Unforgettable pages of the history of Prahuvanese football / Kampina – the heart of Prahuvan football

Konstantin Dumitru – Pelobini

We continue the series dedicated to the history of Prahova football, where readers have the opportunity to read material every Thursday “with a vintage smell about those who laid the foundations of the football phenomenon in our province. Today is a new episode on the “Sports movement” in Campina.

New formula
After various proposals, the district commission decided that in 1938/1939 the first category should be divided into two series, namely: Series A made up of the Venus, Romanian Star, Princess Ileana and Sportul Muncitoresc groups, all of Câmpina, Astra Moreni and Concordia of Gura Ocniţei, a total of six; Series B, Ferro Email, Gloria, Victoria, Condor, King Carol II, Astra Boldeşti. In order to designate the champion, the top seed in each series will play a double match between them. The last seed will also play a double match, the winner will continue to be in the first category, and the other will fall into the second category and automatically take his place as the champion of this series. In Câmpina, when there are two matches in one day, pairing is mandatory, but it will never be possible to play three matches on the same day. The new test formula is only for the current sports year. To accomplish the B series, Astra Boldeşti, ranked second in the second division, who has taken it upon himself to provide transportation for groups who come to play in their field, has been promoted. The District Committee has unanimously approved registration for the Ploeşti Championship, from the deserving Concordia group of Gura Ocniţei, and has taken the obligation to travel alone and support the movement of the teams that come to play for them. It was categorically decided to give deserving students free admission to sports performances and to give provisional approval to the Steaua Ţintea and Româno Americana-Ploeşti groups. There are measures that the leaders of the region deserve to be congratulated for, and they will soon bear fruit. (September 1, 1938).

The emergence of the new championship for the Ploeste region
What are the differences that make up the three categories? The new formula is an excellent benchmark for Prahova football. For this year’s championship, the first division of the local area was divided into two series, each of six teams, matched by this scale, all domestic groups. Group leaders unanimously agreed that the current formula would pay off, and Prahova football would only benefit. Below we present the appearance of the three categories of the current year, the photo of which was given to us by Mr. Dimitro Trivo. Category One: Series A: Princess Ileana, Venus, Sportol Monsitorisk, Steaua Romani, Astra Moreni and Concordia Jura O’Kensee. Series B: Condor, Victoria, Gloria, King Carol II, Ferro Emil and Astra boldeste. In Series B FerroEmail was promoted by winning the Championship in Category Two. Ferro Email is the group of the company with the above name, and was able to get here thanks to the competition of General Manager Stanislaw Starcke and engineer Valencia. Since its founding until today, it has won the annual championship for every series thanks to the team it owns. Also in this category has been upgraded Astra Boldeşti, second place in the second category. Progress was necessary to complete the series. Category 2: Venus Ploeşti, Steaua Mislea, Dorobanţul, Colombia, Astra Poiana Câmpina, Unirea Hârsa. Class III: CFR Infratirea, Astra Ploeşti, Anglico, FCSV, Unirea Ţintea, Generala. Roman-American affiliation and Unirea, both of Ploeşti, are still affiliated. (September 11, 1938).

Câmpina with four teams in District I Ploieşti / 1938-1939
“The request of the Concordia Gura Ocniţei group to be moved from the Târgovişte district to the Ploeşti district was rejected” – the press reported at the time, but later the move was accepted and Concordia was assigned to Class I, Series A, and Astra Român Boldeşti was transferred to Series B. Also in the fall of 1938 were affiliated: FC Unirea Ţintea, Romanian-American Society Teleajen and FC Marasesti Valea Călugăreasc, all 10 October 1938, but also the team that did not participate in the official competition area, Voivode Mihai Proviţa – Prahova. The launch of this tournament was announced in the local newspapers: for the current year, titled The Experience, the first category was divided into two series A and B.
Southern Association, Ploieşti District, 1938-1939 Edition, Class I, Series A.
Roman Campina star: Balgiu; Constantine, UNESCO; Cavaro, Frankeliscu, Teodorescu; Slapciu, Constantinescu II, Ursache, Constantinescu I, Mircea.
Venus Campina: Dumitru Gorgescu; Coşăreanu, Vişek I, Ion Gălăţeanu, Ştefanide, Vişek II, Popovici, Gheorghe Miss, tefan (Bimbo) Mărgineanu, Constantinescu, Ivanov. Departure: Eugen Bertescu – in Astra Română Poiana,
Princess Iliana Campina: Konstantin Kostya – porter; Rotaru,
Câmpina Labor Sport: (President Nico Ridolescu); Constantine. Estrate, Covaro; Dobrescu, Zoltan, Traian Săvulescu; Pârvulescu, Chiţu, Stroescu, Ciupagea I, Ciupagea II, Gheorghe Ilioiu I; .
Also in Class I, but in Series B, after it was announced that it would have six groups, the composition was later modified. After the team moved from Gura Ocniţei to the Ploieşti district, Astra Boldeşti was transferred to Series A, and the number of participating teams was increased to seven, after the promotion of the Venus Ploieşti team.
Feroemail beat Astra Moreni 4-1 (2-0): Today, the second play-off took place in Mahalla to select the Ploeşti District Champion. The match was held on the field of the Feroemail group, the hostilities were attended by 1000 spectators. The good weather made the match run smoothly. In the first half, Feroemail attacked strongly and managed to show his superiority through the goals scored by Vaida (m 3) and Radu (43). Feroemail plays well and is in control most of the time.
After the break, Ploiesti increased the score, through the goal scored by Neumayer (48 m). Herold (Astra Moreni) managed to reduce the difference by scoring in the 61st minute. Seven minutes later, Neumayer scored the final score 4-1 for Feroemail. Ploiesti’s victory is well deserved mainly because of the connection that existed between the team’s booths. Hanzi, Szabo, Neumaier and Nisoi emerged from Feroemail, and Neagu, Simi, Ionescu and Herold emerged from Astra Moreni. On Sunday, Feroemail plays in Ploeşti with Albatros of Buzău for the Provincial Championship in the Southern League. Luca i Carmen (Sports Gazette, 3 June 1939).

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