– Microsoft Romania is looking for over 350 IT professionals for its development center opening in 2020

Currently, there are more than 1,800 people working for Microsoft in Romania, of which more than 200 are in the Microsoft Development Center. In the context of the accelerated development of technological solutions, with an impact on digital transformation, Microsoft aims to increase its team by more than 500 people by the end of this year. Of this total, more than 350 new positions are for professionals and young people trained in software development in order to expand Microsoft Development Center teams locally, but especially at the regional level.

“In the past two decades, Microsoft has built a strong presence in Romania, where it has undergone incredible continuous transformation. The expansion of the Microsoft Romania Development Center’s activity reflects the dynamism, energy and continuous transformation of our team. We want to remain a trusted partner for the Romanian economy and society, together facing the challenges of the future and together discovering new opportunities. To grow and partner in the local ecosystem.We have gone through an accelerated development and are pleased to be able to contribute to the company’s stated mission, so that every person or organization can reach their true potential.We want to utilize and develop the talent and experience of our country’s software professionals, to provide them with the opportunity to innovate products and truly innovative services with a global impact.” Adina Vidroiu, Director of Human Resources, Microsoft Romania, Greece, Cyprus and Malta.

The new roles in the Microsoft Romania Development Center, established in 2020, following the acquisition of software engineering and design services company Movial, provide freedom and flexibility to develop and create technology solutions for markets and organizations around the world, not just the local market. With the main focus on stimulating innovation, new members of teams within the development center You’ll contribute to development efforts for Azure, Office 365, Teams, and SurfaceTo accelerate the development and adoption of new technologies (cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning) and create personalized customer experiences.

So Microsoft is looking Programming EngineersRegardless of the level of seniority, to design and implement scenarios for various sectors of the company and clients. These sectors include exposure to both backend technologies (C#, Java, C++/C) and the front end (JavaScript, TypeScript, React). The company also aims to Product managers with experience in the software lifecycleFrom mid to high level of seniority, to identify and manage specific product characteristics, to ensure requirements are aligned among all project participants and to work closely with Programming Engineers from the development process.

With the help of new technologies, Microsoft develops and implements solutions that support organizations around the world to seize opportunities and meet new challenges posed by technological progress. The team of software engineers and specialists is at the heart of our business. New members of the Microsoft Development Center team will have the opportunity to work for a company whose organizational culture is based on encouraging people to become better at what they do. We want our employees to feel that they have access to development opportunities, that they can learn constantly, and that they can share the things they learn. we We are glad that in 2022 we have been recognized as the most attractive employer in Romania, but also in the IT industry. This is confirmation that our vision and culture of putting people first has a real positive impact.“He said Adina Fedroyo.

In 2022, Microsoft more than others Appreciated employer in Romania in two of the most important specialized studies – Randstad Romania Employer Brand 2022 And the summit 100 Most Wanted Employers”, unfolded before Catalyst solutions.

Microsoft ranks first in The highest rated employers in Romaniaaccording to the study Randstad Employer Brand 2022, Independent research conducted by The world leader in recruitment services Which analyzes in depth the employer brand in 31 markets that represent 70% of the global economy. Microsoft took first place and in summit Most Desirable Employers Produced by Catalyst Solutions, For the second year in a row, the company has been recognized by respondents as an employer with a strong organizational culture, and a consistent interest in the work environment and employees.

The most important criteria for choosing an employer by the participants in these studies were Salary and benefits package, pleasant work atmosphere, job security, work-life balance, and Attention to skill development.

Education is an engine of progress, and one of Microsoft’s interests is to create a culture of lifelong learning. Together with the partner ecosystem, the company is constantly investing in the training of IT professionals and the development of this vertical sector of the Romanian economy. The development of this industry generates a very high demand for labor and contributes significantly to the GDP of Romania, and it is estimated that by 2025, more than 650,000 jobs will be created in Romania depending on the technical / IT role.

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