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Video | Daqian Castle Festival 2022: battles, parades of military equipment, handicraft workshops. timetable

From June 24 to 26, 2022, the municipality of Săsciori will host the 14th edition of the Dacian Citadels Festival, the oldest festival of ancient historical reconstruction in Romania.

For two days, more than 100 Dacian and Roman warriors will relive the atmosphere of 2,000 years ago, inviting the audience on a journey through time.

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In addition to the battles between the Dacians and the Romans, the festival also includes ancient workshops, a traditional Dacian Decathlon competition, and open-air concerts.

The Dacian Citadels – Romania’s oldest ancient reconstruction festival – is again this year an inspiring call for those who love history turned show offering a diverse program that includes both cultural events and reenactments, battles between the Dacians and Romans, ancient workshops, and concerts In the open air, as well as competitions between the strongmen and “Dacian chicks” from the Dacian forts in Alba. This year, between 24 and 26 June 2022, the festival is hosted by Săsciori, Alba Province.

On Friday, at the National Museum of the Federation in Alba Iulia, the exhibition, Dacian Castle of Căpâlna during the Daco-Roman Wars, will open.

The events begin on Saturday with the “Dacian chicken” generation competitions – a public cultural competition about the Roman history of Daku in which students from schools in the localities: Cougir, Crikao, Statia di Palto, Egeo and Suscioori participate.

Then, at the base from which the Dacian Castle is reached from Căpâlna, the first landmark will be identified within the GRADUS LEGIONIS project, a tourist route intended to link the Roman encampment of Aușel Saddle and the Dacian castle of Căpâlna. Also on this occasion, castle defenses made up of Daqian warriors would be created.
After this moment, this time, in the stadium area of ​​Săsciori, the official opening ceremony will take place, followed by a parade and presentation of the current renovation forces. Camps and several antique handicraft workshops, which will be open for the occasion, will be open until 7pm.

Activities will be carried out in the old camp, but also in historical renovation shows: Garda Apulum – Alba Iulia, Terra Dacica Aeterna – Cluj-Napoca, Asociatia Historia Renascita – Pitești, Omnis Barbaria – Baia Mare, Dacii Petrodavei – Piatra Neamț, PF VII Legion Claudia – Dobrosloveni, Venatrix – Cluj Napoca and Nymphs Dace – Zalău. During the day there will be demonstrations of Daco-Roman military technique, ancient dances and gladiator fights. During the evening, the first major battle between the Dacians and Romans was scheduled. The old party will last until midnight with the Zamolxe rug, an absolutely amazing cremation ritual.

Also, on Saturday evening, from 9 p.m., Clancea’s Wolves will perform.

Sunday – The Dacian Citadels Festival includes new activities in the old camp, but also an attempt to recreate the Roman Battle of Dacian, which will take place in the Dacian Castle district of Căpâlna.

Starting at 3 pm, the Dacian Decathlon will take place on the stadium in Săsciori – a competition between the powerful teams of the Dacian castles of Alba: Cugir, Cricău, Cetatea de Baltă, Ighiu and Săsciori. The competition tests are very unique, respectively: “Brave arc” – shooting, “Fast and Powerful” – moving 25 kg of sand, “Solitaire Sittwe” – far javelin, “Fast between the foot ”- relay, jogging with the log,“ arm Iron ”- Scandenberg,” “Let’s gather troops” – pull the rope, “Dachian fighter” – fight on logs, “Fortress warrior” – rock throw, “Skill and bravery” – climb on the mast, “Cărăușii Cetății ”- water transport in buckets.

The event will end with a folk show supported by the Alba County Folk Band.

The Dacian Citadels Festival is a registered trademark of Alba County Council, which began in 2006, and is the oldest ancient reconstruction festival in Romania. This event is held annually around the day of Sânziene (24 June) and aims to promote the traditions and tourism potential of the province of Alba.

The event is organized by the Alba County Council, the National Museum of the Alba Iulia Confederation, the Agustin Peña Cultural Center and the Sciuri Municipal Council.

Dacian Castle Festival Program, Săsciori, 14th Edition, June 24-26, 2022

Friday 24 June

17.30 – Exhibition Opening – Dacian Castle of Kupalna during the Roman Daku Wars
National Federation Museum Alba Yulia

Saturday 25 June

09:00 – Children’s history competition “Pui de dac”
Participants: Schools from Cugir, Cricău, Cetatea de Baltă, Ighiu and Săsciori

Săsciori Cultural Center

10:00 – GRADUS LEGIONIS The main monuments of the thirteenth legion of Gemini, the thirty-third military rite, the creation of the Dacian and Roman guards in Kupalna; Guided Tours to Daqian Castle from Kapalna;

Participants: Jimena XIII Legion, Fifth Macedonian Legion, Third Legion Flavia Felix and VII Legion Claudia BF

Dacian Castle Căpâlna . Arrival Base

11:00 Value and action. The parade, the official opening ceremony, the opening of the old camp and the presentation of the ancient historical reconstruction forces and craft workshops.
• Bone processing
• carpentry
• cash
• Equipment maintenance
• Roman Games
• Daqian plants
• sickle
• Banner
• Shooting
• mosaic
• antique kitchen
• pottery
• Made of Chain Shirts
• Scriptoria
• blacksmith shop
• metal orthosis
• Soldier Training
• Wrestler Training
Participants: Garda Apulum – Alba Iulia, Terra Dacica Aeterna – Cluj-Napoca, Omnis Barbaria – Baia Mare, Historia Renascita – Pitești, Dacii Petrodavi – Piatra Neamţ, Legion VII Claudia PF – Dobrosloveni and Nimfele Dace – Zalău.

Săsciori . Stadium
11:45 – Daqian Castle of Kupalna – Views and models for the development of the cultural tourism product “Dachian Castle of Kupalna” – Overview

Săsciori . Stadium

19:00 – Ancient dances – Dacian nymphs – Zallo and Venatrix – Cluj-Napoca

Săsciori . Stadium

19:15 Gladiator battles – Ludus Apulensis (Alba Iulia) and Ludus Ursus (Cluj-Napoca)

Săsciori . Stadium

19:45 Romanian Daku military technology demonstrations

Săsciori . Stadium

20:15 Siege of the Dacian fortress of Kupalna – The great battle between the Dacians and the Romans

Săsciori . Stadium

21:00. – Draco Festival
Calancia wolves
• Musical atmosphere with DJ.

Săsciori . Stadium

22:30 – The fire of Zamolxe and ritual cremation of the body of a Dacian chief, wishing to Nemesis
Săsciori . Stadium

Sunday 26 June

10:00 – The old camp and the craft workshops
Săsciori . Stadium

11.00 – The Last Siege of Daqian Fortress from Kupalna
Căpâlna . Dacian Castle

Săsciori . Stadium
Brave bow (shooting)
Fast and powerful (moving 25 kg of sand)
Spearhead in the castle (spear throwing from a distance)
Fastest leg (relay, trunk run)
Iron Arm (Scandenberg)
Let’s join forces (pull us by the rope)
Daqian fighter (fight on tree trunks)
Warrior of the Castle (cast rock)
Skill and bravery (climbing the mast)
Cărăușii Cetății (Water Transport)

17:00 – Draco Festival – a folk show with the support of the Alba County Folk Ensemble
Săsciori . Stadium

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