Therme Forum – Discussions about art and culture with international artists and architects in Sibiu

The relationship between arts, culture and the built environment is symbiotic. Through the experience of the highly successful Therme Forum events in 2018, 2019 and 2020, we will discuss with global artistic leaders, designers, artists and architects about changes in the world, respectively about the relationship between trends and pressures that shape our construction. The environment, interactions, and the impact of arts and culture on our lives and the development of the arts. Through these multilateral dialogues, we aim to inspire and challenge participants to find alternative perspectives, taking into account new trends and opportunities in the world in arts, entertainment and luxury.

The Therme Forum takes place between 27 and 29 August, and is broadcast on

“We are in the fourth year since the Therme Forum meetings were organized. We always manage to have a dialogue with some of the world’s greatest architects, along with great leaders in the performing arts field, directors of institutions, leaders of structures in the field of cultural events production, thinkers and visionaries who have very few other festivals in the world that I can put under the banner of dialogue as does Therme Forum We are pleased to support strongly and seriously the construction of this new center that includes the new theater, performance center, conference center and research institute. The great represented by architectural competition and art project. These are names that impress any great architecture school. In this way we invite all students in the field of architectural studies to witness these unique dialogues around the world with their teachers”, says Konstantin Chirac, President of the International Theater Festival in Sibiu.

“Every year, the Therme Forum challenges participants to identify the best architectural, urban and cultural management solutions. We start from previous examples and take into account good practices and trends from around the world. As a mediator and promoter in the world of contemporary urban arts and culture, Therme Group has joined this related project on national level from the outset, using the links, bridges, structures and friendships it has established in recent years globally through its commitment in this field

Cultural production and through strategic partnerships with prestigious institutions such as the British Council, Serpentine Gallery, Design Miami, Manchester International Festival or FITS. A project of this scale and the generous views of the community like the one in Sibiu is perfectly aligned with Therme Group’s brand philosophy that culture is an essential component of society. Through platforms such as Therme Forum, Therme Group encourages the transfer of knowledge needed to shape sustainable projects, with measurable benefits for community life,” said Elena Morariu, Program Director of Therme Forum.

This year’s Therme Forum program for theater and architecture

Session 1 – Flexibility: Opening of Therme Forum 2021

August 27: 11:00 AM – 45 minutes

Speakers: Tessa Ho – Executive Director of the Hong Kong Arts Festival; Tateo Nakajima – Arup

In a conversation with Tateo Nakajima, Tisa Ho will develop the discourse of the past year and how the global pandemic has changed the context and brought new challenges to the field.

Second session – Cities Festival

August 27: 12:30 PM – 90 minutes

Speakers: Smriti Rajgarhia – Director and Festival Serendipity Arts Foundation; Christopher Dobb – Associate Director of Cultural Assets at Diriyah Gate Development Authority. Cecilia Alemani – Director and Artistic Director of Fine Arts and Artistic Director of the Venice Biennale (2022).

Moderator: Bree Trevina – Arup

How do we define the city of festivals? Is it closer to a city that hosts a festival? How can this context contribute to the identity of the city? What other benefits can the festival bring to the city? In this session, we will explore the festival’s unique impact on society and the energy it generates.

Session Three – Exploring the Future, Part A: Expression

August 28: 11:00 AM – 90 minutes

Speakers: Dan Putra – stage designer; Simon Rivelli, CEO of Figment Productions;

Sarah Ellis – Director of Digital Development The Royal Shakespeare Company. Paula Pristini

Composer, Co-founder and Artistic Director of National Publication

Moderator: Ed Elburn-Arup

How cultural expression changes with technology and immersive environments. What trends and trends will dominate our cultural sectors in the future? How can we better engage inactive communities now and what can we learn from different perspectives across borders and barriers?

Fourth Session – Environmental Impact and Sustainable Development

August 28: 1 pm – 60 minutes

Speakers: Charlotte Norse – General Manager, Singapore Repertory Theatre; Robert Reed – CEO of the National Concert Hall, Dublin

Curator: Chris Mercer – Syrup

We live in times of the global climate crisis. Are we, as artists and cultural organisations, aware of our impact on the environment and how can we measure it?

Session 5 – Exploring the Future, Part B: Building

August 28: 2:30 PM – 90 minutes

Speakers: Joshua Ramos – founder of REX; Kai Oi Bergman – senior partner; Amanda Levitt – Director AL_A

Moderator: Tateo Nakajima-Arup

The discussion complements Session A and focuses on how the built environment is affected by trends in the field, which can significantly influence the way we see and interact with the show, as well as the role that performance spaces will play in cities.

Sixth Session – Mission and Governance

August 29: 11:00 AM – 90 minutes

Speakers: Svanhildur Konráðsdóttir – Director of Harpa Concert Hall & Conference Center Iceland; Yvonne Tham – CEO, Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay; John Schuller – Chairman of the Board of Directors for Human Resources and Administration

Coordinator: Tateo Nakajima – Fellow

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