The return matches from the promotion round in the third league

The return match of Al-Sadd’s promotion matches for the new season of League 3, 2022-2023 edition, was held today, Saturday, June 25, 2022, at 17:30. Most of the matches, except for the match between Dinamo Bucharest and Venus Independence, which is scheduled to be held at 7 pm.

After the recorded results, the last 19 teams that won on the field the right to play in the new season of League 3 were created.

Only 19 play-offs were held, not 21 in which the champions of Bihor and Tulcea did not participate, and the champions of Bistrita Nosud and Constanta went up without play.

Bucharest provincial representatives took part in 19 matches, not 21, as initially determined by the Romanian Football Association.

The representative of Tulcea County, Vitorul Murighiol, did not meet the criteria for participation, and Bihor, Vitorul Borough, did not have the financial means to play in League 3 and, accordingly, announced that she would not participate in this double round. In these two cases, the team he was scheduled to meet, Gloria Peñasa (Constanta), respectively Silvicultorul Maieru (Bistrita Nosud), was automatically promoted to League 3.

The rise dams in League 3, the 2022-2023 edition, will take place on June 18 and June 25, respectively

The FRF was established on February 24, 2022, by lottery, in the football field, the duels in the promotion dam in League 3, as well as the first host teams, after a decision was taken on January 25, 2022 on how to promote and announce “the regulation for organizing and conducting matches for Al-Sadd for promotion to the third league.” Championship 2022/2023 edition.

The Provincial Football Associations (AJFs), respectively, the Municipal Football Association of Bucharest (AMFB) were obliged to communicate with the Department of Competitions of the FRF, in writing, until 12 June 2022, the teams eligible to participate in these Games. A copy of their sports identity certificate issued by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

  • If the first-seeded team in the fourth league of its county does not meet the conditions to participate in the play-off matches, the duel in which it is assigned will not occur, the winner will be declared the winner, so it is promoted to League 3 .

Return matches from the promotion round in the third league:

Zone 1, Northeast:
Erbiceni . flame (Yash) Darabani’s future. (Buchani) 4-1 (0-5 on tour)
Hope Răuceşti
(German) – Junior Suceava Follow Favorite 1-0 (0-0 on tour)
Rapid Prodock (Faslui) – Sportul Oneşti (Bacau) 3-4 (3-3 on tour)

Zone 2, Northwest:
CSM Sighetu Marmatiei (Maramuriș) – Rapid Jebo (slag) 2-0 (3-0 on tour)
Forrester Mayor (Bistrita Nosod) Porsche of the future (Behor)There is no dispute
Victoria Carey
(Satu Mari) – supporter 2.0 (clog) 3-0 (1-1 on tour)

Zone 3, Center:
CS Gheorgheni (Harjita) – ACS Targu Morris (Morri) 3-6 (1-4 on tour)
Interstars Sibiu (Sibiu) – Olympic Zărneşti (Braشوفov) 1-2 (1-1 on tour)
CSO Baraolt (Kovasna) – CS University in Alba Iulia (Alba) 1-7 (2-11 on tour)

District 4, West:
CSO Turceni (stag) – Phoenix Bozias (Tim Ho) 0-2 (0-2 on tour)
Dănceu . harvest (Mahdina) – ACB Ineu (Arad) 2-6 (5-0 on tour)
Magica Balta Karancibes
(Karas Severin) – Retezatul Hațeg Follow Favorite 0-0 (1-4 on tour)

District 5, Southwest:
Cozia Călimăneşti (Valcia) – ACS Oltul Curtişoara (olt) 2-0And the 4-2 in penalty kicks (1-3 on tour)
Roberto Zidori
(Dâmbovița) – Torres Danube Follow Favorite 1-1 (0-1 on tour)
CS Rucăr (please) – Calafat Danube (dolge) 1-0 (1-1 on tour)

District 6, South:
CS Amara (Yalumetsa) – CS Glina Favorite 3-1 (2-3 on tour)
Victory of the Kobasini Society (Giorgio) – CS Păuleşti (Prahova) 1-3 (1-0 on tour)
CS Dinamo Bucharest (Bucharest) – Venus Independence Favorite 1-0 (3-2 on tour)

District 7, Southeast:
CSL Victoria Gugeşti (Francia) – Will Limbizish (Buzau) 1-0 (2-5 on tour)
Unirea Braniștea (Galati) – Victoria Traian (Brilla) 4-0 (1-2 on tour)
Gloria Peñas (Constanta) – Morguel’s future (Tulcea) – There is no dispute

Regulations for organizing and running Al Sadd matches for promotion to the third league, competitive season 2022/2023 Available over here.

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