Global IT leaders come to Cluj on June 28-29 (P)

  • The latest technology trends and events in the Web3 business world, discussed at Techsylvania 2022
  • This event rewards innovative youth business ideas from Cluj and presents a retrospective of the best StartUp initiatives in Romania

Texelvania 2022 will be held in Cluj-Napoca this year in a mixed format on June 28-29. On the Techsylvania stage, which will be accessible to participants physically, in the Student Culture House in Cluj, and online on the Hopin platform, professionals with great jobs will rise at the world’s largest technology companies, such as Google, Facebook, Vodafone, UniCredit Bank, OLX Group, redox or Liquid, Linkedin, Grab, Chile Piper, Superbet, MongoDB, Pioneer or YouTube.

The newly announced new names are impressive: Stan Chudnovsky is the former president of Facebook Messengeran American entrepreneur and investor, co-founder of NFXformer growth and global strategy and special operations vice president at PayPal He was the Vice President of Messenger at Meta / Facebookwhere he spent the last more than 7 years of his career.

Margaret Hollendoner has in her resume the role of Group Product Manager, Fitness & Health at The Google Since 2005, he has advanced his career by working across multiple industries on products with billions of users, including AdWords, YouTube and Commerce, and has been working in Consumer Health since the beginning of 2017, building and managing internationally active digital product teams.

Vladimir Dănil is the founder and CEO of vectorThe world’s most accurate, intuitive and innovative illustration software. In 2017, when he was just 17 years old, Vladimir created a tool designed to facilitate vector design that became used by Apple, Disney, Wacom and Microsoft and quickly secured a $20 million funding round.

And in another session, Mansour Ahmed Rangers from the company OpenOrigins It will touch upon another current long-disputed topic: Authenticity in the Age of Misinformationan explicit and hypothetical discussion about the value of authenticity in the upward trend of disinformation, while Josh Little of airplane It will focus the audience’s attention on a practical analysis of the values ​​that create loyalty around any product or service, through the equally interesting topic chosen: Stuck Like Glue: Designing Products Users Can’t Live Without.

Every year, experts from the largest companies in the world arrive in Cluj-Napoca, talking about the most advanced technologies of the moment.

Myron Gribbits from inner universe It will reveal what it looks like Neurocognitive Receptor: The digital pillHe even displays one of his holograms in front of an audience. Ciprian Zamfirescu is the Director of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Vodafone Each attendee will be challenged with a presentation on the topic The technology behind communication. The journey from Telco to TechC.

Carlo Driosi, Executive Vice President of Al UniCredit Bank He will talk about the new digital vision of financial services and the amazing development of technology and facilities in banks, one of the most competitive modern economic sectors. Ted Pearson, Senior Partner of the Investment Firm EQT Projects The moderator will be on one of the discussion sections.

The most important topics in the cryptocurrency world will be at the top of the discussion topics. Specialists Wui Ngiap Foo and Henry Foo, representing bankruptcyPut the audience face to face with one of the most important topics of the moment, through an open discussion Surviving Crypto Winter: Build, Fund, and Build Web3 Companies That Last. What it means to invest in cryptocurrency, how volatility translates to an individual level and as an effect on companies, in light of current trends, what future we are heading towards and what percentage of the market reaction can be expected – these are all questions those interested will want. He can answer with the help of the real experience of the speakers.

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Opportunities for young Romanian startups

This year’s edition of Techsylvania will also host the FIX Cluj Demo Day 2, where 10 teams of young, creative and innovative people will have the opportunity to showcase their brave creative entrepreneurial projects and win votes from the jury.

Among the teams present for this presentation session, the five most valuable and compelling finalists will receive a grant of €35,000 each to try, test and develop their ideas as they deserve.

The FIX CLUJ program focuses on building ecosystems that will support communities to modernize and rebuild themand helping groups of 16-26-year-olds in Cluj-Napoca create innovative, high-impact, yet innovative initiatives.

Techsylvania is an event focused on practical solutions and useful information, not marketing presentations

Furthermore, Techsylvania 2022 includes in this edition’s program a Romanian startup fair Extremely valuable to all onlookers, but especially to beginning entrepreneurs. together with Endeavor.comTechsylvania 2022 will review a selection of the most valuable, promising and successful startups born and operating in Romania.

We designed this event for the curious, the visionary and the brave, many who want access to first-hand information, and authentic documentation, based on facts, valuable data and experience. We are also among those who are not content with little and are not deceived by half measures. “

Oana Petruș, Co-Founder and Executive Producer of Techsylvania

Carlo Driosi, Executive Vice President, Head of Global Banking (COO) within it UniCredit Bank: „We are pleased to be, this year, partners of Techsylvania, one of the most important technology events in Eastern Europe. For us, at UniCredit, digitizing banking is the backbone of our strategy, with our ambition to become a truly digital bank, powered by data in any endeavor we undertake. In addition, Techsylvania’s mission is to be a facilitator of discussions for the most passionate people in the field, as well as a presentation session where young innovators have the opportunity to present their projects and win scholarships for their implementation, a desire to engage in projects with the ability to support communities to develop“.

Techsylvania 2022 has reached its ninth and richest edition, and is supported by important partners who understand the importance, impact and scale of this event: UniCredit Bank, OLX Group, Google for Startups, MongoDB, Superbet, Scaleway, Metro Digital, Betfair Romania Development, Chili Piper, Vodafone, Scaleway, Halcyon Mobile, Telenav, AboutYou, Make IT in Oradea, Accenture, Crowdstrike, Capgemini Engineering, Cluj Business Campus, Appssemble, Crafting Software, Neurolabs, Linnify, MSG Systems, Cicada Technologies, Freshbyte, Connatix, Wolfpack Digital, Microsoft, Salt & Pepper and Tapptitude, Cluj-Napoca City Hall, and Cluj County Council.

Tickets can still be purchased at Techsylvania by accessing, and all news about the event is at and on the Facebook pages, Twitter or Instagram.

As PressOne is a media partner, you can get discount tickets here with the code Click on One_Cmpgn2The first 20 subscribers will get a 100% discount.

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