What did David Popovici do when the Sports Minister wanted to slap him? The moment was embarrassing in the video

What did David Popovici do when the Sports Minister wanted to slap him? There is no doubt that 17-year-old David Popovici is the star of the 2022 FIFA World Championships. The Romanian swimmer won the prestigious title in the men’s 200 freestyle and 100m freestyle events. The record was also set at the first edition of the World Championships, in 1979 by an American. He became a Romanian sports superstar overnight, from politicians to public figures who welcomed the 17-year-old’s accomplishments. Last night, at the “Henry Cuando” International Airport, David was greeted by a crowd of fans, as well as by former Olympic champion Camellia Butek and Minister Edward Novak. There was also a moment that an entire country watched. This happened when Minister Novak handed him the award presented by the Romanian government in the amount of 200.00 euros.

David Popovici, Romanian athlete wanted to become a great swimmer

The World Swimming Championships was held a few days ago in Budapest, Hungary. left post intruderat a height of 100 meters and 200 meters, David Popovici once again confirmed its value.

The 17-year-old was a real discovery and swimming phenomenon. These are just some of the terms used to describe David Popovici after his performance at the FINA 2022 World Championships.

The 17-year-old Romanian’s name rarely appeared in conversations before the event. Statistics did not place him among the favorites to win gold medals in Budapest, Hungary.

He became an overnight sensation after breaking into the men’s 200m freestyle. David Popovici set a new junior world record of 1.43.21. A day later, he clocked a time of 47.13 to break the junior world record in the men’s 100m freestyle.

Shortly after winning the men’s 200m freestyle at the 2022 FINA World Championships in Budapest, Popovicci was asked, “What’s the secret to your success?” Without hesitation, the well-spoken young man smiled and replied:

“It’s just my passion for swimming and hard work. It’s key, but if you combine hard work with passion, the stars will line up for you at some point.”

I like to think that I’m an ordinary guy who can do great things. But I don’t think I’m special or better than anyone at all. “I’m a guy, I just swim fast,” David Popevici said after the race.

Awarded by the Government of Romania

Romanian swimming suffers from a lack of infrastructure, and more. But the results obtained by David Popovici did not remain without reactions. Among them is the decision of Prime Minister Ciuca to give the world champion the sum of 1 million lei, that is, 200,000 euros. Although, as reported by many public voices, it was not about the money, in the current context it could help David with future performances.

What did David Popovici do when the Sports Minister wanted to slap him? An entire country has seen it

Last night, national television station TVR 1 and TVR Info broadcast live the moment David Popovici arrives in the country. It was expected in the main hall of Henri Coanda Airport by a large number of fans. Also present at the salon were public figures and Minister Edward Novak, along with Camelia Butik and her family.

After a difficult speech, sometimes with errors of expression, Edward Novak at the first stage handed him a trophy created specifically for young David Popovici. Later came the moment of handing over the check for €200,000. The moment, which an entire country watched, was at least comical, given that David held the cup and the check in his hand. It’s the moment Minister Novak reaches out to give him luck, and David is forced to forgo the check displayed.

The world champion began swimming to correct a back problem

Perhaps there are few who know that David Popovici started swimming at the age of four. He started swimming for two main reasons. First of all, his parents thought that this would tire the child who is a little bored and help him sleep better.

Second, the sport was suggested by a doctor. It was thought that it might help correct scoliosis in its early stages by Popovici. It is a condition in children in which the spine twists and turns sideways.

He was a talent reborn in the water, which helped him develop self-confidence. At the age of 10, he broke his first national record in the 50-meter backstroke. Four years later, he became the fastest under-15 swimmer at the European Youth Olympic Festival, with a time of 49.82 in the 100 freestyle.

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