FRF becomes FRFF »Burleanu voters sabotage men’s soccer for women’s soccer

Article by Andrei Crăiţoiu – Posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, 08:34 / Updated Tuesday, June 21, 2022 10:43

Borliano voters sabotage men’s soccer to develop women’s soccer.

  • GSP has information that in Vâlcea the county council was required to create a men’s soccer team, but in their discussions with AJF president, Adrian Comănescu, a Burleanu supporter, they were asked to abandon the idea and create a girls’ team team
  • Comanescu has been contacted by GSP: he admits he has brought to their attention that a team of boys would entail very high costs, and that he would like an older team, but says that Burleanu has not applied pressure in this regard.

The Romanian men’s national football team is nearing an all-time low in terms of performance and ranking in the FIFA hierarchy, but the Romanian Football Association does not deviate from the aggressive philosophy it has pursued in recent years that involves developing women’s football at almost any cost, even with the risk The suffering of the boys.

GSP reveals the situation that occurred in the spring and summer, in one of the county cities, which better shows that the current FRF administration is primarily interested in women’s football, not men’s football.


Angelescu says Becali’s rebellion against FRF is fake news: ‘He can do something in the General Assembly’

Valcea wanted a great team

The Vâlcea Provincial Council some time ago started a project, which will be submitted for approval, through which it wants to invest in the sport.

And in this direction, he aimed to create basketball and volleyball teams in both girls’ and boys’ disciplines, as well as the men’s soccer team. In order for the project to be viable, discussions have begun on future cooperation with the Vâlcea Provincial Football Association, which is chaired by Adrian Comănescu.

He was a League 1 referee, recently retired and is also a Stage 1 referee.

How to block men’s team successfully

GSP has information that during those discussions, the AFC president had told them that it would be more appropriate to abandon the idea, but to create a women’s soccer team.

Among the arguments he gave was the fact that the FRF strongly supports the development of girls’ football and will allocate funds through various programs, so that it is easier to maintain such a team.

The county council members were persuaded after this meeting to drop the idea of ​​a men’s team and when the project came to the table, to be submitted for a vote, it would include a plan to include a group of girls.

Adrian Comenescu: “I will be the first AFC President to win the Women’s Football Championship”

The newspaper summoned the president of AJF Vâlcea to speak on the matter.

FRF becomes FRFF »Burleanu voters sabotage men's soccer for women's soccer

Adrian Komanescu

– Mr. Komanescu, good morning. We are bothering you…
“You do not bother me at all.” Excuse me!

– We have information that in discussion with the local authorities in Vâlcea, I suggested to them that it is better to form a women’s football team, and not a men’s team, since this is the direction imposed by Răzvan Burleanu.
“Who is talking about this nonsense?” These are nonsense, dirty, dumped words. Let her come and tell me that.

– Have you had a discussion with the provincial council about forming a football team?
– Someone came to me and asked. We want a football team that starts from the bottom. Football is weak in Vâlcea. But now we are just talking. Now it is just political propaganda.

– So you had a discussion.
– We had a discussion, yes.

– And you were told that you wanted to form a senior men’s team?
– Yes, I asked. In the Municipal Sports Club we have groups of children and juniors only. And they want a great team. But I am waiting for the written proposal. Not with words.

“And what did you tell them?”
– I want to clarify something! I told them not to throw themselves headlong into politics, but to carefully analyze all the options.

– What are the options?
– Well, what is the basis for the choice that exists and especially the material basis.

Did Rozvan Borliano ask you to promote women’s football?
I had discussions, and I am the first to want to develop women’s football. And I’m really doing it right here, at AJF Vâlcea! I will be the first AFC President to win the Women’s Football Championship. That’s right, for kids and toddlers. I share, I want to do something. Did you see what happened in the Champions League final for girls? What a huge impact?!

– What exactly did Burleanu ask you?
– Let’s try to promote women’s football more. And I want a top-level women’s soccer team in Vâlcea. I will enjoy!

