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The municipality of Bacau published the order according to which the projects of sports entities were submitted for non-refundable funding based on the provisions of Law No. 69 / 2000. Surprisingly, the leader is Division C football club Dinamo Bacău, while the main club in the province, Sport Club Municipal Bacău is only third, and risks losing significant money on contracts and allowances for valuable athletes

Less money, more problems. This is how this year’s session of non-reimbursable funding under Law 69/2000 implemented by the municipality of Bacau for the “Promotion of Performance Sports” program can be called. The Committee for the Evaluation of Funding Applications Granted from the Municipal Local Budget of Bacau for Sports Activities published last week the result of the submitted projects. There are no surprises. Starting with the tournament winner of the third division of football club Dinamo Bacau. Considering that we are talking about the “matriculation” of the third association, which, in addition to the fact that it is at a high level, does its activity not in Bacău, but in Société (of course, for infrastructural reasons against its will) and its performance indicator is the presence In out-of-competition play it surprises not a little with the score of 91.57. The result that, if there were no appeals aimed at upsetting this hierarchy, would allow the group headed by Remus Pozinarea to receive the entire required amount (284,900 lei), that is, better than half of the budget allocated by the municipality. Another surprise is the “reduction” of the most courageous club in the province of Bacau, Municipal Sport Club, which took only third place, with a score of 83.41 points. In this case, SCM Bacău will receive only a part of the funds requested in the project (300,000 lei), which will complicate the development of sports contracts and the compensation of high-value athletes and coaches representing SCM and the city of Baku in major international competitions. . By the way, the club project led by Ion Charban is the only one that includes the term high performance. As an example, in 2021, the SCM Bacău club presented Romania’s best athlete (Bianca Ghelber, 6th place in the Tokyo Olympics), Romania’s best athletics coach (Mihaela Melinte), European weightlifting medalists (Andrei Ciobanu), Greco- Roman and Free Struggle (Denis Mihai, respectively Georgiana Antuchi). At the same time, the reason why the project of the Bacau Provincial Athletics Federation, “Support for the training of athletes in Bacau” was declared ineligible, was tacitly rejected by the committee headed by Adrian Mukano: “The second copy of the documentation was not for a request for funding in accordance with Article 21 (1 ) of the Regulation on Funding Regarding the Funding System Granted by the Municipal Local Budget of the Bacău Municipality for Sports Activities…”. Finally, the other project rejected by the evaluation committee belongs to the county’s main football powerhouse, Aerostar, a group that has developed twice in League Two in the past four seasons. The project “Support for CS Aerostar Bacău Football Teams, Seniors, Juniors and Children for Training and Participation in Sports Competitions for 2022” totaled only 55.98 points, which is not enough to be declared accepted since the minimum registration is 60 points.

The following are the jobs occupied by the seven projects provided by sports authorities in the required amounts

1 – Football Association of Dinamo Bacau. Project name: “Bacau Football – Part of Our Community”. Amount required: 284,900 lei. Qualified and recognized project. Score: 91.57.

2 – Association “Total Volleyball Bacau”. Project name: “Volleyball of the future, the future of volleyball”. Amount required: 30,000 lei. Qualified and recognized project. Score: 83.71.

3- Municipal Sports Club Bacau. Project name: “Development and continuity of high performance in Bacau Sport”. The required amount is 300,000 lei. Qualified and recognized project. Score: 83.41.

4- CS Bronx Weightlifting Club Bacau. Project name: “Judo and Weightlifting Steps to Performance”. Required amount: 114,074.11 lei. Qualified and recognized project. Score: 81.98.

5- Mugura Football Association 2012. Project name: “We fight for gender equality and play women’s football”. Amount required: 137,015 lei. Qualified and recognized project. Score: 67.40.

6- Aerostar Bacau Sports Club. Project name: “Support for the football, senior, junior and children’s teams of CS Aerostar Bacău to train and participate in the 2022 sports competitions”. Amount required: 697,500 lei. Qualified project, but rejected. Score: 55.98.

7- Bacau County Athletics Federation. Project name: “Performance Training Support for Bacau Athletes”. Amount requested: 202,770. Unqualified and rejected project.

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