze. In order to dominate the competition in this way, you have to be really good.”

This is how he began to dominate junior swimming, where he was in turn a mixed 400m national champion, on the podiums in the 200m freestyle, 200m mixed and 100m freestyle.

Then, at the festival of the European Youth Olympic Games, organized in Baku, David Popovici set the best time in history for a 14-year-old athlete, in the 100-meter freestyle: 49.82 seconds.

“In 2019, we gave up on the European Championships, the world championships, to focus specifically on FOTE. And we decided to naturally focus on the 50m, 100m and 200m freestyle because it had already reached the B scale for the Olympics. It was natural for me to go to the A In these tests, ”the athlete declared in the past. (see more here)

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