Four firefighters from Sibiu ran the marathon with 18 kg equipment behind them

This year, four firefighters participated in the Sibiu International Marathon to raise funds to purchase a gas analyzer for a Type C ambulance. Why were the four different from the rest of the participants? Because instead of sports equipment, they chose to run in the outfit they go in for the interventions, including the back respirator, the equipment that weighs about 18 kilograms.

The four firefighters are Adjutant Plutonier George Narița, Chief Operations Officer and Climber Servant, Adjutant Plutonier Gabriel Tănase, Crew Leader and Truck Driver, Adjutant Plutonier Viorel Tobias, Crew Leader and Truck Driver and Plutonier Iulian Mitescu, the Commander serving the mountaineer. The four are senior firefighters of the branch of the Inspectorate of Emergency Situations. “Dumitru Croitoru “Sibiu and sports fans. In addition to participating in the marathon, they have a real record of competitions and prizes they have won.

Jorge Naicha is 37 years old and hails from the municipality of Ciurea, in the province of Alba. He started the fire service in 2007 in the city of Kompini, and in 2018 he came to Sibiu. He remembers that a special situation made him a firefighter. In 2007 he graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports in Oradea, and his friends had heard that firefighters had been hired and told him about this opportunity. Since George loved the idea of ​​becoming a firefighter and wasn’t afraid of the effort, he decided to give it a try and so the adventure as a firefighter began.

Assistant Platoon Commander George Narita, Chief Operating NCO and Climber’s Servant

“All the experiences we’ve had so far in this capacity have been mostly positive.” George is a servant climber on a fire engine. That is, he participates in fires and, if necessary, intervenes when he has to save a person at altitude.

Plotton assistant Gabriel Tounas stands next to him. The man is 41 years old and says that in 2008 he worked at ISU Sibiu from an outside source. And in the case of Gabriel, it was by chance that he became a firefighter. A friend asked him, because he had all the qualities, if he did not like to drive a fire extinguisher, and because he found the idea of ​​stepping in and jumping to help someone so interesting, he did not stop thinking. “It’s an emotion, an experience that we embrace with great pleasure,” Gabriel says. Today he is the captain of the truck crew.

Professional firefighters, athletes at heart

In parallel with the firefighting mission, the two men are passionate about high-level sports. This year they participated in the Sibiu International Marathon, with two other teammates, wearing the equipment they go to for the intervention, including a respirator, an equipment that weighs about 18 kg. This is not their first post. Last year, they also ran in equipment, but didn’t have the equipment behind them.

George Narita

“We’ve always loved running. We loved that kind of effort. We also loved the idea of ​​fundraising and thought of doing something special to get attention, because everyone ran in classic gear. We thought of adding a picture and extra weight for us. That’s how we managed to gather a few colleagues and put This idea is put into practice,” says George. They ran the 21-kilometre marathon, in relay style with the other two teammates, each running five kilometers.

“It was hard, but it was good. It feels like you’re sweating or your muscles hurt,” says Gabriel. For the next year, the four firefighters have thought about a new challenge, but they don’t want to reveal anything from now on. They want to be Surprise for the people of Sibiu.The money raised will be used to buy a gas analyzer for a Type C ambulance.

Athletic performance with tailored results

Looking at the college he attended, George says he has always been passionate about the sport. In college he flirted with all sports, after which the idea of ​​scanderbeg attracted him and he ended up participating in the national championships and getting results. However, the injury will make him give up the sport and switch to another type of movement. “I fell in love with gymnastics, that is, exercises with your weight: traction, push-up, knee flexion, and I trained in this aspect. Getting to the fire department and seeing this kind of movement attracted me very much and began to participate in competitions like those that establish the strongest firefighter. “The first edition I participated in was in 2016, in Ilumitsa, in memory of a fellow service member. Then the next two editions were in Alba and there was a two-year break due to the epidemic. This year the competition will resume and will be held in Brasov, ”says George.

