Dragoș Luscan and the secrets behind David Popovici .’s performance

Two-time world champion, in the 100 and 200 meters freestyle, David Popovici He has a team welded around him. Physical trainer Drago Luskan reveals the goals of the young swimmer in Budapest, when he was most tense and why he doesn’t want him to become so muscular.

David Popovici’s team, the new sensation in world swimming, includes people who care about all aspects necessary to perform. One of them is Drago Luzcan, who is interested in physical training, but also the physical therapy part. They met in 2018, when the baby hit a knee, and since then they’ve been teaming up together.

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A former handball player, he founded the KinetoFit clinic and worked with many top athletes, including Simona Halep and Horia Tecău, but also in the women’s national handball team and at CSM Bucharest. Luskan was with David Popovici in Budapest throughout his remarkable development, ending with a unique achievement in Romanian swimming: two world titles in one edition of the competition and the first men’s in history.

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– My dear, congratulations, first of all, what is the atmosphere now in the Popovici camp, two days after his last rehearsal at the World Cup?
– Thank you, at this moment we have already started training, only yesterday. eDuring this period it is necessary for David to move, not sit, but walk, trying to do activities useful for the body, to relax, but also to prepare for the upcoming competitions. Of course, the atmosphere is very good, we are enjoying this performance, we are living in the moment, but we also look at what we have to do next.

– From your point of view, what are the conclusions of David’s evolution?
– We did more than we planned in terms of the result, but we were always looking forward to the world title and medal. I can say I’m surprised, but we’re happy with what happened at the moment.

– When did you feel that David is the most relaxed, but also the most tense?
– I think the most tense was in the final 100 metres. From a muscular standpoint, I felt ready, but at the same time he felt like he was nervous and waiting to show the world that he could win this test as well. As for the atmosphere within the group, he is the one who reassured us each time with the confidence he shows, and he always knew what he was going to do: I would win, I would break the record, I would prepare to have my against. – Doping test, I’ll stay up late. sets the rules.

– Did he say that he watched the race before, so did he watch the whole day?
– Exactly, he imagines, he’s down to earth and he’s so confident, he’s definitely going to do great things in the future too.

Dragoș Luscan: “David Popovici has grown so much because he listens”

How has he evolved since you worked with him?
We have statistics, we have numbers that show that he has progressed a lot, the end result is who speaks, but at the same time it is very important that he has no injuries, he feels good, and that is from a muscular point of view from the point of view that he is adapting. eHe is a man who will never be the strongest of athletes, at the moment he has exactly what he needs, has flexibility and mobility, and develops great strength with what he has. He’s brought up a lot because he listens to us, and follows certain exercise routines. He has a very well established programme, doing the recovery part in the office, doing physical training at our place, in the clinic, in the pool.

“Are you comfortable that you know what he can do?”
– (laughs) He feels strong here too. We were really shivering in the last race, it was very difficult to control our emotions. We know he’s ready, we know he can have a lot of fun, but also the fact that there can be worse days, we assume anything, but we try our best at what we do every day.

Age at which he recovers quickly

– A busy summer is coming, how do you negotiate this situation so as not to get tired?
– This is the mastery of the coach, the feedback that David gave us and the analyzes that we will continue to do during this time. We’ll see how the situation is and are ready to act each time, whether it’s a harder workout or a bigger recovery. We are ready to adapt to whatever comes next.

Is his body ready to lead these competitions?
– Yes, he is at an age when he can recover much faster than a 30-year-old athlete, we listen to his body. And here he is very good, he has a very good ability to communicate and in this way we adapt to some and others so that everything is perfect.

– He’s still a teenager, will things change in his body?
From a physiological point of view, things can change according to the theory. They will change from the point of view of body composition, maybe they wear it, maybe they don’t, we don’t impose things. I don’t want, for example, to be too muscular and have more pounds to pull off after him.

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“No need for fitness muscles”

– That’s what David’s coach Adrian Rodolescu said, it’s time to change something in the 100m…
– Yes, I’ve seen many swimmers in this CM, there are athletes who are born with a different shape, bigger, and more muscular, but It’s like putting David in a five-pound bag, It’s going to be very challenging and it doesn’t need that physique and bodybuilding muscles, and it doesn’t need muscles that look aesthetically good. We all want squares, everyone sees a certain way, he has to have the right dosage for the sport he’s playing and for the tests he’s doing.

– How long have you been measuring lactic acid and what helps you?
– For a long time. This helps us to know the degree of fatigue and at the same time how much recovery is required.

– Coach Valle Tomescu was doing it with Olympic marathon champion Constantina Dio …
– Yes, they were constantly measuring lactate. This was a special situation because after every race he took, he didn’t even sit in the interviews, I did a lactate test and because it’s the fastest measurement we can do. And indeed there are other ways but we can not access them in competition but at home. There are laboratory tests, several tests.

It can’t be without numbers

“It’s a lot of science.”
Yes, without science, without numbers, without proper feedback, human quality, mind, where it is too good, is not possible. You asked me earlier about these changes in adolescence, and they will also appear in this level of mind, because that is age. He is very balanced from this point of view because without his mind he would not have found the motivation to get up every day at five, to do such hard and exhausting workouts. Many athletes who swim say that they are ready, come, in the water, but in addition to the water, he has to spend an equal or perhaps longer time outside the pool in physical training, in the office, in recovery, all the procedures he needs ..

Speaking of goals, did you and the rest of David’s team come up with some at the beginning of the year?
– It works, here you can set a goal depending on the times, that is, I suggest that in the period of reaching that time we aim in physical training to perform a certain exercise with a certain weight or a certain strength. We are working on the goal, of course, in the short term, in the long term, otherwise we will not be able to see progress.

He didn’t know if Romania had another great athlete

What does this David’s success mean for Drago Luscan, personally and professionally?

“After working with Simona, I was already sitting there thinking I don’t know if there would be such an athlete in Romania, If soon someone comes to work with me and has the same simulation and continues to help me find the motivation to keep going in terms of performance sports,” he says.

“Things got connected, especially since David is an athlete I started working with a long time ago. Unlike Simona and Horia, who were already well-known athletes, it all started at David the earlier and the more joy we contributed to what he is at the moment.”

Satisfaction with various successes

For Luskan, Popovicci’s success in Budapest represents “one of the most beautiful moments, I’m happy, everyone came with their satisfaction. I also enjoy these world titles, but at the same time, when I work with someone who is injured and I see that he is fine or when I see someone who has grown up after a while.” Long out of handicap, and that makes me the same. Happy.”

Then add: “In fact, the phenomenon of David Popovici created a special simulation and that is why we are very satisfied and other results will certainly come.”

David is a great champion, but we all know we still have work to do, which is why we, as coaches, go to the courses, and he knows it. We were watching the 100m race and it was like we were swimming with it

He doesn’t need that physique and body-building muscles to look aesthetically good. We all like to have squares, everyone sees a certain way, he has to have the right dosage for the sport and for the tests he does.
– Drago Luscan

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