Work has resumed on the Park and Ride car park at Emanuil Gojdu Square. The discovered antiquities will be highlighted and presented to the public

Works at the Park & ​​Ride underground car park in Piazza Emmanuel Gogdo, in the area of ​​the Orthodox Episcopal Cathedral, have been halted due to archaeological research, and will resume at the beginning of July at the latest. Through a modified project, the unearthed remains will be highlighted so that the public can visit them.

Archaeologists from the Crisurilor Country Museum have completed all preventive archaeological research work on the future car park at Emanuil Gojdu Square, and the final report has been approved by the National Antiquities Committee of the Ministry of Culture.

And after the start of works and excavations, certain antiquities were discovered in the area. After holding an archaeological search with the Criș Country Museum, in accordance with applicable regulations, half of the parking area was initially examined from an archaeological point of view. After completing the archaeological report that was sent to Bucharest, we were told that it is an important find to excavate 75% of the parking area. Later, together with the members of the National Antiquities Commission, we came to the result of excavating 100% of the parking area. The entire surface has been researched from an archaeological point of view. Thus, two foundations of ancient churches were discovered: a Romanesque church from the 12th century, and around it, a Gothic church from about the 14th century. Several ruins of medieval buildings, from the 14th century, the Ravelin wall of the castle and the escarpment of the Ravelin wall were also found. After the archaeological report was prepared and the Antiquities Authority approved it, we came up with a proposal to highlight these discoveries in order to obtain the approval of the National Committee and the Directorate of Culture for the continuation of the parking works,” said the mayor, Florin Berta.

Based on the final report of the archaeologists, the architect Pavka Ernst, director of the working project, submitted a proposal for a modification project to highlight the discovered remains, consisting of:

– the Romanesque and Gothic church foundations, the top of the ravelin and the counter-ravelin escarpment will be presented in the form discovered on the site, by the installation of a glass balustrade, without covering or covering it;

– Establish some medieval structures in the vicinity of churches and the outlines of the ravelin cliff and anti-ravelin cliff will be marked on the parking floor.

positive opinion

The project has received positive approval from Bihor County Ministry of Culture, and changes at the technical project level will be detailed for implementation in the coming period. Changes resulting from highlighting the discovered remains reduced parking spaces from an initial 277 to 251 parking spaces and eliminated an elevator.

“At the beginning of July at the latest, the parking works will resume forcibly. We are working on the modification part of the project to highlight new discoveries and changes that should be put up for auction. An additional auction will be held for the design and implementation. The important thing is that at the same time the constructor can work On the basis and all that does not affect these developments.The estimated value of the position is about 25 million lei excluding VAT, we estimate that the draft amendment plus additional work will lead to an increase of about 20%. I am glad that all these effects have been discovered and will be highlighted. We estimate that at the end of next year the parking lot will be used,” Mayor Florin Berta specified.

By constructing a car park, City Hall of Oradea aims to improve parking conditions in the area of ​​public institutions in the city and those commuting to Oradea.

Work began in December 2020, but immediately after the first deep excavations, the first bones and traces of the foundations of medieval structures were identified.

The car park will have an electronic display and access to it will be operational only for small, medium and large cars, up to 5 meters long, exclusively for those with petrol or diesel engines and electric or hybrid electric, with a strict ban on LPG. There are 3 electric charging stations serving 6 cars, toll booths and counter booths.

Near the unearthed remains, multilingual information panels with a presentation of the results of the archaeological research will be installed, located at the urban slab level and within the car park in the areas where medieval buildings, the church and the ravelin are marked. At the same time, multilingual information panels displaying historical maps, images of objects found after archaeological research, cataloged, located at the urban slab level and within the parking lot will be located in areas marked by medieval buildings, the church and the valley system.

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