CSM Bucharest – Esjberg 29-29. “Tigroaicele”, which the Danes equalized in the last minute. Adi Vasili students in the eighth round of the Champions League

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Romanian champion CSM Bucharest on Sunday tied at home to Esbjerg with a score of 29-29 (15-16), finished the first group of the Champions League in fifth place, and finished Esbjerg in first place with 23 points. In the play-off matches, in order to qualify for the quarter-finals, the team led by Adi Vasily Aska will face Moscow or Odense.

CSM Bucharest – Team Esjberg 29-29 (15-16)

  • The main scorers of the match were Neagu 10 goals, for CSM, Reistad 9 respectively, for the Esbjerg team.
  • Cristina Nygo became the top scorer in the Champions League, and with a total of 94 successes she overtook Roberts (IK Savehof, 85 goals).
  • At the end of Group A matches, the standings are as follows: 1. Esbjerg 23 points, 2. Rostov-Don 21, 3. FTC Budapest 17, 4. Brest 17, 5. CSM Bucharest 15, 6. Borussia 9, 7. Buducnost 6, 8. Podravka 2.

end of the match! CSM tied with Esjberg, 29-29, 29 games unbeaten the Danish team. Adi Vasile students have qualified for the eighth round of the Champions League and are waiting, depending on today’s results, an opponent they will meet in the next stage.

Min 59 CSM – Esjberg 29-28 Arntzen scores in half high! But in the next attack, the Danes received a shot from a distance of 7 metres, which was used by Norwegian Rystad, Denmark’s best player, on Sunday afternoon, in the Polyvalent Hall.

Minimum 59′, CAD goal by Adi Vasili. With 50 seconds left in the match, Nigo and her teammates are under attack.

Minimum 58 CSM – Esjberg 28-28. Cristina Nego scores with a powerful shot from 9 metres

Minimum 55 Christina Nego He benefits from a 7-meter throw and CSM equals the score 27-27. Five minutes left in the match. The students of Adi Vasile defend themselves heroically, and the Danes are quick to attack

Minimum 50 Mitt Tranburg scores by dodging the opponent, the Danes again lead with two goals.

Minimum 47 CSM raises the bar once again and manages positional attacks with clarity. The Danes could no longer find space with the SCM’s defensive block. Nyago managed to achieve only one goal difference with Bucharest team from the North.

Minimum 47 Adi Vasily asks for a timeout!

Minimum 45 CSM – Esjberg 22-23 Carmen Martin reduces diarrhea.

Min 40 CSM – Esjberg 19-23 Tes Wester came on instead, but Jelena Grubisic disappointed.

minute. 34 CSM – Esjberg 17-18 Adi Vasile students start the second semester with mistakes in the offensive phase. Players from the 9-meter line can no longer find the color, the pivotal game is not there. A series of minor errors appear at the 9-meter line. Defense is no longer good.

The second half has begun!

Cristina Nego scored four goals in nine throws in the first half.

Break in the multipurpose hall in Bucharest. After 30 minutes, the Danes made a poor lead, with only one goal, scoring 16-15

Minimum 28 CSM – Esjberg 15-15 Neagu scores a torpedo in the chest, and Arntzen restores par.

Minimum 26 CSM Bucharest – Esbjerg 13-14. The hosts could equalize but Lilena Grubsic’s counter-attack launch in Dendeljan’s favour, was not successful.

Minimum 22 Jelena Grubisic once again has a great tackle in front of the Danes. Dindilagan immediately restores equality.

Minimum 16 CSM – Esjberg 8-8. Cristina Nego does not forgive her throw from 7 metres. In the next stage, the 31-year-old is eliminated for two minutes.

Minimum 14 A balanced match in the capital’s Polyvalent Hall. Adi Vasile’s students defend themselves in advance, and the Danes find no loopholes in the City Hall’s defense.

Minimum 12 Elizabeth Omorigi scores from the right wing.

Minimum 10 Cristina Nyago scores her first goal with a powerful throw from the 9-meter line.

Minimum 9 The Danes came out with two goals 5-3 amid wasting some “tigers”. The students of Adi Vasile do not find solutions in the attack phase, and the game of extremes is constant.

Minimum 4 Jelena Grubisic has two massive interventions.

minute. 2 1-0 Carmen Martin opens the table.

The match started at Polyvalent Hall in Bucharest!

season Champions League You have reached before the last stage of the major groups stage, a stage at the end of which the hierarchies in the two groups are terminated.

Today we will have the full picture, and then we will get to know the teams that qualified directly in the quarter-finals of the competition, those that will play in the qualifiers, but also the names of the teams that this season is one of the most important club competitions. In world handball it is a unique experience.

  • CSM will play this final round in their own arena, at the Polyvalent Hall in the capital, accompanied by the Danish team, Team Esbjerg.

Before the Sunday duelCSM Bucharest takes fifth place in the first group. He secured a place in the playoffs in the quarter-finals. Esbjerg is the leader of the first group and comes to Bucharest to defend its position threatened by Rostov Don, which is developing in this final stage of the group stage, away from home, with Brest Brittany Handball, in a real final for second and last place. This ensures a direct presence in the quarter-finals.

In the first match between the two teams this season, which took place on September 12, 2021 at the “Bluewater Duquesne” stadium in Esbjerg, the Danish national team triumphed to the maximum.22-21 (13-10). Rystad and Tranburg, with five goals each, were Esbjerg’s top scorers, while for the Tigers the most successful result was Elizabeth O’Morigi, also with five.

CSM Bucharest and Team Esbjerg are old acquaintances! The two teams have faced each other several times in the DELO EHF Champions League. The first duel took place in the 2016-2017 season, the one that followed CSM Bucharest’s Champions League victory. CSM Bucharest and Team Esbjerg met in the second stage of the two groups, the Tigers achieved a double victory, 33:25 in Bucharest and 25:20 in Denmark. At the end of that season, CSM Bucharest finished the competition in third place.

After two seasons in which they did not intersect, CSM Bucharest and Team Esbjerg resumed feuds, and duels in the past three years have generated a strong rivalry.

In the 2019-2020 season, the two teams shared their victories in the first stage of the two groups, but each of them won on the opponent’s field! The CSM team won in Esbjerg, score 24:22, and the Danes in Bucharest, 25:21. Last season, 2020-2021, CSM Bucharest and Team Esbjerg were part of the same group. The Tigers won both games, 30:29 away and 28:26 in Bucharest.

  • In turn again on Sunday, CSM Bucharest and Team Esbjerg represent two milestones in the recent history of the Champions League.

UEFA Champions League – Group A

CSM Bucharest – Team Esbjerg

Polyvalent Hall – Bucharest; 15:00; Live on Digi Sport and Telekom Sport

Referees: Vanja Antic, Jelena Jakovlevic (Serbia)

Observer: Frank Polhoff (Germany)

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