“So much pain, so much anger. Unforgivable massacre!” Gabriella and her daughter Renata, who were killed in Italy, are buried in white coffins


Balloons and two white coffins, covered with flowers, long and painful applause, rebellion and outrage at the funeral of Gabriella Trandavier and her daughter Renata, who was brutally shot by her husband and stepfather Salvatore Montefusco in their home in Castelfranco Emilia in the Province of Modena, Italy. Yesterday morning, the two Romanians were taken on their last voyage.

“So much pain, so much anger. Unforgivable massacre!” Gabriella and her daughter Renata, who were killed in Italy, are buried in white coffins – modenatoday.it / gazzettadimodena.gelocal.it / ilgazzettino.it

Gabriella’s parents from Romania and Renata’s brothers, friends and former colleagues were present, as were several local officials. According to the publication Il Resto del Carlino, at the funeral of the two Roman women who were mercilessly murdered, last week, all the mayors of the province, led by Giovanni Gargano, Mayor of Castelfranco, attended.

“It is my duty to be here with family members to embrace this pain. A pain that is hard to bear.”Gargano told the Italian publication.

An orthodox priest held the funeral ceremonies, which lasted about two hours. Next to the white coffins and red shoes was the image of Gabriella and Renata, a symbol of the murder of women, united in life and death.

Renata’s younger brother dies of pain next to the white coffins

Renata’s brother, the sole survivor of the massacre, was next to the coffin.

Finally, Gabriella’s friend, weeping, said a few words in memory of the 47-year-old Romanian girl and her daughter: “I used to be blind, but now I see. We all see. We are no longer blind to this horror. Gabriella, I remember you with joy. You fought so hard and paid with your life not to abandon your children. Gabriella is my sister and sister Renata my daughter and your daughter This tragedy left us in excruciating pain.” Renata you were a perfect, sweet and elegant child. Thank you all for being there. You want to give a voice to these souls that no longer exist and the women who are trying to save their lives and the lives of their children.”

After a long applause, the funeral procession left for the cemetery in Congliano Veneto, where Gabriella’s sister lives. There, her mother and daughter will sleep forever.

The funeral was also attended by Stefania Ascari, attorney and criminal attorney. Shortly thereafter, the politician posted an emotional message on Facebook:

“This morning I attended the funeral of Gabriella and Renata Trandavier, the mother and daughter, aged 47 and 22, who were shot dead by Gabriella’s husband, Salvatore Montefusco, last week at their home in Castelfranco. I feel so much pain and anger for these dead who could come from days Terrible, 7 murders of women in just over a week, most recently in Rome, an unforgivable massacre.

Institutions must act because the system for protecting victims of violence is clearly flawed. Justice cannot be wrong. We need specialized and trained people, an effective safety net and a cultural change that frees us from the hatred of acquisition. If these are the results, then what has been done is not enough. Violence against women must be addressed not as an emergency, but as a structural problem deeply rooted in our society. This must be done immediately.”

Gabriella and her daughter Renata were shot dead in Italy

We remind you that Gabriella and her daughter Renata Alexandra were killed by Salvatore Montefusco. The 69-year-old Italian, Gabriella’s husband and Renata’s stepfather have been arrested for double murder and are being held at Santana Prison in Modena.

Earlier this week, Gabriella Trandavier, 47, and Renata, 22, were both hunted and shot at their home in Castelfranco Emilia, Modena province.

The Romanian woman reported to the police four times about the physical and psychological abuse of the Italian, but no one ever listened to her. The Public Prosecutor of Modena demanded that a criminal case be brought against the man, on the basis of the reported harassment “never defeated”.

Gabriella’s lawyer, however, asked to proceed with the legal separation of the spouses, but also requested the intervention of social services for the 17-year-old son that the Roman had with Montefusco.

On Monday, the day of the divorce, the Italian took the gun and killed Gabriella and Renata, her daughter from a previous relationship. The man full of blood went to the place he frequented and asked for water and coffee. The waiter thought Montefusco had been in a car accident, but later overheard him calling the police and confessing to the murder.

The Italian killed his stepdaughter first, then his wife

The first person killed was Renata, who was pursued and shot in cold blood as she desperately tried to escape. Then Salvatore Montefusco chased after his wife, who ran upstairs, where the couple’s 17-year-old son was also.

The boy tried to defend his mother, at which point the man allegedly fired in the air and threatened to kill his son. Then the Italian shot Gabriella and killed her with dozens of gunshots.

Salvatore Montefusco is being held in Santana Prison in Modena.

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