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Modernization and rehabilitation of the football field at the Victoria Cetate stadium in Alba Iulia: Unirea Municipal Sports Club launched a public purchase

The Unirea Alba Iulia Municipal Sports Club has started the procedure for granting design services – preparation of field studies and technical and economic documentation phase of the feasibility study for the objective: “Upgrading and rehabilitation of the football field in the Victoria Cetate Alba Iulia”.

The location of the goal is inside the Victoria Cetate Stadium. The surface of the football field which is the subject of the investment is the surface bounded by the field cough (with dimensions of 105 m x 68 m), i.e. an area of ​​7,140 m 2 with an additional 0.5 m on the side and bottom cough, resulting in a total area of ​​7,314 m 2 (106 m). x 69 m).

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Victoria Cetate Stadium is located on the premises. Alba Lulia, Septimius Severus Street, No. 38A, Alba County.

The purpose of public procurement is to obtain design services for the SF stage – modernization of the football field in the stadium – Victoria Cetate, Alba Iulia. The globalization of the football field consists of:

– Grass completion using turf rollers for the football field;
-Irrigation of the stadium through automatic sprinklers;
Automatic heating system in the garden.

Realizing turf with turf rollers for soccer field

– For weeding, the following technological stages will be taken into account:

Preparing the supporting plant soil for agriculture: removing dung, stumps and rocks. – Total surface herbicides prepared against monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous weeds. Earth discovery approx. 15 cm and transfer the resulting material from the process.

– Filling with a mixture of zeolite sand and organic and mineral fertilizers (about 15 cm), compacting + rolling + leveling the surfaces, so as to create a surface in four waters, with slopes of 0.5% towards the edge of the earth, to ensure rapid drainage of the surface water.

– The assembly of the lawn rollers will be carried out using tractors with special attachments for laying the “Big Red” type of lawn rollers.

– The intended turf will have high traffic resistance, good permanence and low resource consumption during the maintenance period. A mixture of grass species used for the microclimate of modern stadiums is recommended: Lolium perenne and Poa pratensis.

– For optimal balance, these species will occupy different proportions in the mixture used.

Maintenance operations will be developed and maintenance plan indicated according to specific local and climatic conditions.

Irrigating the stadium with automatic sprinklers

The installation will consist of water pipes, solenoid valves, electrical components and sprinklers, and combined these products are designed to provide the daily water supply needed for the proper survival and development of the lawn, in local climatic conditions.

When choosing a solution and implementing a project, the following will be taken into account:

– Ensuring the water flow and the pressure necessary for the proper operation of the sprinklers located at any point of the land, according to the sprinkler project.

automatic lawn heater

The design of the turf heating system will include heating cables on the playing surface and power cables between heating cables, distribution panels, electrical distribution panels and the general control panel.

The power supply (transformer station) and power cables from it to the general control panel of the heating system will not be included in this design work. This work will be carried out in accordance with applicable regulations on construction quality and will comply with the rules imposed by FIFA and UEFA regarding approval requirements for football stadiums.

The surface of the football field to be heated is the surface bounded by the field cough (with dimensions of 105m x 68m), i.e. an area of ​​7140m2 with an additional 0.5m of lateral and bottom coughing, resulting in a total area of ​​7,314m2 (106m x 69m) .

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