COSR after Popovici’s successful performance: “We dream beautifully. You are an inspiration, admiration and motivation for any athlete! “

“A huge athlete, an invaluable hero”, part of the description given by the Romanian Swimming Federation and modern pentathlon to two-time gold medalist in the swimming championships, David Popovici, having finished first in the 100m freestyle. Many messages of joy appeared on social media after the performance of Al-Romani.

“Gone, David Popovici!

Intex, the world swimming prodigy at the World Championships in Budapest. At the age of 17, David became the world champion for the second time, and now in the 100-meter freestyle.

David started with the ease he showed in every race in Budapest, a race that comes from constant training and talent. He had a good first length of swim, turned into second and the finish was amazing again. David hit the board first and stopped the clock at 47:58.

David Popovici wrote the history of Romanian sports, he is the first male swimmer in our country to become a two-time world champion.

David is the second swimmer ever to win gold in the 100m and 200m freestyle in the same edition after American Jim Montgomery, who did so in 1973, at the first edition of the World Championships in Belgrade.

Congratulations to coach Adrian Rădulescu, the man who discovered David and made him great!

Have a great dream, David! This joy filled the spirit of the Romans who “baptized” you. You are an inspiration, admiration and motivation for any athlete who wants to be the best in the world! “note COSR on Facebook.


David Popovici double world champion! Today, he won the gold medal in the 100m freestyle, at the Budapest 2022

A terrible 17-year-old has the world at his feet! This is clearly DAVID POPOVICI, and his name will remain on everyone’s lips for many years to come. Today, in the world swimming history books, the name DAVID POPOVICI will be written in huge letters, in gold!

Because David Popovici is a massive athlete, an invaluable hero, a very smart and humble man, a worker, a world champion, today, two world championship gold medalists.

Because yes. Even if many did not believe, at the age of 17, in his first participation in the World Senior Swimming Championships in 50-meter pool, DAVID POPOVICI won two gold medals.

After his success on Monday, in the 200-meter freestyle, today June 22, 2022, David Popovici also won the gold medal in the 100-meter freestyle. Qualifying from the series and from the semi-finals with the best time, the Romanian athlete covered my two billiards with a time of 47.58 seconds, and the Romanian anthem will be heard for the second time at Dune Arena in this edition of the World Championships.

What could be more beautiful for this amazing athlete who is David Popovici?

His performance is even higher, as to date only one man has managed to win gold in the 100m and 200m freestyle in the same edition of the world champion. This is the American Jim Montgomery, in its first version, in 1973, in Belgrade.

Do not forget that in a few days David Popovici, together with other talented athletes from our country, will perform at home, in Romania, at the European Junior Swimming Championships, hosted by the Otopeni Swimming Sports Complex, July 5-10. , 2022!

Congratulations, David!

Congratulations, Adrian!

Congratulations to the entire team, but also to the family who have always been with David!

The whole of Romania is proud of you! “as FRNPM wrote.

The Ministry of Interior also posted a message on Facebook:


It is absolutely wonderful!

Congratulations, David!

Congratulations, heroes!

I have a free 100m test!

Thank you for all the joy you have given us! “

CS Dinamo reproduced part of Popovici’s statement he made after the race:

What else can be said!? DAVID POPOVICI – TWICE WORLD CHAMPION AT ONLY 17 YEARS OLD! Went and free 100m! David’s first reaction: ‘Love you all!’ Thanks for watching! “

Dynamo athlete David Popovici won his second world title tonight in Budapest! Student Adrian Rădulescu won in an exciting way the final of the 100m freestyle, probably the most exciting swimming event! David covered two lengths of pond in 47.58 seconds

This is David Popovici’s second gold medal after the 200-meter freestyle. David’s performance is unique in the history of Romanian swimming! “.

Athlete David Popovici, 17, won the gold medal in the 100-meter freestyle at the World Swimming Championships in Budapest on Wednesday. Popovici won the gold medal in the 200-meter freestyle.

Popovici, who reached a junior world record time of 47.13 in the semi-finals, finished the final with a time of 47.58 points.

The Romanian athlete competed in Track 4.

Popovici also won the gold in the 200m freestyle in Budapest with a time of 1:43.21, also a world record for juniors.

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