Extraordinary events from the series “At UVT, culture is capital!” , in Timisoara

The West University of Timișoara Foundation, in partnership with the Faculty of Music and Theater within UVT, is organizing a series of seven events under the project “At UVT, Culture Capital!” , entitled “WePerform – Evenings of Music and Theater”, 2nd Edition. The project is part of the cultural program “Timiشوارoara 2023 – European Capital of Culture”, People’s Territory, Reflections Station and is funded by the municipality of Timisoara through the Project Centre.

In the second week of events under the “WePerform – Evenings of Music and Theater” project, the residents of Timisoara today, June 21, 2022, are invited to a piano and flute play entitled “FIREWORKS”, which will take place in Freedom Square, from 8pm.

From the piano repertoire will be presented reference works of composers N. Kapustin, F. Chopin, W.A. Mozart, L. van Beethoven and others. In the second part of the concert, the ensemble “Flautissimo”, created on the initiative of the teacher and soloist Mate Ioashimescu, composed of 6 young Romanian, proposes a unique cultural event in Romania that promotes contemporary worship music, with a unique instrumental format: a set of psalms, including all members of a family Modern flutes, from the bass flute to the piccolina. The program that this mini orchestra will present to the audience is designed under the banner of ingenuity, from classical music to the chords of cinematic music.

On June 22 at 8 pm, you are invited to reinterpret the history of music, in an eclectic and atypical event, combining duets, thirds and melodies, with a dance show in which ballet enters into a dialogue with contemporary dance. Their performance leads to an organic and effective passage through a series of key moments in music history such as: “The Sound of Music”, “The Spoonful of Sugar”, Phantom of the Opera, “I Feel Pretty – West Side Story”, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, etc.

The event will take place on a classic stage, with set graphics, located in Freedom Square.

UVT Art Week ends on Friday, 24 June, at 20:00, in Dacia Park, with a show called “The Actors’ Comedy”, an improvisational theater performed by first-year undergraduate students. Inspired by the moment, this performance represents the way the young actors interact with the audience in the pantomime scenes, with music and dance. Far from the artwork, the play is seen as an excuse to open a dialogue about the importance of laughter in the health of society, between students of acting and students of philosophy and psychology.

The dialogue precedes the performance of the actors and its starting point is the book “The Laugh Theory” written by Henri Bergson and will include a series of notable questions: What makes us laugh? Is laughter a means of interaction between strangers? What can you laugh about? Can you laugh in sad times? Coordinator: University Assistant. drd. Kosta Tovarensky and his assistant. University. Dr. Mirella Boya.

All WePerform presentations are preceded by workshops that will start at 6pm. In these workshops, children and adults will have the opportunity to communicate with various musical instruments, they will have a singing or acting workshop, prepared by students and professors of the Faculty of Music and Theater of Timisoara, or they will be able to draw with the team of the Faculty of Art and Design.

During the Artist Talk, which will take place at the end of the concerts, you are invited to interact with the artists, who are happy to answer questions and interact with the audience.

Two exceptional events in the Great Hall and Amphitheater A01

On Wednesday, June 22, starting at 18:30, Andrei Vieru, one of the most important pianists in Romania, will delight us with a special concert on piano, organized at the Aula Magna at the University of West in Timișoara.

On Thursday, June 23, starting at 18:00, the eminent mathematician Sergio Kleinmann will speak with musician Andre Fierro on a very special topic: “The Universal Temptations of the World We Live in”. The discussion will be moderated by Professor and Literary Critic Mircea Mihic and will take place in A01 Coliseum at West University of Timisoara.

Andrei Vieru was born into a family of musicians: his father was the composer Anatol Vieru, and his mother was a musician. After graduating from the Conservatory in Bucharest, he took lessons with Carlo Tsecki in Salzburg and Lev Naumov in Moscow. He is also one of the outstanding students of pianist Dan Gregor. She is present in many international forums, in Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Canada. In Timisoara will perform:

– JS Bach Part No.. 6 in B minor BWV 830
– JS Bach Chromatic fantasy and fugue BWV 903
Franz Schubert, Six Musical Moments

Sergio Kleinman is a Roman-born American mathematician known for his contributions to the study of hyperbolic differential equations and general relativity. He is currently Professor of Mathematics at Princeton University Eugene Higgins, where he has taught since 1987. Between 1980 and 1987 he was a member of the New York University faculty.

The event will also be broadcast live on the West University of Timioara Facebook page.

Conference Series “At UVT, Culture is Capital!” It is part of the cultural program Timișoara 2023 – European Capital of Culture, has the main funder of the municipality of Timișoara through the project center and is funded by the Timi County Council.

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