‘Stupid tax’ – Ryanair’s ruthless protest against the Hungarian government

The text, in English, expresses the company’s protest against the “greed and stupidity” of the Minister of Economy, demands the immediate abolition of the tax and shows that the minister’s statement that other European countries have imposed similar taxes on additional services at low cost. He points out that the airlines are completely wrong quoted source.

At the end of the letter displayed on the company’s website there is a direct link to the email address of the respective government and ministry.

The conflict between the airline and the Hungarian government is long-running. Ryanair representatives did not hesitate to personally call Minister Martin Nagy an “idiot”, while rulers used the state-controlled press to broadcast “counter-facts”, according to the source. The government has also decided to open an extraordinary investigation into consumer protection, specifically Ryanair customers, which could be extended throughout the summer.

Croatia: Anti-LGBT campaign has an unexpected end

For the second year in a row, around the LGBT + Dignity rally in Zagreb, a far-right organization in Croatia invited its supporters to attend several anti-gay rallies in bars in many cities across the country, but this time things did not go as planned, the publication writes. croc.

The event called “smallpox and LGBT + P” by its organizers, where “P” is the first word for “pedophile”, will not take place.

Several major bars in Zagreb, including Erdinger, Pilsner Urquell, Lyon and Zmajska pivovara, have announced their refusal to host anti-gay meetings. “We strongly oppose LGBT+ discrimination and violence. Right-wing organizations have no right to spread in this way,” Erdinger said.

The Pilsner Brasserie, in turn, reaffirmed its adherence to the idea of ​​solidarity, unity and tolerance. “We want to use our beer to bring people together, for friendship and not to stir up conflict,” said local representatives. Australian owners of Lyon Brasserie have expressed their “sadness” at the initiative of the right-wing organization and are ready to host events organized by the LGBT+ community

“In recent years, any topic related to our society has attracted increasing attention on social networks and in society in general, so it is not surprising that the action organized by right-wing extremists against us in bars last year has been successful. But this year it is no longer so. Moral advocates will have to Alleged people in Croatia are united between the four walls of their house and will no longer benefit from publicity. We thank those who made this possible”, said the leader of the Croatian LGBT + organization.

Montenegro: Significant increase in the flow of British tourists

From the beginning of the year to the end of May, 44,000 British tourists visited Montenegro, 3.5 times more than the same period last year, mainly due to the increase in the number of direct flights, according to the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro. Montenegro, according to the site the black Mountain.

Recently, representatives of seven major UK travel agencies made a fact-finding visit to the resorts of Herceg, Kolasin and Zabljak and the results were promising.

“Our agency specializes in family tourism. I found that Montenegro has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to mountain tourism, so we came to the place to see how it goes. I was surprised by the beauty of the places, especially the untouched areas,” said the representative of the British travel agency Stubborn Mule Travel. And I think the vomiting worked here.”

The documentary visit also included the Biogadska Gora and Dormitor nature parks, where the guests traveled on many tourist routes, cruised the Tara River and took part in several off-road safaris. Representatives of British travel agencies have also participated in several informal seminars working with local tour operators.

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