– So no bathing suit…
– Just as I would be happy if we had a senior team.

– In conclusion, I did not understand exactly, did you send it or not to the members of the provincial council?
– What or what?

– It’s better to make a girls’ team, that’s what Borliano asked?
– Răzvan Burleanu did not ask me anything in this direction. My only conversation with the president of the federation was about the development of women’s football. And I’m going to try to do a 6-7 women’s soccer team championship this fall. The rest of the talk is nonsense and I don’t care.

Developed women’s football and fell men’s football!

In January 2022, GSP published an article presenting the startling contrast between the way girls’ football, under Burleanu’s leadership, has grown, while boys’ teams have declined and collapsed as a result.

At the beginning of the year, the newspaper conducted a review regarding the comparison between women’s football and men’s football since Rozvan Borliano became president of the FRF. The article began with the fact that although it was a case of force majeure for the FRF, which had not found a selector for the first team for more than two months, the website of the Federation was filled with news about women’s football.

Comparison conclusions

1 – Currently, the number of women’s football clubs with voting rights in the General Assembly that in 2018 and 2022 voted for Burleanu at 100% is two and a half times higher than in March 2014.

Section 2014 2022 The difference between 2022 and 2014
Women’s football 17 41 140%
1 + 2 men’s league 43 36 -16%

2. The astonishing development of women’s football was roughly in direct proportion to the decline of men’s football. The national team is just preparing to achieve two unprecedented negative goals.

First: to go down to the League of Nations in which we have national opponents such as Gibraltar, the Faroe Islands and Malta.

Second: We are just two places away from the lowest ever ranking in the FIFA rankings, we are 54th.

If the number of men’s football teams in the first two leagues is currently 15% less than in 2014, according to the FRF website, then in 2021-2022 women’s football had no less than 185 teams in 7 competitions: 3 leagues (league ) 1, 2, 3) and 4 junior level (U17, U15, U13 and U11).

Competition 2014 2022 the difference
League 1 Boys 18 16 -11%
League 2 boys 25 20 -20%
Women’s football 43 184 330%

3. The FRF has given far more space on its website to provide information about women’s football than it has for the first national team. During 2021, 118 stories were published about the Romanian men’s national football team. In contrast, there were at least 204 news stories about women’s football.

100%The percentage of those who voted for Rzvan Burleanu as FRF President in the last election, which took place this spring

66000of women soccer players registered in Romania in 2020, according to the FRF, 200 times more than in 2013, when there were only 330

5,036Of the legitimate players were in Romania according to MTS in 2020

Women’s football has become the number 1 team sport of girls and women in Romania, and is accepted and promoted as a football celebration in which every fan, player, coach and referee is integrated and enjoyed together
– A clip from the FRF program “Women’s Football Development Strategy 2021-2026”.

Borliano on women’s football: “The dream we believed in becomes a success”

  • “Women’s football was one of the strategic goals that we promoted when we started the transformation of Romanian football, in 2014. Its development was clearly among the five objectives of the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, approved by the General Assembly of the French Football Federation”
  • “Together we have built this dream that we may only believe in, appreciating results at European level, in the past five years. Through action, investment, ideas, reforms, resistance to prejudice, courage and inspiration. Because together with the members of the FRF we are a team”
  • “We knew it simply at the time. But now, the vision and values ​​we share reinforce us to move the mission forward. For the passion of every girl who wants to play football in Romania, and for everyone’s dream, today we open a new path. Together with you, from During consultations and meetings and through discussions and working sessions, the first strategy for the development of Romanian women’s football”

Burliano, after 0-3 with Montenegro

  • “We are going through one of the toughest moments in the last 10 years as a senior actor. We cannot accept mediocrity on the ground, it will never happen.”

VIDEO Florin Motroc’s message on GSP Live: “Performance is done with suffering!”

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