Cristina Nego fined and Tadeshi escaped! A surprising ruling from the Disciplinary Committee in the handball scandal of the year

Article by GSP – Posted on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 2:21 pm / Updated on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 2:28 pm

  • ContextBefore the end of the tournament, Cristina Nygo (33 years old) launched a direct attack on the team led by George Tadeshi, 70, and on the referees of Baia Marie, Alain Germann and Adrian Moldovan. Neagu hinted that Rapid had an easy job at Zalo.
  • In response, Tadechi, the coach from Zalo, said, She immediately responded to the allegations: “Nikkor Dan is stupid for giving him this salary! There is a void around it.”

If Neagu is punished with a fine of 1,000 lei, his statements are considered biased, technician Gheorghe Tadici, The person who offered a harsh reaction to all from CSM Bucharestescaped unpunished.

Fine for Cristina Niago, Tadeshi escaped

With regard to the notification of Mr. Constantin Dean, President of FRH, regarding statements in the media for sportsman Cristina Nigo (CSM Bucharest) and Professor Tadeci Jorge (CSM Zalău), the Committee, having considered the views of the two, decides:

– Punishment of athlete Cristina Nyago (CSM Bucharest) with Punishment of 1000 lei, payment date 07.07.2022, according to art. 45.2 lit. b) for biased statements that prove to be untrue in the media.

– Regarding the statements of Mr. Tadici Gheorghe, Committee, see provisions of Article. 45.1 and 45.2 RD, considers that disciplinary action in this case is not within the competence of the CCD.

– Central Disciplinary Committee meeting from 07.06.2022

Cristina Nego made serious accusations at the end of CSM Bucharest’s victory in Zalău, score 26-24, on May 26: “The winner has been predetermined here. Terrible and embarrassing!” Cement, The left winger hinted that Georgi Tadeshi’s side had left things easier in the feuds with Rapid.


Cristina Nyago, brutal and honest dialogue about Tadeshi and handball violations: “How can girls say something, while seeing that the people who abuse them are still supported?”

Backlash after today’s decision: “Handball is a sport full of corruption and needs a quick clean-up”

Vlad Enăchescu, the former head of the CSM handball department in Bucharest, reacted violently on his Facebook account, opposing the decision taken against Cristina Nygo:

I’ve been saying it for a long time: Handball is a rotten sport, it needs a quick clean-up, a complete reset – I hope the new boss really works! Even another commission, the Disciplinary Committee, upon notification from the new president, “analyzed” the social media statements of the brilliant Cristina Nego and “Professor” Tadechi Grubi.

conclusion? A fine of 1,000 lei for Nego and applause for the two sunsets! “It turned out to be unreal” – Really? You mean, like, Saltins and her ilk, eh? Are we all really kidding?

Is this how we want a clean championship? Is this how a case like this is judged? Are you so afraid of this venomous figure who destroyed this wonderful sport? Chairman of the Authority – a. Jugănaru – Perhaps he is afraid of what is happening around him and dismisses his competence when it comes to returning from Zalo.

Perhaps his return to criminality prompted him to look elsewhere and implement a “punch in the mouth” policy for the greatest champion Romanian handball ever had! Enăchescu wrote, on his Facebook account.

Sanctions received by George Tadeshi in 2021:

  • 2 March: 1,000 lei fine for insulting statements he made in the media;
  • August 30: a fine of 600 lei for unsportsmanlike conduct in the match between Zalo and Rapid (note from match officials);
  • September 7: 8 stages of suspension and a fine of 1,000 lei for insults, insults and threats against his players at a time-out (note by Alexandro Dido);
  • December 1st: 6 stages of suspension and a fine of 4000 lei for suddenly punching the player during the match (note from Alexandro Dido).

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