“Standard of living below subsistence level! We are tired of sacrifice every time political power shows its measure of inefficiency”

Ministry of Culture employees announce a general strike in the coming period if they are postponed again to increase their salaries.

Employees, represented by the Federation of Cultures, say that salaries in the decentralized public services are up to 2,500 lei / month, which is much less than the needs of employees who are exposed daily to extraordinary pressures due to the nature of their work, and who have the responsibility to protect cultural culture. Heritage, take responsibility through the country’s national defense strategy.”

  • “The standard of living is below the subsistence level! We are tired of being sacrificed every time the political power shows the measure of its inefficiency,” the unionists also wrote.

Officials at the Ministry of Culture also said that the weakness of the postponement of the wage increase with the sharp rise in inflation rates and the prices of fuel, electricity, gas and basic foodstuffs led to a decline in living standards even below the subsistence limit. to many of them.

  • At the moment we do not accept freezing salaries! We are tired of sacrifice every time the political power shows how incompetent it is! We are tired of so much humiliation! “

The full press release of the Cultural Union

Ministry of Culture employees: We are tired of humiliation! We are on the edge of subsistence

Employees of the Ministry of Culture draw the attention of the government that they will decide on a general strike, if the executive body does not increase salaries, in accordance with the salary law.

The salaries of culture workers have not been increased for more than 3 years. Thus, they ended up earning as much as 2,500 lei per month in the decentralized public services.

If the policy of absolute disregard for human resources in the field of culture continues, there is a possibility of radicalization of protest actions, up to the obstruction of activity and the start of the general strike. We would like to remind the government that the culture staff have been neglected and abandoned over the years.

Culture workers had to benefit from the salaries stipulated in Framework Law No. Law No. 153/2017 started from January 2018. The law was only respected and enforced in 2018, 2019 and 2020, although it is unfair to culture workers. The Romanian governments then decided to extend the granting of salary increases due from 1 January. 2021. Thus, at present, employees in the field of culture are in a position where they have not benefited from any salary increase as of January 2020 – the date when they were given only a slice of 1/4 of the difference between the base salary stipulated in the Framework Act of 2022.

The Union of Cultures will also submit a memorandum to the Minister of Culture. We are confident that Minister Lucien Romacano will take all necessary steps to address inequality in the culture sector.

The Union of Cultures notes that the double postponement of raising the salaries of culture employees has resulted in their standard of living falling below the subsistence level. We are talking about salaries, within the decentralized public services, amounting to 2500 lei/month, which are far below the needs of well-meaning employees, who are exposed daily to extraordinary pressures by the nature of their work, for which it is their responsibility to protect the culture. National Defense Strategy 2020-2024.

Twice postponement of wage increases – along with a sharp rise in inflation and prices for fuel, electricity, gas and basic foodstuffs – has reduced living standards, even below subsistence, for many of them. At this time we no longer accept any salary freeze! We are tired of sacrifice every time the political power shows how incompetent it is! We are tired of so much humiliation!

Cultural Heritage represents the historical and cultural heritage of the Romanian people, the identity card that distinguishes us in the sea of ​​peoples. Abandoning and losing them will lead to the disappearance of cultural heritage. Such an unfortunate event is irreversible.

We draw attention to the fact that the epidemic is in full swing, and under these conditions, the socio-economic situation of employees in the field of culture is more and more serious.

Employees in the culture are affected by the lack of resources and continue to work only when they break down with the leaner and exhausted employees, given that in some organizations there are only one or two employees.

If the Ciuca government decides to further strengthen legislative documents that violate the law on salaries in the budget, it assumes the risk of deepening problems in the field of culture and cultural heritage. The method chosen for promotion is also completely contrary to the rules of real social dialogue.

The discrimination you risk deepening among public servants, and the salary disparities you will create among those in similar positions will only lead to an even greater disaster.

The government must abide by the Budget Bonuses Act as it was created. Ladies and gentlemen, try not to continue these excesses of the staff with the discretionary apportionment of the national budget!

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