ISO Sibiu

He also participated in other local or international competitions, alone or in a team and the results were correct. But he’s really proud of one result.

“To fully understand what the sport means to me, in name it could be the European title won at the European Fire Brigade Championship recently held in Germany. I won it in the 35-year class. I won two local titles for the strongest firefighter, and I also won a competition International held in Austria, but the result I am most proud of is getting 9th place in Poland in the strongest competition. In the version we got this place, there were more than 350 people from 17 countries of the world. It’s a global competition. For me This remains the biggest performance,” says George.

Gabriel says that it was thanks to George that he discovered this type of competition, until he met him, he played team sports, and football.

Assistant Platoon Commander Gabriel Tonas, Crew Commander and Special Vehicle Driver

“George’s arrival in Sibiu and the fact that I saw him move made me curious too. I realized it was an intense movement and I wanted to try it too. Soon I realized I wasn’t ready for such a sport and I tried to train and go to competitions with George and I must say I got hit hard by this microbe” . He says that out of curiosity he participated in 2019 in The Strongest Firefighter and discovered the competition along the way. He also arrived in Austria, in an international competition where he came in second place in the teams. In terms of sports, he is satisfied with his performance. Gabriel, like George, returned with prizes from the European competition in Germany, in which he recently participated. He got second place individually in the 40-plus age group and second place with the team. “This competition is of extraordinary scale and has a history of 22 years,” Gabriel says.

One loves the mountains, the other is the company of loved ones

The two firefighters say the experiences from the competitions are extraordinary and outside of the competitions there are many other positives.

“The fact that we meet colleagues from other countries is a huge advantage for us. It is one of the reasons why we want to have access to competitions like this. Away from sports competitions, it is an exchange of experiences, an opportunity for us to learn about other mindsets and see how they do things better. People, we became friends, and we understood that age is often just a number. To give you an example, one of the most famous and best firefighters in the world is 53 years old and he is an extraordinary man. This makes us want to be better, and be an example to our younger colleagues and around us,” says George.

Gabriel (left) and George (right)

In everyday life they both participate in some kind of movement. Gabi plays football and George is a personal trainer. Beyond that, George loves to travel and the mountains. In their spare time, people find them on the mountain doing everything that means hiking, climbing or ferrata. Gabriel loves spending time with his loved ones, in a small circle, but says he charges his batteries. The boys also wanted to send a message to the people of Sibiu.

“We want everyone to realize that it is never too late to become a better version of yourself. There is always room to improve your fitness, activities and take care of your health.”

Who are the other two teammates who participated in the marathon

At the time of this material’s documentation, Viorel Tobias and Julian Mitescu were not present with their colleagues, but nonetheless sent some information about them and some thoughts on the marathon experience.

Fiorel is 35 years old and says that in 2005 he was accepted into the Pavel Zuginescu school of firefighters and civil protection in Boldeti, and since 2007 he has been part of the ISU Sibiu team.

Plutonnier Julian Metescu, crew leader and mountaineer servant

“As a kid, I loved doing different sports, but not performance, but just hobbies. As a firefighter, I had the opportunity to develop these skills,” Viorel says. He faithfully joined his teammates in the mission they did in the marathon, regardless of the 18 kilos he carried while running. “We’re already in the second competition and we hope to be on the same team as possible from now on and be able to help out more,” Fiorel says. The firefighter was part of the sports team of the Inspectorate, with which he obtained very good results at the national level. Everyone is advised to move.

Iulian Mitescu is 32 years old and has been with ISU Sibiu since 2016. No wonder he is also a fan of sports since childhood. He says of running the marathon that it was a challenge all four of them accepted and that they wanted you to pick up the baton since next year.

“Participating in the marathon in intervention equipment was a challenge the four accepted last year after we ran the same equipment, but without the respirator in the back. Next year, if we are healthy, we hope to take the baton to a higher level!”, says Iulian.

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