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l with money from town hall

The municipality announced the winning projects in the field of environmental protection that received funding from the local budget through the environmental guide. The evaluation committee selected 6 out of 10 submitted projects and declared them eligible. The total value of the six projects was 476,148 lei.

The winning projects are:

1. “Slow Mobility – The ‘privilege’ of hiking in Braشوفov”, from the Transylvanian Carpathian Association of SKV Tourists.
Funding amount: 44,500 lei. Description of the main activities: The project aims, between July 15 and October 30, to assess the possibility of hiking / slow commuting in the entire hill and mountain region of Brasov, in order to prepare its implementation according to European standards. The project will analyze the development of hiking infrastructure and will propose solutions to improve the quality of hiking.
2. “Street Delivery in Braشوفov – Common Spaces”, affiliated with the Cărturești Foundation.
Funding amount: 99,500 lei. Description of the main activities: Starting with the task of reconverting public space by means of pedestrians and expanding green spaces, the overall objective of the Street Delivery Brașov 2022 project is to provide a common space to reconnect with the city spirit and leisure. All ages, minorities and tourists (from other Romanian cities and from outside Romania) to interact freely and collaborate in a series of cultural activities and educational workshops on sustainability and the environment. The event will take place during this year’s Green Cities Forum, which will take place between September 5-11, in the area between Star store and Modarom.
3. “Recycling: A Social, Environmental and Mobility Project” of the New Factory Association.
Funding amount: 97,199 lei Description of the main activity: The main purpose of the project is to change the mindset regarding reusing unused bicycles and awareness of the impact on mobility and independence that is created by bringing them back to life. Anyone dealing with this project understands that there is a locally accessible mechanism that can add value to vintage bikes, and that can be of great benefit to those who need it most. For this purpose, the bikes will be collected, refurbished and then donated.
4. “Recycled Voices” by the Finzin Cultural Association
Funding amount: 46,949 lei. Description of the main activities: Create 7 pieces of music from recycled materials for children aged 4-10, for 30 days between August 12 and September 11. Screening of 3 documentaries and 2 children’s films between August 12 and 14. Organize 3 educational and creative workshops on recycling between August 12-14. The events will take place in the Nikolai Titulescu Park and in the Korici district.
5. “Braشوفov, an example of urban green spaces,” by Propark – Foundation for Protected areas.
Funding amount: 98450 lei. Description of main activities: Design work to increase the quality of 5 green spaces around residential buildings, until August 15, 2022. Discussions on redevelopment of green spaces around residential buildings within 5 associations by owners for a period of 30 days. Increasing the quality of green space by at least 500 square meters around the residential buildings.
6. “Co2Lectam Together Separately!” , by the Institute Foundation.
Funding amount: 100,000 lei. Description of the main activities: education and direct awareness of children and adolescents regarding the importance of separate collection and informing youth and adults about waste management, through campaigns conducted on social networks; Collection and presentation – within field of view – of primary data for at least 70 public institutions in Braشوفov regarding carbon emissions from waste management and utility consumption.

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