“Tolerance is more than love”

In February, the Brukenthal National Museum launched a cultural awareness campaign. “Tolerance is more than love” is the name of the campaign through which the museum representatives want to draw attention to domestic violence, but also to exposure to abuse.

The campaign is currently run through the Brukenthal National Museum’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. The Brukenthal National Museum’s collections include paintings illustrating themes of poverty, old age, abuse, or inadequacy of established aesthetic standards. The publications consist of a thematic poster and informational content adapted to the communication environment. The poster containing the project’s argument and two thematic materials on domestic violence and the vulnerability of the elderly has already been launched.

“Because communicating the means to combat non-inclusion is never enough, in our approach we use panels that illustrate poverty, old age, abuse, inadequate aesthetic standards and an emphasis on the issue of gender equality because in this case of every disadvantaged group, women are affected more than men Museum representatives explain that the paintings painted centuries ago illustrate unresolved social imbalances to this day, and the significance of the displayed scenes is an additional warning about the urgent need for awareness and information.”

“Information remains accessible to all.”

The campaign will continue online in the coming weeks. New topics will be addressed, a competition will be organized and will end with an online gallery where the entire poster series can be downloaded in pdf format by those who have the necessary means and want the print edition.

“We are aware of the few means that each of us has, from an individual point of view, in combating social problems whose scope and complexity are related to the history of mindsets and are found everywhere in the world. Nevertheless, information remains an accessible tool for all. When we do not have the material resources or emotional or temporal, we can publish information such as toll-free phone numbers for help and support or we can assume the simple attitude of acknowledging that we have these problems and do not choose to ignore them.”

special exhibition

The campaign will also include the “Cure for a New Beginning” exhibition. It is organized jointly with the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection in Sibiu and includes panels by Alexandra Urso, resident of the Media Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Center “Svantul Nectari”.

“The exhibition supports equal opportunities. Alexandra comes from a disadvantaged background and suffers from many ailments including hearing impairment and hearing loss. The exhibition will open at Brukenthal Palace, on Wednesday 2 March, at 12:00 noon, featuring those responsible for the project.

In addition to the foregoing, it is also desirable to organize an exhibition in the Great Square, an exhibition that illustrates the theme of the campaign. “We also hope to find the financial resources to organize the exhibition ‘Tolerance More Than Love’ in the Grand Place, aimed at those who do not use online media but also for those who have not yet made up the audience at the Brukenthal National Museum.”

The project team consists of Alexandro Chito, Alexandra Gilopo, Dana Harib and Ralca Teodorescu.

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