10 things to see in early 2021 on Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon and YouTube

If you don’t like what’s on TV, you now have plenty of alternatives. I won’t mention Disney+, HBO Max or Apple TV+ because I also have to explain how to dance with smartDNS, VPN and other improvisations I’m not good at watching their shows in Romania. By the way, the first two will be officially launched in Romania in 2021, and the last, perhaps, when our country depends on Apple as much as it concerns African countries.

So, without further ado, here are my recommendations for a smart start to the year in front of the TV:

death until 2020

Let’s start with a suitable shrine for the past year, it is only good to put it on the wound. It’s the last day we have to look back, that only 2021 comes with its own fears. On Netflix we have a file Comic Documentary About 2020 Told by Lawrence Fishburne (yes, we wanted to get out of the Matrix this year!), with Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Grant, Lisa Kudrow, Leslie Jones, Joe Kerry and many more billions as extras on a Black People-directed comedy show Who are behind the black mirror. Documentary, not public. despite…

New Year’s Eve party by Jean-Michel Jarre

If you missed New Year’s Eve, you can now watch it on YouTube (before or after the concert in Vienna at 12.15, live by TVR). The concert given by the French artist at Notre Dame Cathedral – a virtual concert, obviously! Filled with great renderings, it’s just good to put it on wound for nostalgia.

Rick Steve in Europe

Rick Steve is an American who has been traveling around Europe for decades and is madly in love with it. He will leisurely explain to you what is worth seeing in a European city you thought you knew, what is worth avoiding and where you can really have different experiences, from those that stay in your mind and soul for the rest of your life. His latest season is great, but don’t miss the rest of the videos either – some are available directly from his YouTube channel, others are only available through his website.


On Amazon Prime, with English subtitles, we have the best SF series in recent years: The Expanse. She already has 5 seasons, the last of which is still running. Unlike other SF series, it is based on a series of very good novels, which gives it depth and realism, and gets better from season to season. There will be a sixth season, and then there will be a break, although the authors of the novels continue to write …

The Grand Tour: Huge Hunt

after, after sailorsIn the first episode of last season that was delivered billions of years ago, before the pandemic, Clarkson, May and Hammond resume their roles as old billionaires discovering a new country with the help of machines. This time it is Reunion and Madagascar, two island worlds in Southeast Africa. It remains for you to decide who it is particle VerseChase With all this nonsense…

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beautiful getaway

Again about wanting to travel, this time in French. One of the best travel shows, you can watch it live on TV5 Monde or record it on YouTube. Last season takes us through the French and Italian Alps, but also through the Pyrenees. There are other French channels that are perfect for armchair travel, but about them in a future article.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Shows for 2020

If you missed it somehow, know that you can find it on HBO GO. Two hours of music and history about music giants like The Doobie Brothers, Nine Inch Nails, The Notorious BIG, T-Rex, Whitney Houston and why not, Depeche Mode (the latter, presented by Charlize Theron). And if I’m still getting started, the small reward for attentive nostalgia.

The story of Neuschwanstein Castle

Deutsche Welle has an incredibly good documentation channel available on YouTube. I didn’t want to put together the documentary about the virus we messed about (to watch, though), but a story that has it all: a mystery, a wonderful castle, a tragic ending but also a lot, a lot of love. The castle that inspired the most Disney castles:

Strange Worlds: What would alien planets look like

The first season of the documentary series that imagines what extraterrestrial worlds might look like if they obeyed the same laws of evolution that brought life to our planet nearly 4 billion years ago. Images of dreams (sometimes nightmares), experts entering the realm of science fiction, documentaries that make you appreciate the most that you have here, at home.

The Chronicles of Narnia, or How to get a snowman on TV

Last but not least, if you have the same longing for snow as me, I highly recommend this trailer (and the adjacent series). Five hours of snow in the woods with music reminiscent of the Chronicles of Narnia. And by the time January 1 came with heavy snow here, not 14 degrees in the shade. It is only good to put it in the evening before bed. Relaxation guaranteed!

Bonus: If you want to laugh at the action scenes and masculine and feminine interpretation from the ’60s now, I highly recommend stepping into the world of James Bond, available in full on HBO GO. cheers!

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